Love is everything Natik and Akshara part 28 and 29 (last episodes until next season)


PART 26:
as N put A down
she walked to d corner and started looking outside d window
she loved d sound of d ocean touching d small rocks
Her fair back in that small blouse teased him…..
N walked slowly towards her
so slow that even she could not hear his footsteps
N ran his hand over her back. She got tensed
A closes her eyes…… Holding by her shoulders he turned her to face him……. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed…..
N lifted her face up by her chin
” Akshara meri taraf dekho”
A blushed and ran away to d other corner of d cottage
N ran after her and putting his arms on both sides of d wall….he blocked her way to run
A: ” Naitik…choro na”
N holds her by her waist gently
looking into her eyes but she didn’t make any eye contact
she kept looking down at d floor
N: ” meri taraf dekho na Akshara”
N wrapped his arms around her bare waist
She slammed against his hard chest…… She was very much aware of the heat radiating from his body…..
It sank with her waist, her palm, her chest
and moved through her entire body……..
N kissed her forehead
she closed her eyes again
Holding her waist from one hand….
N cupped her face with the other and slightly brushed his lips with hers…… He pulled back n looked at her….. He watched as her lips form into a small smile but still her eyes were closed
Smiling slightly
N bent his head and kissed her once more.. this time with a bit more force…… Every single cell in A’s body seemed to be alive and seemed to b responding to N’s lips………she slowly slid her arms around his neck.
N moved his hand from her face to her bare back and pulled her closer to him…..
without breaking d kiss…..N lifted her
and placed her on d bed
he lowered himself and kissed her once more deeply……
N moved his mouth down her jaw to her neck. He kissed her collarbone…..
Grabbing a handful of the saree from her shoulder ……he moved the pallu aside revealing her chest.
N kissed her cleavage and moved to her stomach…… He kissed her below her belly button……
they moaned in pleasure!
N gently tugged on the saree……. With no pins to hold it securely it came loose from her waist and fell down
He slowly undid the hooks of her blouse………
She moaned his name as A pulled down his pants
N hold her hand
” ek minute Akshara”
A’s expressions change into worry
” Akshara wadd karo mujhe kabhi chor kar nahi jao ki….mar jao ka”
at that instant A kisses him on his lips
to stop him from saying more
she broke d kiss soon and cupped his face
” Naitik i can not even think of that…..u promise too”
N brushes her lower lip
” main tumhe khabhi chod kar nahi jaaonga…promise…”
A hugs his bare chest
she kissed at his sternum
” Naitik ghar nahi jana???”
N pulls her closer and closes his eyes
” hmmmm….aaj nahi….kal….aaj koi aur important kaam karna hai”
A blushes
N slides A’s already open blouse down her arms
exposing her bra
Sunlight shines on A’s face
she moans
” Naitik…..pull down d curtains”
N wakes up….and looks at A
she was still sleeping
N brushes his fingers in her hair
A opens her eyes
a smile appears on her lips
N: ” kal raat meri zindagi ki beetarein raat thi….aaj se phele kabhi itna maza nahi aya…..tum bohut khoobsurta hoo”
N sits up in d bed and A slides her head on his shoulder
N kisses on top of her hair
N picks up her saare from d floor and gives it to her
” get ready…we have to go home today”
” will they accept me??”
” i m sure…they will”
N kisses her forehead…..
A wraps d blanket around her body and picks d saree and goes to d bath room
N prays that his family accept A
N and A Reach Singhania House
PART 27:
N asks A to wait outside
he enters Singhania House smiling
everyone was in d living room
they turn and see N
everyone gets surprised seeing N so happy
BM gets sentimental
she hugs N
” where were u from so many days….u asked us that u will come home when u will want to come”
” BM…boji choti ma….i was out finding my happiness…i finally got it….will u accept my happiness”
” han raja…..kab se tujhe khush dekhne ke liye tarass rahe the”
Devyani cups his face and smiles
Devyani: ” Naitik welcome back home”
N: ” ek minute choti ma….let me bring my happiness”
everyone looks on
N goes out and brings A with him
A looks on nervously
she bends to take BM’s blessings
she moves back
N: ” please bless my happiness”
everyone is shocked
BM: ” Moona why have u bought her here…..???”
N: ” because i live here and my wife will stay where i live”
everyone is shocked again hearing N married her
Rajbanna slaps N
A: ” no boji please…”
Rajbanna: ” u stay out of this”
A folds her hands
” boji if u don’t like me…i will go from here”
N holds A’s hand
” Akshara u will stay here…..”
N to his family
” i m tied of giving explainations to everyone….finally i found happiness in my life…..Akshara returned d colours of love in ,my colourless life after 5 years i again started breathing please u people always wanted to see me happy…now i m happy…and my happiness if from Akshara and u all….if i don’t get any of them i will be incomplete…please give me my happiness (Akshara) and my life (my family)”
BM and Devyani smile
A: ” i know i did wrong…..but now i want to mend my mistakes….i did one mistake 5 years back and even today i will get punishment for that…please forgive me…please for Naitik…please i swear i will love this family….i will mend my mistakes….”
BM hugs A
she smiles
” thank u so much BM”
Devyani hugs A too
A takes everyone blessings
N hugs BM
” thank u BM……i love u”
” me too moona”
Singhania family arrange a reception for N and A
A comes down wearing a beautiful red saree
N offers his hand to her
she holds his hand and steps down d last stair
everyone throw rose petals on them
N and A stare at each other as they walk to d seats
they sit down and the ladies come and see A
they praise her beauty
and give her gifts
A comes to d room at night
it was dark
A switch on d lights….and sees N sleeping
A walks to N
” Naitik….u slept???”
she smiles and turns when N holds her hand
and spins her around
N pulls her over him
her hair fall to one side…..and her br*ast swag
N stares at the two perfectly around br*asts
A rolls to d other side of d bed
N cups her face with his hands
” finally…”
” yeah finally Naitik”
N kisses her forehead
A blushes and runs off d bed to d other corner of d room
she sees d garland on her photo
N gets off d bed
N pulls down d garland from d photo
A: ” i hurt u so much???”
N: ” no Akshara… all d wounds have been healed”
N throws d garland in d dust bin
A opens her arms
N runs into her arms
A: ” Naitik now it is time to heal all d wounds”
N pulls himself out of her arms and looks on surprised
A unpins her saaree allowing it to fall off
exposing her stomach
N looks on like a hungry beast
N sit on his knees as she cups her stomach and kisses it
next morning
Rajbanna asks A where she wants to go on honeymoon
A thinks and finally say
” JUngle”
everyone gets surprised
N: ” Akshara hum honeymoon pe ja rahe hain camping ke liye nahi”
Everyone laughs
A: ” i know N….and trust me jungle honeymoon will be very romantic…”
BM: ” Akshara beta….Mishti is here…..”
A: ” oops sorry i meant jungle honeymoon would not be romantic”
N laughs
Mishti asks: ” romantic kya hota hai??”
Karishma asks mishti to go and brush teeth
she leaves
everyone laughs at A’s innocence
at room
N; ” Akshara jungle mein honeymoon??”
A wraps her arms around his neck
” trust me N….it would be peaceful in a jungle and only we two will be in d jungle…just u and me”
she slides her finger down his chest
They walk in d jungle
N holds d luggage
and cruses his luck
N: ” kesi biwi hai meri jo jungle mein honeymoon manana jati hain”
A slips on d mud and gets muddy
A laughs
N forwards his hand and pulls her up
she was smelling terrible
N: ” yuck Akshara…..”
N and A turn and see their luggage lost
N: ” God…..u said jungles r peaceful, there will be nobody here except us…but see here r thieves who stole our bags”
he sees a cottage
A: ” dekha i told u there is a cottage here…lets go”
N and A enter inside d cottage
N takes off his T-shirt
” wear this…your clothes r smelly…and we lost your luggage”
A takes d shirt
she comes back wear that short shirt which merely covered her thighs
but N was in no mood to romance
and A knew that well………..the idea of honeymooning in a jungle was not a good one and A had realized it now
it starts raining
N looks out through d window
” wow Akshara….this jungle was not enough that now it even starting raining”
A runs outside
N: ” hey……wait…where r u going?”
N comes outside..covering his hair by his hands….
N: ”yeh kahan chali gaaye ”
he said trying to locate his wife then his gaze fall upon her who was busy playing in rain………….
He was mesmerized as always but his anger was masking his romance power
N: ”It all because of you Akshara Singhania”
N said raising his voice bring her out of her dream world…
A:”What have I done”
this irked him further and he was almost shouting at her for being oblivious to the situation
N:.”Meri hi galati hai….. that i agreed to come here…”
he spilled out the words without thinking of the consequence…….
A did not took those words lightly
her tears start flow as if they were not in her control
N could take anything but those tears and now he was the reason he hit his hand on the tree frustrated…….
N: ” fine…i m sorry….”
he opened his eye trying to apologize
she was not anywhere to be found….
N looks around and sees her sitting under a tree
N hugs her
she does not wrap her arms around him
N knew A was angry and he was d one who was at fault
breaking d hug….
N saw A shivering by d cold
d shirt which she saw wearing was all soggy
N look at him
he was shirtless
the only thing he had to give A was his jeans
without thinking much….N took off his belt….allowing his jeans to fall down
he slide it off his legs
A looked at him
his p*nis was quiet visible through his white underpants
she could make d outline of his p*nis
it was long……large and dark in colour
she had never seen it before
N and A had romantic encounters before marriage but….that sort of romance had never happened
it was to happen yet
maybe on d honeymoon
maybe in this jungle
A stood up
N wrapped d jeans around her shoulders
N was now only wearing underpants
and as it get more soggy……the p*nis become more and more clear
N gazed at her and A knew what was he thinking
even A was eager today
A looked away from his p*nis
it was so much attracting her still
N: ” what???”
A: ” can…..hmmmm…i ….can i touch that?”
she pointed at his underwear
still looking at d tree behind her …..
she was getting redder
N grinned
N pulls her by her wist..over his chest
A feels penile erection (p*nis boner)
A moves back at once
N feels shy
A stares at d p*nis shocked and surprised both
it was totally pointed and straight
A moaned: ” Naitik???”
N: ” I love u”
N slide off his underpants
at first A was scared… touch it…but then as she looked more….
her fear went away with d rain drops
she grabs it firmly into her hands
” wow”
N brushed his fingers in her hair
A kisses at d erect p*nis
N lifts her into his arms
taking her inside d cottage……
A pushes N on d bed of straw
and jumps over him
THE END!!!!!!!

New Season will come soon with a different story line

Credit to: Kiran AND aHTAYYAB Iqra Zainab Umer

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