Love is Everywhere (Episode 5)

Hi all…So finally I am back here with my ff….So many things happened here in my absence….aur un main se badi baath yeh hai ki IKRS go off air….But I am not sad on that because the ffs here keep IKRS alive in all our hearts….And thanks to all my friends who gave me tips and prayed for my exams…All was very superb…Now I am back here because my vacation starts from today….Yay…

So guys coming to the ff……..The link of previous one is here……

Episode 4 – 2

Today’s episode….

Next day Dhani comes to Viplav’s hotel. She opens the door of his room. He says hi…And ya suddenly what happened to you..? Achanak iss tarah mere yahan aana..? Yesterday you were saying about some philosophy right..? She says I just passed through here. So socha hai ki tumse milkar jaaun. And are you going somewhere..? Ya actually, today morning I had a call from India. So I have to go. Her smile vanishes. She asks so you are going, right..? When will you come back? Huh patha nahi..Actually Eisha I am here on a vacation, because I love this place. Now business is business. Dad can’t handle it alone. So I have to leave. Then about coming back….hmm..I can’t say anything right now..He packs his bag.

And ya thanks Eisha.. I’d a wonderful experience with you. Tumse milkar mujhe bohat acha laga…He looks at her and forwards his hand. She says me too and gives him a shake hand. Pankaj comes and takes his luggage and says come Viplav it’s already late. They reach near the car. Viplav says so once again thanks for all Eisha and hugs her. Tears roll from her eyes but she wipes it and pretends to be happy. He gives a gift to her and says I will never forget you. She says I have something for you. She gives him the sketch. He says oh ya thanks..

Pankaj says Viplav hurry up. Viplav asks will she accompany him to the airport. She says no I have class. He says then ok bye..God knows if we will meet again…And by your philosophy let’s hope we will meet again soon…He enters into car. She tries hard to hide her tears. The car starts. He waves his hand and says bye Eisha. She replies bye Viplav. The car moves. She feels like Viplav going away from her. Why I am thinking so much..? Why I am sad? Kahin yeh toh nahi ki mujhe uss se pyaar…She stopped for a while and looks far away. She starts crying by saying that I will miss you Viplav. She completely shatters and fells down on the road. The car is now vanished for her sight. She looks at his gift and opens it.

Bhula dena mujhe….
Yeh alvida tujhe……
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina….
Safar yeh hai tera….
Yeh raasta tera….
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina….

The gift was a small statue of Eiffel tower covered with round glass ball. Under that it was written as “City of Love”. Her tears fall over on it.

Tujhe jeena hai mere bina…..
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina…..

Episode ends….

Guys guys tell me how was the episode….on the comment section…will post the next part tomorrow this time…I know it’s very sad sad epi… but trust me…happy happy epi will come soon…till then keep loving..smiling..supporting..and reading all the other ffs..


  1. Mahaaijaz


    |Registered Member

    Lakshmi I loved it yaar though it was sad but I enjoyed a lot! Viplav’s casual behavior was hurting but as he doesn’t believe in love and all so it was Ok for him.. Poor dhani she was too shattered she had realized her love for viplav.. Right ? Anyways that gift was too beautiful “City of love” my favorite line in the whole episode.. Overall a sad but awesome episode plus song selection was also good..
    Please post the next one soon as I am very eager to know how they will meet again, how their love story will start so please give us another update ASAP as ur exams are also finished well I am not pressurizing u but I can’t able to control my excitement so… BTW keep going 😀

    • Lakshmi



      thanks maha…no no now onwards maha di…very happy to know that u guys r liking the epis very much….i know the character of viplav and his behavior is so strange…but glad to know that u r trusting me and very eager to know what’s next…yep she has fallen in love with viplav….kaise nahi hoga..?he’s so handsome na..?everyone will go behind him in mad..even me too…oh ya thanks for liking the gift…mine too..this city of love will bring these two close..and realize his love for dhani…i know its very sad but i promised u that will bring a happy one soon…haan that song..i love it..
      today will post but don’t know when as I had not written..oh ya too excited for their love story…hmm…not now di…u will have to wait…ya I will post it daily now on wards…no I never think ur excitements as pressure for me…even I am very excited to know what happens next in other ffs like u…
      once again thanks di for ur support and love…keep going like this…

  2. Aiswarya


    |Registered Member

    ur vacations has also started yesterday mine to started yesterday
    di its very sad epi but our dhani realised her love for viplav na so happy for it
    i’m sooooooooooooooooo exited to read the happy happy episodes
    plzz post the next part soon

  3. Areeb


    |Registered Member

    Emotional episode ViMi. 😍 Dhaani realized her feelings for Viplav. 😍 Already excited to read further.. How they gonna bumped into each other ( in India, maybe) .. Will Viplav remember her.. Gosh!! Post next one soon. And pliss make it a bit lengthy next time.

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