Love is everything part 21,22,23,24

PART 21:
constable throws a plate of food near her
A looks up
” eat it”
” i m not hungry….just lemme call”
senior office comes there
he tells A: ” Naitik Singhania is fine now”
A smiles
” really….thank u so much sir….thank u”
Naitik had severe pain in his abdomen after being attacked by Harsh
he moaned in pain as he thought of d ways to free A
he still could not digest that she was in jail for saving him from Harsh
she killed her husband for him
Naitik hold his head and closed his eyes
” i will go crazy if i kept thinking about all this…..i have understood A never liked Harsh…she was not even forced to marry him but then why did she married him….was she protecting someone…but whom and why?”
N slides out his feet
trying to get up from d bed
but he just could not
he fell back on d bed
” no…Naitik u have to be strong and go get A out of there…she should not be punished for something she has not done”
N Pulls d wheel chair closer to his bed by his leg
he slides into it
N covers his face with a blanket and successfully gets out of d hospital .without being caught by his own family
N pushes his wheel chair on d busy road
people shout and scold him
” get away….u useless….handicapped if u wanna die….go dive in a well….don’t stand in d middle of d road”
N pushes his wheel chair on d plat form
on d way
he recalls the moments he and A had spend in N’s house in the college days
N remembered how he put cream on A’s naked back
that attraction still made him go crazy
d texture of her soft back against his hand was just perfect
it made him get lost into her forever
he remembered how he took out the insect from her back
that was d first time he touched her for so long
N was always thankful to that insect for giving him such a precious chance of touching A’s bra
he recalls how he entered A’s bath room and he lied to her that he didn’t saw anything….although that day he had seen her completely naked…from top to bottom…..everything…..EVERY SINGLE PART OF HER BODY
N reaches d police station
he could not believe how long he had thought about A
after 5 years…..he saw himself smiling
just thinking about the moments spent with A made him smile
N pushes his wheel chair into d police station
N: ” i want to meet Akshara…she is not a culprit…i m d witness of whatever happened there….trust me sir she did all this to save me otherwise Harsh had killed me”
Police: ” lets see Mr.Singhania who wanted to kill whom”
N rolls his eyes in anger
” my Akshara is innocent…..”
A hears this and smiles
N walks to her cell
N holds her hand through d bars
A cries
” tum theek ho na Naitik?”
” tum theek nahi ho Akshara…haina?”
” mein theek ho…..per tum yahan kyun aye….u need to rest”
N looks at her colourless forehead
N: ” congrats Akshara”
A: ” for what?”
N: ” for being free from that relationship u had no interest in”
A: ” Naitik…i..i loved Harsh…he was my husband….”
N: ” bus kardo Akshara…how much will u lie?”
N cups her face
A pushes him away
N gets shocked
A shouts at him
” i don’t love u Naitik nor i ever did….just stay away from me…and don’t u ever come here again…..i have just lost my husband…i can’t meet any men till a month of Harsh’s death”
N: ” i left u once…and look what Harsh did with u…but not again…this time..i wouldn’t leave u,…i will bring u out of here…and then make u confess why u married Harsh”
A: ” I loved Harsh so….i married him….that’s it….”
N: ” time will tell d real reason u had for marrying him…..and remember A i m always with u”
A looks at his wound
A: ” u should go back to hospital….your wound is fresh….u need rest”
N: ” abhi ja raha hoon…per wapis zaroor ao ka…”
N kisses at her hand
she gets chills down her spine
those lips……YES NAITIK’S LIPS…..his kiss after 5 years….
N smiles at her shocked expressions
” i love u Akshara Mahesawari”
A moves a step back
she rubs her hand with water on which N had kissed
” i m not Mahesawari…i m the widow of Harsh Agarwal”
1 week later
it is A’s case hearing in d court
will she be proved innocent?

PART 22:
1 week later
A’s lawyer calls N
N was now able to walk himself
N: ” Mein jo kahoon ka saach kahoo ka…sach ke srif kuch nahi kahoo ka….uss din mein Akshara se milne Harsh ke ward mein gaya tha wahan meine dekha Harsh Akshara ki marzi ke khalfa usko touch kar raha tha…mein andaar jala gaya….usko rokne ki koshish ki toh Harsh picked up knife….he pushed d knife into me…i fell down but i remember and i saw before fainting that Akshara picked up d vase and hit harsh with it just to save me….”
the other lawyer: ” but Harsh had already harmed u….then why did A took d law into her hands….”
A: ” i was scared….if i had not beaten Harsh he would have again try to harm N and even me…it was a self defence….”
Mohit comes there with a mobile phone
everyone looks at him
he comes to d judge and gives him d mobile
Judge plays d video in it on a screen
coincidently…..Harsh’s mobile camera had started during d fight and the whole scene got recorded in d mobile
everyone sees d video
A: ” dekha meine kuch nahi kiya….kuch nahi….aur wese bhi Harsh mera pati tha usko haqq tha mujhe touch karne ka magar biwi ki marzi ke beghar pati bhi patni ko hath nahi laga saakthi…usko zabardasti kaha jata hai”
Judge signs d final decision
” Miss Akshara is innocent …it was a matter of self defence…she killed her husband to protect Naitik Singhania”
N gets lost in deep thinking
he understood why A married Harsh
he smiles
after court’s hearing
A is bought out
Rajshri and Vishambhar hug her and cry
N looks at them from a far distance
but before he could come to her
she leaves with her parents
N: ” run as much as u can Akshara…but i would keep following u”
Mohit comes to him
and hugs N
N: ” kya howa?”
Mohit: ” aaj poore 5 saalo baad tere ko khush dekh kar bohut acha lag raha hai…i got my friend back”
N: ” abhi khushi poori nahi howi….jab tak Akshara ko apna nahi bana leta khushi poori nahi ho saakthi”
A comes downstairs wearing a white saari
Rajshri: ” u don’t need to dress like a widow for a man like Harsh….beta forgive us….we made u marry him…he spoiled ur life”
” nahi ma…it was my own desicion…but i never thought he would be so”
Vishambhar: ” it is my fault…he was my friend’s son”
A hugs him
” nahi boji….shayad yehi meri qismat thi…..”
N comes there
he says: ” but now it’s time to change your density….qismat badalne ka waqt agaya hai”
A: ” why have u come here? go….just go”
N: ” no….i would not come anywhere…without u”
A: ” who r u to ask me to come with u….we have no relation….”
N: ” i didn’t asked u to come with me Akshara infact from now i will stay with u….u keep running from me but remember i will always follow u…..i will become your shadow…..your soul….jis ko tum kabhi apne se door nahi kar saako ki”
A: ” i don’t care…do whatever u want to do”
A walks to her room
N smiles and takes Rajshri and Vishambhar’s blessings
the three join hands
Rajshri: ” kuch bhi kar beta….bus Akshara ko dobara jeena saka do”
N: ” aunty do not worry..i promise…i will bring back A”
Vishambhar: ” u put your bags in d quest room that is just opposite to A’s room”
N smiles and takes his bags
N makes A wear coloured clothes again

PART 23:
Nanu (Jasmeet’s son) tells N that A is in bathroom
N smiles
he hugs him
” thank u Nanu”
N goes to A’s room
he tiptoes into it
and takes out a jar…..
he opens d lid and drops d cockroach onto d bed
N takes out all d white clothes from A’s cupboard
Nanu brings a large bag
N puts all d clothes into it
N: ” Nanu throw this bag out of d house”
Nanu: ” okay Uncle”
N smiles
N hears A coming out and hides behind d curtain
A comes out
she sits on d bed next to d cockroach
A was about to lie down when she sees d cockroach
she screams and jumps on d bed
” hey……go away…please…don’t come near me…..ouch….please…go….don’t u dare touch me”
N controls his laughter as he recalls what happened 5 years ago in rose garden
the cockroach reaches her dupptta
she screams and throws d dupptta away
A rushes to her cupboard
A: ” where r all my clothes??? who can do this?”
N comes out from d curtains
N: ” wear this”
A looks at him
A: ” tum? how did u entered my room…..”
N: ” leave me…..u wear this….u have no opinion”
A: ” i will sleep in what i m wearing”
N: ” okay…as u wish…sleep in this cockroach dress”
A takes d box from him
she opens it and sees d red saari
A: ” i can’t wear this…..i will go ask ma for something else”
N: ” aunty is sleeping…she had headache”
A: ” i will ask Varsha or Jasmeet”
N: ” they r not at home…they r out with their husbands….and it is not good to touch someone’s cupboard when they r not at home”
A angrily looks at him
A: ” Naitik where r my clothes?”
N: ” mujhe kya pata…..”
A: ” really…then what were u doing in my room?”
N: ” oh acha…..i was placing hide and seek with nanu….i was hiding here Akshara….tumein kya laga?”
he winks at her
A holds his hand
A drags him out of d room
N smiles
A: ” why r u smiling?”
N: ” because u r holding my hand”
A leaves his hand
A shuts d door
A changes d clothes
kite competition at Mahesawari house

PART 24:
Next morning
A comes down wearing the same saari as she had nothing else to wear
everyone gets glad seeing her so
Rajshri hugs her
” come sit..have breakfast”
on d dinning table kids decide to have a kite flying competition
A starts leaving
N: ” where r u going A?”
A: ” ma i m going to my room”
Rajshri: ” Akshara even u have to play with us….otherwise it would be no fun”
A: ” ma mera mood nahi hai”
N signs Nanu and Anaya
Nanu: ” please play with us…please”
Anaya: ” han please…if u would not play i will not talk 2 u”
A: ” but”
Naitik smiles
he walks to A
N: ” come lets go”
N forwards his hand
A walks away
they all come to d roof top
A stood in a corner while everyone was busy in flying kites
N walks to her
A: ” please Naitik don’t force me to play”
N: ” fine…i wouldn’t”
A gets surprised
N picks up a kite and gets hurt by it’s thread
A sees his hand bleeding
and quickly grabs his hand
N smiles
A: ” yeh sab….God it is bleeding…..kya karte ho Naitik…bache ho kya?”
A takes him to her room
Rajshri sees this and gets glad
in A’s room
N sits on d bed…..holding his hand in pain
he screams and cries loudly like a child
A: ” Naitik please stop screaming….kuch nahi hoga…i will put a bandage on your cut…it will heal….stop crying”
A brings d bandage
she sits next to him
air blows inside from d window
A’s hair blow over N’s face
N smiles
while A puts d bandage on his hand
A: ” pain will end soon”
N: ” it ended the very second u touched it”
N pulls her closer by her waist
A: ” Naitik please……lemme go….”
N leaves his grip on her
N: ” go….run as much u can but i know in d end u will find peace in my arms only…..”
A opens d door
N: ” u remember that night when i put cream on your back….”
A shivers thinking about that night
that night always made her get nervous
she shuts d door and runs outside
A sits in her room
she tears her saari angrily
” no…..i can’t let my heart do this again…i can’t ruin N’s life again…no i can’t”
she takes out a box
she unlocks it
she burns all d pictures of N and hers which were in d box
she throws d ashes down her window
N who was walking in d backyard sees them
he picks up d ashes
” i promise u Akshara….we will make better memories than these….”
Nanu locks N and A in d car

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