Hi guys i am back. Thanku 4 commenting and thank u for the scilent readers. Ok then ,,,,here we foes with the 3rd episode. ENJOY READING.
Recap: swasan meeting.
Sanskar’s room.
Swa: come lets go and buy lollipop.
San: first go and take ur bath.
Swa: no i dont want to bath . Its very borring . I wont bath.
San:wat!!!wat a girl r u. Dont want to bath. Then i will call dadi ma …… dadima…….. dadima……
Swa:no no shhhhhhh shhhhhhh shut ur mouth.(but still sanskar is shouting)ok ok i will go and take bath. But plzz dont call dadi ma. She will comw here and starts to scold me and will start her lecture. Plzzzzz dont call her……
San:ok ok plzzzzz dont shout.i will not call dadi . But plzzz dont shout.
Swa:so u wont call dadi ma.

San:no… but one condition.
San:woh kya he ki…. if u want lolipop, then u have to take bath fastly. So run…run.. go and take ur bath.
Swa:ok tata… let me go and take bath.

Dining hall.
Dadi:ragu beta. Tu kab ja rahi hai lendon .
Rag: aaj.
Dadi: which flight beta.
Rag: gulf air. On 6:35pm.
Dadi:hav ur packing finished.
Rag: i have to do some shopping…
(By the time,swara comes down)
Swà:shopping,i will also come with u.
Sanskar’s POV.
Wat… i wont allow her to go with ragini. She should come with me. She should be always there with me. Bocoz she is mine. Wait a minitue…wat am i saying. How could she be mine. She is swara gadodiya. Oh god…. it has been just one night and i feel loke always being with her…. oh god…anyway she should cone with me.
San:swara! I will buy u a special lolipop which is very big. U mouth will water by seeing it.
Swa:but i have to go with ragini.
San:u can go with ragini any time u want ri8.

Swa:no no we r going 4 shopping…
San:i will take u 4 shopping.
Swa:then i will come with u.
Rag: wat …. ab tu or sanskar ek……
Swa:its not like tat… di…..ok ok ur emotional drama rhuru karne ka zaroorat nàhi hai… i will come with u……
San(behind): i wont allow tat ahe should be with me…
San:swara i want to talk to u.. come with me…4 just a minitue… plzzzz
Swa:ok…. come…..

Precap:swara surprised…. raglak meeting…

How was todays episode?? Was it borring?? Anyways plzz do comment. Ok…..

Credit to: Meenu

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