Love is Everywhere (Episode 4)


Hello everyone again it’s me Lakshmi with the brand new episode of my ff “Love is Everywhere”…First of all I am sorry because I told you that I will soon post my next episode…But I got ill…That too back to back…I missed few classes also…Today also morning I was weak but now I am feeling better so thought to post this….I have only one thing to say to you guys…In this weather don’t eat so much…prefer more homely food..And ya I am telling this from my own experience….So take care of your health well….
Now coming to the episode it’s divided into two parts…..So this will be a short one….And here the last episode’s link,Here

The episode starts…..
Next day Viplav was standing on roadside. He looks at his watch. Dhani comes there. He says hai. I am waiting here for a long time and tum abhi aa rahe ho..? Dhani says sorry holding her ears. Viplav says it’s ok but at least you should inform me earlier, and for that I need your number na? Dhani looks at him. She understands his drama to get her number. But she asks what number? For what? Viplav says we are now friends na? Dhani says Mr.Viplav Tripathi main pehle bhi keha chukka hoon ki I am very different from other girls, ok? So, no need of exchanging phone numbers. Because if our destiny wants us to meet again, then it will definitely happen. He says hello madam, it’s only a philosophy. Practically it won’t work. Oh ya then I will prove it. Viplav says ok ok, I am not starting any problems. Now come let’s have something. She replies no I am not hungry. Suddenly a car passes by there and it splashes water to her. He laughs and says you are lying. She says huh? No I am not hungry. Again a car splashes water to her. Viplav laughs continuously. Dhani turns and starts walking. Viplav follows her saying come let’s have some food. I know you are really hungry. She angrily says no. Suddenly her sandal’s heals brokened and she fells down. He bends down and says maine kaha na….He removes his coat and puts over her. She feels comfortable. He then helps her to stand up by holding her hand. She looks at his eyes. They both starts walking. Agar tum saath ho plays…..

They come to a restaurant. She is still lost in his thoughts. He shakes her calling Eisha. She says hmm and comes to her senses. He says Eisha you know something..? Whenever I came here in Paris I used to come here also. Because I love the chocolate ice cream of this restaurant very much. It’s very delicious and tasty. Did you ever try it? Dhani returns his coat and says no. He says then you should try this. I promise it will make you double happy.

The waitress came with the ice cream then Viplav starts flirting with her. Dhani looks it very angrily. He asks her why your face is dull ? She replies that why should I tell you? He says I think I can help you. She says that her boy friend is not talking with her. He says I will help you. Dhani stares at them. She calls her boyfriend and says that my new boy friend want to talk to you. The man replies to Viplav that who told you that I became her ex ? Don’t dare to come near her otherwise I will kill you. Viplav says ok ok and hand over the phone to her. She signs that everything gets fine. Dhani looks at him in wonder and thinks that hmm he is not much bad guy as I think. The waitress thanks them and gives two fortune cookies. Dhani gets excited seeing the cookies. She open the paper inside it and reads it….”Will meet your life partner”. She looks at Viplav and gets happy. She shows it to him and asks him to open his. He says these are very stupid things. She insists him. He opens it and says now look, the same as yours. These are all business tricks. He pays the bill and asks her to come. She says I want to meet another friend. He says then ok bye. He leaves. She takes his paper and looks at the both. She says I think I have met my partner already. Ishq ishq plays……….

So how was today’s episode guys..? Do comment your views in the bottom. And the next part will be updated soon. I know it’s going really bakwas..but plz bear me guys…. To know more read “Love is Everywhere” by me Lakshmi only on telly updates.

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  1. Sujie

    Lakshmi…. This is awesome…..?????????keep going dear

    1. Lakshmi

      sujie di thanks….. <3

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Lakshmiiii *with an angry face* don’t call it boring re it was amazing <3 viplav's trick to know her number than a car splashes water on her twice and after that her sandal broke that was tooo funny .. then their scenes in restaurant was so nice.. viplav flirting with that girl but then her bf appeared that was hilarious and the last part oh God lovely, their fortune cookies were same yaay !! now their love story will start wese it is already started i guess anyways a rocking episode so how can u say it boring .. gandi baat don't say it again .. Ok !! keep writing and waiting for the next one 🙂

    1. Lakshmi

      Thanks my dear maha….for loving my ff and liking my idea…oops how can i take the whole credit..? Actually its frm a movie and i have already mention it earlier…. then if u get a chance to watch that then do watch… a romantic comedy one…i promise u will like it..and prefer subtitles to understand it…becoz its a tamil movie…ENGEYUM KADHAL…and i tell u that while watching the movie u can imagine our vidhani…it will be very interesting..

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah u have mentioned it earlier that it is the story of Tamil movie but we can’t ignore ur efforts too 🙂 yup sure will watch it soon but isn’t it dubbed in hindi because many tamil and marathi movies are dubbed in hindi though I didn’t watch them so far but here a channel came in which these movies are shown so may be.. aur haan ur story is too good that I am thinking to watch tamil movies too 😀

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