Love is everything Akshara Natik part 11,12 and 13

PART 13:
5 years later!
A does the puja
every comes to the temple hearing her voice
she gives everyone arti
Harsh smiles and whispers
” come in the room in 10 minutes”
A gulps
she comes to d room
Harsh locks d door
A gets nervous
” what r u doing Harsh??”
” what? i m completing my work…which i could not last night….”
A moves a step back
she recalls last night
when Harsh tried coming closer to her but she lied saying she feels like vomiting and runs out of d room
Harsh holds her romantically
A pushes him away
” stay away from me Harsh…..u know u can never get me….”
” Aksharaaa…meri jaan i got u 5 years ago….forget your past and accept the present…your present is me…and will always be me…”
A: ” i have understood….the craziness i felt 5 years back was love…..i loved N 5 years ago and i still love him..i m living only for him…..”
Harsh gets angry and slaps her
she falls to d bed….
A: ” beat me…..kill me……but i would not stop saying that i love Naitik….i only love him”
Harsh pulls her by her hair
” i m your husband now Akshara”
” u forced me to marry u….i never wanted to marry u……”
she pushes Harsh away
A comes to d market
she hears N’s voice and she turns to see him
he was buying fruits from a cart across d road
A smiles
she could not hold her emotions
she had seen him after 5 long years…….she could not believe that N was in front of her
she wanted to run to him now…..pull him and hug him tightly
kiss each part of his body……..she wanted to hug his soul….kiss his breath….
but she stops
she thinks what happened 5 years ago
” Naitik hates me now….he would not be happy to see me…..he still thinks i cheated him…..”
N turns…A hides her face with her dupptta
he leaves in his car
A walks to where N was standing before
she touches d road where N stood and kisses her hand
tears drop down her eyes
A: ” i m sorry….sorry….very sorry…”
N comes to the temple and distributes rice to the poor
pandit asks N what is d occassion of serving food
N: ” meri premika ki mout ko aaj 5 saal ho gaye hain…uski ataama ki santi ke liye yeh sab”
Pandit: ” oh acha acha…..uper wala uski ataama ko santi de…..mein uske naam ki puja karwa dunga….naam kya tha uska?”
N: ” Akshara Mahesawari”
N wears his sunglasses and leaves
Pandit: ” Akshara mahesawari……yeh toh wohi larki hain na jo roz yahan ati hai apne ashiq ke liye dua kar wanne……”
A comes to d temple but N had left seconds ago
she walks to d temple
Pandit : ” phir se apne ashiq ke liye yahan agayi that too bare feet”
A: ” uske liye mein kuch bhi kar saakthi ho……woh meri zindagi hai……mera sab kuch…..bus wohi hai”
Pandit: ” he is very lucky… have u….what is his name?”
A: ” Naitik Singhania…..”
Pandit thinks
N comes to his house
he walks directly to his room without greeting anyone
N puts a new garland on Akshara’s photo
N: ” i hate u…….i just hate u……go to hell…..”
he breaks a vase in anger
the family hears d sound and gets tensed
BM: ” that one girl ruined his life……when will he forget her and move on”
Devyani: ” maybe we should give him some more time”
Rajbanna: ” 5 years is all long time already…….he is a living skeleton only…..”

Harsh tortures A
will N be able to save her?
why did A married Harsh?

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