Hai guys i am back. I am so sorry guys,i could’nt update for 2 days as my net had some problem. I again sorry……… anyways lets start and enjoy reading.
Recap:sanskar coming to gadodiya mansion.

Gadodiyas had their lunch and dinner.
Its abt 9 o clock……
Sanskar is sitting in in th3 living room and he
heard a knock on the door. There was no one so he dicided to open the door …..
And he opened..

“Ahhhhhhh……… is this my house..”someone
with surprised face. She then looks at the name
board and read”gadodiya mansion”
“Ye toh mera ghar hai……phir tum kaun”
San:who r u?

She:u r staying in my house and asking me who i am?
From no where sumi comes there,

Sumi:ragu beta tu aa gaya
Yes she was ragini…..

San:oh were u ragini,i am so sorry i didnt understand.

Rag:its ok…leave it.anyway …… i am ragini.. ragini gadodiya…
San:oh hi i have heard a lot abt u ….the fashion
queen ..
Rag:oh nothing of that sort. Anyway shake hands..

Rag:maa did swara came?
Sumi:no beta. U know her she wont come now if
u want 2 tett her something u hav to 2 wait till
Rag:12 o clock .
They all together laugh…
Rag:anyway mummie i am so hungry.
Sumi: come i will give u ur fav bhel puri to eat.

Sumi and ragini webmnt inside and sanskar went to his room.

Midnight 12:47am.

Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar havent slept…..
Sanskar’s POV
Oh my god….i dont know how i will escape frm
this house anyway i will hav to stay here 4 1 week.oh god… …….ok clam down sanskar clam down……..oh i am thirsty…i want water …
And he went near the side table but the jug was
empty..”oh god wait i will go and check in the kitchen. And he lead his way toeards the kitchen.

On the other hand:::
A guy tries to jump the gadodiya wall and the
guy succeeds.
Guy:oh god finally i did it.i think day by day the height of the wall is increasing.oh anyway yesssss i hav done it.

Hmm. Now directly in to the kitchen.
And the guy leads his way to kitchen.

In the kitchen.

Sanskar is in the kitchen checking 4 water and the other guy also comes there . But they couldnt see eachother as it was dark.

Guys POV
ok now i hav to remove my chappal. She
removes to the fridge go swara go
go near the fridge be4 someone comes here.
Yes the guy was swara…….
Be4 swara reaches near the fridge sanskar gets
out of kitchen but he falls down but no sound.

Here swara opens the fridge and takes bher fav lollipop and a can of beer. And comes out of kitchen.sanskar didnt know tat swara is nearing
him and same with swara. Sanskar wakesup and crushes with swara and thwy both togerher falls down but couldnt see eachother as it was dark.

Be4 sanskar could say anything she put her fingers on his lips.

Swara:shhhhhhh!ragini plzz dont make any sound.bus ajjj.frm now onwards i wont come
this was becoz of tat raman.he didnt alow
me to came tats why. Anyway do u want this lolipop. I know u will accept it as it is ur fav. Plzzzz dont open ur mouth infront of papa plźzz

Sanskar is awestruck with this response.sanskar just says…

Swara:i know u r my sweetie.
Saying this she pulls his cheeks.
Swara:take it ue loli.

Sanskar accepts tat.
Swara:tank u di . U r the worlds best sis..
Saying this she give a peck on his cheeks.

Swara:ouch!hav u fixed throns on ur cheeks. It hurts! Oh i forgot they r pimples r8.i am happy !!!!worlds beauti queen has pimples. But it was
not there in the morning. Anyway i am so happy…….. come lets go.
Swara draggs sànskar to her room and she puts light onn.

Swara:ragini, ahh ragini di where did u go??
Within a speck of tine sanskar runs frm there.
Swara:ye kitar gaya. Pakaalllll.

Ans she starts to drink beer and after a while she goes offffffff.
Swara:ragini di u r my life saver i love u . I am
coming di i am coming …..
Saying this she went to sanskars room without knowing tat it was sanskars room.
He havent slept….
She opens the door,
“Di mein aa gaya”
But there was no light.

They couldnt see eachother.di have it . I hav briought u ur fav bèer. Mm hav it. She gave it to sanskar.

Sanskar without knowing wat to do hasitantly accepts it . But swara doses offfff. And she falls down.

Sanskar lifts her and make her sleep on the bed. And he sits down and and after a while he also sleeps.


In the morning…
In the dining room
Sumi:ye sanskar kaha gaya…..
Shekar:may be he might havent woke up.

Sumi:may be ……..swara…
Shekar:woh be ….ragini when did she came yesterday?

Ragini:i dont know papa….

In sanskars room:

Swara wakes up.
When she opens her eyes, and she sees sanakar there near her….

Swara:but couldnt see his face.
Swara:papa udoo papa. Wat r u soing in my room.

Sanskar wakes up and shows his face .
Swara:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.chor chor ragini papa mummie come here.

Sanskar:ahhhhhhh shhhhh shhhh shut ur mouth shhhhh
Swara:apppp. And closes her mouth.

and starts to cry like a child.
Sanskar watches her lmwith a cute face.
San:tu kitni cute hooo. Wow u looks so
Swara:why r u looking at me like this???cheee stop looking at me like this.
And starts crying making pout face.

Sanskar:ok ok .i will. And plzź stop crying.
Swara in a cute tone: then ok i will . But can u buy me a lolipop.

Sanskar:ok i will.
Swara:then come we can go and biy one. No two . No three.

Sanskar:why 3?
Swara:first one 4 me..second one..4…
Sanskar:second one 4….

Swara:second one 4……… me .
San:but the first one was 4 u.
Swara:so does it mean tat i cant eat the 2nd one

Sanskar:no but…
Swara:wat but.. the 2nd one is also 4 me.ok
San:ok and the 3rd one?

Swara:it is also 4 me.
San:wat this is not fair.
Sqa:y??it us not fair.
San:becoz u should also give me one becoz i am helping u ri8?
Swa:ok i will.


How was todays episode was it borring??i am so sorry if it was borring…..but plzzz do comment so tat i can know my faults..once again tahnk u 54 reading…

Credit to: Meenu

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