Hai guys!am back. I am awestruck with with ur response.i disnt expect this much. Anyway i hav got a courage to write forward. I have told tat i will reveal the pairs in this episode. And i will do tat. And we can continue……….mnnnn

Episode 2

A big mansion is shown. Then the scene shifts to a room where a handsome charming boy and his mummie is standing there.
“Mummie how much times i hav told u tat i dont want to go to banglore”
“Sanskar plzzzzz beta go plzzz atleast 4 me . It is a matter of one week”
“Mummie but……”
“No but wat u will go just go amnd pack ur bag. Go go”
“Mummie……….”making a pout face.

And sanskar starts his journey to banglore.
(Gadodiya family is settled there).
And he reaches there. Ap has givwn him the address and he goes to the place.
He ask the bystander abt the address.
“Do u know where this person stays?”
“yes i know but now he will be in his office”
“Oh!thank u. But where is he working?”
“I will tell u. Go straight and take the first right and then turn left.”
“Thank u”
And he reaches there and looks the name board–Gadodiya industries. And he enters there. He starts searching 4 tat person. He asks everyone present there. But no one knows abt him. He then decides to meet the head so tat he can meet the person he searches. He headed towarda the head cabin-shekar gadodiya. He enters the cabin.
“Sir,can i meet mr.yuvraj?”
“Excuse me. Who?
“Mr.yuvraj.yuvraj rathore.”

“Just a minitue. Let me check. After a while, sorry there is no person working here with the ne of yuvraj rathore”
“Wat but he told me that he works in this company.”
“I think u r cheated. There r many people roaming around the city.”
“Oh shit! Now what will i do”
“If u dont mind i will accomodate u in my house”
“No no its not needed.i will find anothrr place”
“Wats the need of it. I will accomadate u as a pain gueat and u can give me fee toooo . Even if u want to go and stay in hotels u have to give money so if u give that money where u can get more advantages then …………”
“Its ok.”
“Then come with me i will drop u in my house”
“Ok uncle”

They reached gadodiya mansion.
“Mishti mishti come there”
Mishti: ah i am coming.
Shekar:mishti he is sanskar maheshwari. He will stay here as our pain guest. his room . Let him get fresh.
Sanskar:i dont know how how thank u.
Shekar:its ok beta. By the way,i have 2 daughters. I forgot to tell u that.
Anyway get ready and come we can have lunch.

How was todays episode. I know it was borring right? But i promise frm next episode onwards i will try my best to make u entertained. Anyways plzzzz do comment so that i can know wats ur …………

Credit to: Meenu

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    1. Thank u

  1. Dear actually I was a silent reader of ur ff I commented tdy I was confused who r the pairs???is it swasan??????

    1. Yessssssssssssss ITS A SWASAN FF.

  2. Ur dp s ragsan so itz ragsan ff right?

    1. Sorry s priya its a swasan ff

  3. So is it swasan n raglak or ragsan n swalak?plz yaar reply…m confused from the 1st epi because u gave picture of ragsan but from ur storyline it seems swasan…so my advice to you is to change the profile picture of ur ff so as to avoid confusion and pls update longer…m a silent reader but commented as m confused…reply pls

    1. Actually its a swasan ff.and abt dp it was not uploaded by me it there b6 came.

  4. I agree with dan….

    1. Tq 4 commenting

  5. Plzzzz do it. Swasan and ur ff will be loved a lot by alll if u do swasan

    1. Tq 4 ur complement and its a swasan ff

    1. Here is my replyyyyyyy

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