Love is Everywhere (Episode 8)

Hai everyone…. Sorry for this late update. Actually I was quite busy in some work. So couldn’t post it. I hope you all are fine. So here is the link of my previous one….

Episode 7

So our episode starts here… Dhani saying I love you Viplav loudly. Viplav looks at her confused. She again says I love you. He asks what..? I can’t hear you. She looks on sad. She thinks hmm you never hear this. I know. Viplav waves his hands to come. She says can we have a drink? He says of course happily. She thinks Dhani don’t you know him? He never interested in love. So he will never hear your proposal. Dhani and Viplav start walking and reach a bar. They orders drinks. Viplav says so once again happy birthday Eisha. She says thank you and in vain she takes one glass and says cheers. He also says cheers. They both drink together. Viplav drinks one glass but Dhani finishes so many glasses. At last Viplav stops her and says now stop drinking Eisha. It’s already too much. She in hang over says no Viplav let me drink and falls unconscious. Viplav calls her but no response. He says I think she is drinking for the first time. What is the need to drink more? He pays the bill and leave the bar holding her. He thinks what should I do now? I don’t even know where she lives. He checks her bag but didn’t get anything. He calls a taxi and lays her on the seat. He also sits and leaves for his hotel.

They reach the hotel and he opens the door of his room. He removes her bag and lays her on the bed. He was about to turn but her hand hold his shoulder. He looks at her.

Yeh lamha jo thehra hai
Mera hai ye tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara

He caresses her hair and removes her hand. He comforts her by covering her with the blanket. She feels comfortable.

Tujh mein khoya rahoon main
Mujh mein khoyi rahe tu
Khudko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi
Tujhse milta rahoon main
Mujhse milti rahe tu
Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
Haa.. phir kabhi

He goes to couch and lays there looking her. He sleeps.

Next morning he wakes up and finds the bed empty. He sees a card on the table. Viplav opens it and finds Thank you written in it. He smiles. Dhani is in the music school with Avi. He asks where you were yesterday. Do you know I was waiting for you to give a surprise? She asks what surprise. He says your favourite black forest cake as your birthday gift. You spoiled it. After sometime I got hungry and ate it. She laughs and says you fuddy. He says now I won’t let you go anywhere. Stay here. Dhani I will be back having some biscuits. Don’t go anywhere, ok? He goes. She thinks you never change. She thinks something and smiles. She takes her scooty and leaves.

Viplav gets ready and takes his car to go somewhere. He starts the car and moves on. Dhani follows him on the scooter. After sometime he stops at a place and looks at GPS in his ipad. She stops her scooty and puts a coat and walks hiding. She comes to the front of his car and starts calling out Charles without looking at him. He doesn’t notice her. She again calls out loudly Charles. He starts his car and passes by her side. She looks on sadly. He looks at his side mirror and stops the car. Viplav gets down and calls Eisha… She gets glad but acts like amused. Oh here..? haan I was just passing by here and then only saw you. So tell me what you doing here? And nice jacket but in this season..? She gets happy because she actually wants him to notice her and ask her about the jacket. She says Oh I was just waiting for my boy friend Charles. He gave me this jacket on our date look the “C” in the jacket. She shows him. Ok then I will take leave, bye Eisha. She says bye sadly. He takes his car and moves on. Dhani thinks yeh toh kamala ki nikli. I think isse koi farak hi nahi pada. He looks at her through the side mirror and smiles.

At night she removes the “C” from the jacket and thinks kya ajeeb hai yeh Viplav. Her papa comes and asks Dhani beta everything fine? Haan papa. Good night. Good night beta. He comes outside and says no something is wrong. I have to find out. She thinks of some new ideas and says Mr.Viplav Tripathi I will realise you what is love. She switches off the light.

The episode ends…..
So guys how was the episode? Share your views through comments and give support to me….and ya give best wishes to Dhani for her mission love..  😀 😉 😛
Love you all…keep smiling…and keep supporting other ffs also…
All silent readers are also welcome to comment their views without any hesitance …..

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  1. Sujie

    Lakshmi…….its superb……
    That moment when VIplav caresses Dhaani’s hair with a smile…..woh chupke se Dhaani ko side mirror se dekhna…..loved it….. go on ….keep rocking like this

    1. Lakshmi

      thank u sujie di… 🙂
      :heart_eyes: yeah i know that u will definitely love it… yeah sure..keep supporting me like this…

  2. Aiswarya

    Lakshmi chechi it’s superb ??
    Keep going like this
    Post the next episode whenever u are free

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks aish 😉
      yeah dear sure 🙂
      haan i think i will post it on saturday…work in progress

  3. Shruthy

    OMG did I really forget some scenes of the movie? I don’t know if you indeed change the scnees and all but I honestly tell it. I feel reading something new and fresh. And ViDha are so cute. That Charles scene is so funny. And then all the other moments she will keep telling about her “ex” and Viplav turning to be jealous. But shhhhh that’s secret :p
    Cant wait for next part. <3

    1. Lakshmi

      haan i think u forget something… hmm i don’t know…but the concept is the same..little variations.. oh yeah that’s really good news for me… woh toh hoon 😉 haan i was just laughing and laughing when i watched the movie…hansika’s expressions is perfect…but i don’t know whether it suits dhani…hey tum kya bole ja rahe ho..? secret is secret and suspense is suspense…i know its all coming in excitement…but filhal apni muh bandh rakho plzzzz…..otherwise woh suspense kaha reh jayega..? haan will post it soon….

      anyways thanks dear….. 🙂

  4. Shruthy

    Btw I feel good to see one of my work as your cover picture. Reminding those old days… <3

    1. Lakshmi

      which one..? my profile’s cover pic..?

      1. Shruthy

        No yaar the cover picture for this post. I have made that collage na. Iss liye bola…

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Lakshmi it was simply awesome yaar!! So viplav didn’t notice her proposal due to distance *that’s what I got* Then Charles scene bhe bara mazedar tha.. Lol!! Now dhani is ready to make him feel for love, interesting! Waiting for the next one more eagerly :-*
    And yeah ur cover is very beautiful!

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks maha di…. 😀 ;D
      so that’s the twist… 🙂 i was in a dilemma that if u guys enjoy the scene or not…charles waala…but now i got relief…more +ve reviews coming…
      haan but aap logon ki support ke bina kuch nahi honga….ya will post it soon..i think on sat..which cover di..? epi’s cover ya my profile’s cover..?

  6. Angel20

    Wow Lakshmi di! It was amazing! Dhaani making him realise love awww!! That’s so cute! Viplav caressing her is awesome yaar!! And Charles scene was also nice! Eagerly waiting for the next part! Please update it soon!!

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks maria…i know u r very busy with ur studies nowadays…but u still get some time for reading this one…thank u dear 🙂
      haan i am very glad that u enjoyed each and every scene very much… will post it soon dear…on sat…

  7. Areeb

    Hey Lakshmi! Fun filled episode, I would say. ?
    That Charles steel the whole show, the unseeable creature. *Shout Out for him*? And his jacket which was at least readable. ?
    Loved Dhaani’s dialogue in the initial part. ? The so relatable thing, ‘ Kaam ki baat to suno gey hi nahi’. ?
    Sure, will cheer for Dhaani’s victory in mission Viplav-possible. ??

    1. Lakshmi

      hey areeb thanks rey…. haan the unseeable creature charles 🙂 😀 😀
      yeah dhani will be victorious one day with all ur supports….
      yeah so relatable one… good job…

  8. Areeb

    Forgot to write the main thing, so cam back. ?
    I’m just confused with Dhaani’s profession or what with she does in music class.. You see, last episode we saw a year’s leap. Then she was in some fashion show and she is in music class also. Just wanting to know what she does like if studying something or any occupation sort of thing?

    1. Lakshmi

      oh its ok….
      actually she is a music student..mainly violin…
      haan after the leap we all saw her in a fs…she just went to watch it with avi..she is continuing her classes …nothing else…
      any other doubts..?

  9. Meghs

    Lajkshmi sry for late comments it is going superb… go on rocking

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