Love is Everywhere (Episode 2)


Hello everyone……First of all very very sorry for this late post….But like me most of you all didn’t get bored with the new ffs……I think Mahira di is not updating it for a long time…..And Sujie di Louella Shruthy Maria Swetha Maha Goldie ji Sidhi …..You all are rocking with your ffs……Guys I want to share with you something… from the day Eisha quitted IKRS I just lost all the hopes…..But still faith on the ffs here….as it is very much better than the show…..I know human beings have some memory loss sometimes……So here the Intro and first episode of my ff….”Love is Everywhere”…..
Episode 1
And I want to clear something also…..When I started writing this ff the pair was Eisha and Mishal…..And it will continue till the end….And I request you guys also to imagine them while reading….I am not saying that I hate Sanjeeda…She is also very nice doing her role perfectly..But I think you can understand what I am trying to say….Hope you all understand….Oh again sorry for my lambhiiiiiii Intro…..Coming to today’s episode…..The second one………

Dhani reaches the hotel and goes to the room of Viplav. She sees the girl coming out from Pankaj’s room. She screams somebody help…… (Arey Jhansi ki rani Dhani…..bachao Viplav ko….) Dhani gets nervous and she enters Pankaj’s room and by window she reaches Viplav’s room. (hum sabko yahan jaane ke liye jagah nahi hai…so watch this scene through my narration….) Just then she hears a gun shot……She falls unconscious on the balcony….( arey tum sab log behosh nahi ho jao….picture abhi bhi baki hai…..jab Dhani uthenge use kaun bathayega aakhir yahan hua kya….?)
The person comes there pointing gun towards Viplav. He asks where is my girl friend? I know she is here. So you are here darling….He goes near window and finds Dhani. He comes back and asks are you Viplav Tripathi? He answers yes. He thinks for a while. Then he says sorry for disturbing both of you. I thought you and my girl friend…..But it was not her…she is very beautiful…..( haan haan hume patha hai….sabhi boy friends apni girl friend ko miss world samjhthi hai….) Viplav wonders. Sorry Mr.Viplav Tripathi enjoy your food……He and Pankaj leaves from there. Viplav comes there and opens the window…( arey Viplav sambhal ke….warna hamari Dhani gir jayegi….Koi baat nahi tum pakad lengi na….) Suddenly Dhani falls in his arms…..He tries to wake her up..She opens her eyes and finds herself in his arms….Cold breeze blows……They had an eyelock…..Agar tum saath ho plays……….

He shakes her. She frees her and asks if he is ok? He replies yes and how do you know about me? Dhani says that I know…Your name is Viplav na? Thank God you have escaped…I came here to rescue you..So Viplav bye….My work is over..He asks what? Who are you? Just then Pankaj comes inside but our Viplav thought that person again came….So he hugs her tightly….Agar tum saath ho plays………….

Then he frees her seeing Pankaj and starts to tell about her….Dhani who was lost in his thoughts slowly starts walking from there…Viplav calls her continuously but she doesn’t listen and continues walking…. ( arey hum logon ko ab yahan kya kaam? Jaldi chalo Dhani ko sab bathathe hai….ruko mujhe lagta hai ab Dhani sun ne ke haalath main nahi hai….chalo kal bathayegi….) She reaches her home and straightly goes to bed….. ( chalo sab gud night bol ke so jao…)
Next day morning Dhani goes for jogging. She sees a couple romancing. She smiles and reminices yesterday’s moments. Dheere dheere se instrumental plays…….She continues jogging (kya app logon ko wahi rukne ka irada hai? Chalo). Meanwhile Viplav is also coming from the opposite direction. They both come face to face. Dhani gets stuck seeing him. Viplav looks at her and says hey you….! Tum hi kal raat mere kamre main aayi thi na? He shakes her. She comes to her senses. Viplav continues that oh….I am really sorry. I even didn’t tell a thanks to you miss…..He forwards his hand. Dhani looks at him. A fb is shown. (ab yeh kaisi fb…jo hum logon ko nahi patha….chalo dekhthe hai) Dhani finds an old magazine in her father’s room. She opens it and founds some pictures of Viplav with his various girl friends. she gets angry and throws it away. Fb ends…. ( i know Dhani ki tarah aap logon ko bhi gussa aya na..? but control) Dhani turns and starts running. Viplav looks at her and thinks kya ajeeb ladki hai yaar?

In the music school…..( arey ek minute aap log sab aa gayi na…? toh chalo continue karte hain..) Dhani feels very disturbed. Just then Avi comes there with some food stuffs and says to Dhani try these….It’s very tasty ( arey yeh avi bhi na….mood off hone ke time par hi khaane ke baath kartha hoon….). Dhani replies no Avi. Hey look I want to tell you something. No Dhani I am very busy. Don’t disturb me. ( arey isko toh khaane ki padi hai…) Then ok Avi bye. I am going. She angrily goes from there. Avi thinks isko kya hua achanak..?
In night Dhani lies on bed and starts thinking about the incidents. Oh daffar Dhani…..Why are you thinking so much about that Viplav? He is not a good guy. Better you stay away from him. Now tomorrow onwards you never go for jogging. Good night. Episode ends……

As I told earlier there will be no precaps…..Will Dhani and Viplav unite or they will part ways…? What do you think about the decision taken by Dhani…? To know more please read “Love is Everywhere” by me Lakshmi only on telly updates……And please share your views through the comments….
How was the episode guys…? I will hardly try to post the upcoming episodes at least in weekly. The cover pic is designed by my sis. Hope u all liked it. Keep smiling, supporting and loving…Love you alots….

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  1. Guys i want to share u something more… plus one results came and i got 90% with 4A+ and 2A…thanks to teachers….family…and to all the members here those who supported me in every step in my life……this is possible by all you and ur prayers…keep supporting and remind me in ur prayers also…

    1. Shruthy

      Wow really proud of you! Hearty congratulations. Keep carrying on the wonderful job 🙂 you will go far one day <3

      1. Lakshmi

        thanks shruthy….hmm hoping the best in future

  2. Finally lakshmi u have posted? .. itna wait karwaya? .. even I asked u about this ff but get no reply from ur side.. anyways thanks for posting it?
    Now coming to episode it was wonderful? .. dhani was there to help him but she herself falls unconscious? but then also she helped him.. I loved when viplav hugged her thinking of that man but actually there was pankaj?.. dhani always lost in her thoughts.. oho dhani ko pyaar hogaya but she doesn’t realize it .. viplav please sudhar jao else ur heroin will bring u on right path.. now waiting for some vidhani scenes?
    And don’t worry we all are imagining eisha as dhani in all ffs though sanjeeda is beautiful and lovely but phr bhe….
    Cover pic is very beautiful?.. good effort done by ur sis?

    1. And yeah thanks for mentioning me and my ff?

      1. Lakshmi

        oh yeah its just awesome dear

    2. Lakshmi

      maha thanks dear….yeah i know its too late almost 1 month….but kya karoon..? lots to study and not getting free times……..hmm i read your comment…that time i have already posted it so i think it would be a surprise to all….so not replied…
      she likes to do edits…so when i asked her to do this she accepted….and ya me too liked uit so think to put it as the cover…
      that’s so sweet of u dear……u all r imagining eisha……
      and sure the coming epis will be more fun filled with romance…aakhir hamari heroine ko hero ke nature badalna hai na…? so wait and watch…..once again thanks a lot

  3. Angel20

    Awesome episode! Loved it, their eyelocks, hug?? awwww??

    1. Lakshmi

      maria thanks dear……actually me too….just loved this movie so think to write it as a ff

  4. Shruthy

    Indeed it was quite late Lakshmiji. ?? but well.. I can understand you must be busy …
    And haan! I must tell you, it was quite hard first to imagine ViDha in the story. The number of times I have watched the movie, I get easily Jayam Ravi & Hansika’s faces only ? But then I managed to change my inner vision to ViDha. ? And omg that was so great man. I am just loving the naughty Viplav. Well we havent seen him behaving naughtily but I know what will happen so? Anyways nice episode Lakshmi. Waiting for the next one now
    PS : thanks for the lovely mention in your intro. it means a lot

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks shruthy…..i know its very very late…but again thanks for understanding……
      ya i know first of all me too had this…but later when i started writing the epis it changed….hmm jayam ravi and hansika is perfect doing their roles…but i don’t know how it come as vidhani in my mind…..i think this is the fav movie of mine and so that i can now imagine vidhani in this…..
      oh ya the naughty viplav……its slightly different from the ikrs waali viplav……but me too enjoying it while writing…..oh so no suspenses here…well will try to update it soon…..
      oh ya its great pleasure for me….i think all are doing a fantastic job….so how can’t i mention ur names here…?

      1. Shruthy

        Haha yeah i love the pairing so much in fact. and it’s also one of my most favourite. but each time I watch I get so irritated as I couldn’t get to meet them in real, like most of the places they were are just near where I live so my sister and me get so upset watching.
        Ok well coming to the episode.
        yeah and I am liking this Viplav too ?
        Yeah I dont really have suspenses but I still enjoy it reading it again imagining ViDha. Like when I fall on listening to the songs, I got to imagine ViDha.

  5. Lakshmi i just love dhani in cover pic also i had not read yr intro n first episode so while i was reading n enjoying thought it is by shweth ( eriting style) anyways good keep going dear.?

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks renu di……me too needed this dhani for the story not like in the ikrs one….so added the pic…padthe rahiye…

  6. wow lakshimi your title love is everywhere is very catching….. i watched engaium kadal movie so many times…. when i imagine mishal and eisha in that movie it was totally different and awesome feeling….. keep writing….

    1. Lakshmi

      thanks kavya di……..hihihi i just translated engeyum kadhal to english……oh ya me too….keep reading and commenting didi…..

  7. Sujie

    Lakshmi….loved it dear….. go on…. and imagining Eisha and Mishal means imagining a wonderful story…keep it up dear

    1. sujie di…..thanks a lot…..
      oh ya no mention…..

  8. Congratulations laxmi for the fantastic results

    1. thanks renu didi…….

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