Hi guys i am back.I am really surprised by ur response.Thank i hav decided to continue with the following episodes.
Thanku everyone for commenting and sopporting me.i will continue with my ff as long as u guys support me.i am not sure if i can continue this ff coz i am waiting 4 my 10th results and if u guys dont mind plzz plzzz do pray for me.??
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A big company is shown,on top is writtenLAKSHYA’WORLD.Now a room is shown .
”I dont want any reasons.i do want her to do my ramp show did u understand tat????”
”but laksh sir she is not accepting our offer.”
Yes he is our laksh or lucky.
”I dont want 2 hear any reason . Just give her the money she is asking and settle her okkkkk.”
”Ok sir.” And Ragav ,arrange my tickets to london i want to go there.”
”Yes sir”


A beautifully decorated room is shown. Fully decorated in blue color. A girl is sitting infront of the mirror. She is busy with minor makeup.Firstly her eyes r shown. Her eyes is like a star its twinkling everyone will fall looking at her eyes. Then her beautiful lips bright red lips r shown.Atlast her face is shown . Yes she is our Ragini.
After a while,her Pa comes there.
”Mam they r compelling u to accept their order.”
”Just tell them tat i am not going their order . He is such a r******l.”
And dont forget to book my tickets to london. I hav a show there next week ok.”
“Ok mam as u wish”


On the other hand,
A messy room is shown.Dresses here and there chapal on the other side bags and accessories on the bed.But where is our girl???????
Swara Swara Swara!!!!where r u ?
No response
“R u playing with ur di?”making a pout face.
No response
Mmmm i will show u swara!!!!
She goes to bathroom and checks but didnt find her. She comes back near the bed.
“Ouch”exclaimed ragini looking down.”so u r here”and lloks under the bed and there she is our Swara!!!!!
“Swara wake up ,wakeup swara,”
“Tu aaga,mein kab se wait kar rahi thi.come and come and lie near me come we can hav some naughtyness!!!”
“Chee chee swara i am ragini.ur didi not ur low class bf.”
Hearing this swara wake up.
“No di dont call my bfs low class.they r high class.”
“Chee swara.”
“Wat chee swara.they r my puppets.wat to do?
di there were so many more than my no:of boys behind u?but wat did u do?u avoided tat way u r chee di”
“I am not there to argue with u come lets hav breakfast”
“No ,tata”
And by saying this she jumps through the window and lands down with “OUCH”


HOW WAS IT????????

So sorry i dont hav much time to introduce sanskar i am so sorry but dont worry i will post ths next episode as fast as possible.
But plzzzz do support me and dont forget to
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THAN YOU(hope u hav enjoyed reading)

Credit to: Meenu

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  1. Hmmn nice and pairs??? I hope swalak bcause I m a big fan of swwlak and ragsan

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  4. Awsm….i hope the pairs r ragsan n swalak….

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