Love is everything Natik and Akshara part 2,3,and 4 combined

Love is everything part 2 3 and 4
Im posting 3 parts at once please keep on commenting
N starts driving the car
A: ” where r u taking me? i m not interested to go anywhere with u!”
she pulls off her seat belt
N accelerates the car making A’s escape impossible
N stares at her while driving and a smirk appears on his lips as he looks at her lips
N: ” u look cute when u r scared”
N angrily looks into his eyes
” i will complain about u to the principal….u would be suspended”
N: ” will u be able to study when m not around u?”
And a worried A looked at the road ahead and then at his hard profile,then back at the road.
it started to rain outside
and the road was all wet
she recalled what N had said before beating her in d car
she nearly skipped a heartbeat when suddenly….N’s chuckle bought her back to life
N: ” how come the famous radio isn’t saying a word today?”
she looked at him with anger in her eyes.
“I have to go home …..I have-..”
N completed her sentence
”work to do….like last night”
A shut her eyes tightly as she didn’t wanted a brain to start thinking of last night all again
N: ” r u scared of me?”
A still eyes shut
” why will i be scared of u…u can’t do anything with me….i wouldn’t let u do anything”
her words set a fire in N’s nerves and he accelerated d car
A closed her eyes in fear as they nearly got saved from a huge tree
A: ” what r u doing?” growled A
N: ”ssssshhhh”
he put a finger on her lips
N: ” why r u scared of me?”
A pushed him away
she started to open her belt when N hold her hand firmly
N: ” aaj nahi…..i would not let u go”
he moved closer to her…………..his sensual male lips only inches away from hers……..
with her hand she quickly opened the window of the car and the rain drops starts smashing over N’s face
he quickly pulled himself away from her
” close the window” commanded N
N rubbed his eyes….as they had got water into them
A: ” let me just go home……why r u torturing me”
he leaned forward
plastering himself to her………… he closed the window again
N bought his lips near her ear
she closed her eyes as he was too close to her
she shivered a little maybe as she was wet or maybe because he was too close
N: ” u r all wet……..again”
A’s eyes popped open of that ”again”
The storm outside was reducing but the storm inside her was increasing…………..N was going to murder her with these strange sensations for sure…..
N started to drive again
he stopped a few kilometers away
N put his hand into his pocket pulling out a bracelet
A: ” it is mine”
N: ” u dropped it in my home last night…i couldn’t give u this in university else everyone would have thought something is between us…so…i bought u here”
A was silent for a second and even sad that N believed nothing was between them even A thought d same but…she couldn’t even deny the fire…she had always felt when N was around her…….he was d only guy she had allowed to touch her… sensual……although she always pulled herself away when he tried to get closer
she took d bracelet from her
N: ” i m sorry i bought u so far….but maybe i wanted to spend some time with u….again!!!”
N put in his hand again into his pocket
A looked up hoping she didn’t felt anything else at his home
N pulled out a red small box
N opened d box and showed A a pair of diamond earrings
” i think u left it at my place last night”
A’s cheeks got red
she didn’t knew why was N giving her a brand new pair of earrings….
A quickly shakes her head
N: ” please take it”
A: ” i can’t…..these aren’t mine and even u know it”
N: ” i know A……it is a small gift from my side…after all u came to my place last night”
A growled back
” i came for the project”
N smirked
” when did i said u came for something else”
A takes off her belt
and opens d door she steps out
it was still raining a little
N: ” where r u going??”
A: ” home”
N: ” i will drop u”
A: ” no thanks..i will manage”
N comes out of d car and pulls her by her hand
nearly over his body
” u can’t go home without a taxi…and u wouldn’t get a taxi at this time of night”
” i said…i will manage…why don’t u just let me go”
N pulls her closer to him
cupping her face
anger burned in his eyes
A was silent for a moment
she was not able to understand why N was doing some much for her
A pulled herself away from his body
she begins starts walking towards home
N: ” what if some boys again come and try to harm u”
A stops for a second
N sits into his car and starts driving after her
N opens d window and peeks out
” fine..u do not want to come with me….fine…don’t come….but i will make u reach home safely…i bought u i will make sure u go back safe”
A walks on d road while N drives his car…following her until she reaches home
she walks inside her house without even once looking at N
he sees her leaving
it was weekend so no class!!
on monday, it was a university get together
That night he dressed with a bit of extra care than usual,as he put on his favourite cologne after a long refreshing shower and studied his tall form in……… a yellow and navy blue striped polo shirt and his khakee slacks.
And he even whistled a favourite long forgotten tune from between his teeth as he brushed his hair to perfection………
And as he finally drove off towards the university …..he tried to calm his racing heart.She was going to be there he hoped
N had carefully taken the earrings…………beautifully wrapped in a tissue,so that it would not be spoiled…..
he reached university
the get to together was on
but A was nowhere to be seen he sat at the bar
and ordered wine…he drank it in one gulp
he kept ordering more and more…while his eyes were at the main gate
he asked for more
the waiter: ” sir u have already had 8 glasses”
N grabs him by d collar and takes d entire bottle from him
He mumbled at the waiter
N’s friend call him to come on d dance floor
he refuses saying he is waiting for someone to arrive
his friends leave
N thinks
” why m i waiting for her…why m i not enjoying d party….why? what d hell is happening to me…why have i dressed so well tonight….why i bought these earrings with me….”
he takes off d earrings and sees A’s entering d university
he looks at her
she looked perfect
in a mini black grown and opened curled hair
the red lipstick made her lips so perfect
N walked towards her holding d earrings in his hands
she looked at him and stopped
A in his heart
” why is he here???”
she stood where she was…hoping that N hadn’t seen her
N walks towards her…….
looking at her
she shivers……
a sudden fire again sets in her body!!!
she feels dizzy
N walks passed her and to her surprise he goes to Varsha, A’s friend who was coming to d party
N smiles and hugs varsha
” hey Varsha…looking stunning”
A turns to see him…..she feels herself getting hot… if the fire had traveled all over her body!
Varsha: ” hey Naitik… r u?”
N shows her the earrings
the same diamond earrings
” for u!”
Varsha was surprised
” me??? Naitik?”
” yeah i know….u and i are not that close….but i think it is your birthday next month…so it is an advance birthday gift from my side”
A looks on
N stares at her with challenging eyes
A walks away
Varsha comes to A and shows her d earrings
” God i can’t believe N gave me this….i mean we don’t even talk to each other in class…and he gifted me such an expensive gift”
A looks at d earrings
N stood at the edge of the swimming pool
A walked to him and pulled him away from d water
” have u gone crazy……..u would have fallen inside d water”
He was mesmerized by her beauty as moonlight enhanced it..
N: “Are you real?”
He whispered in an awed voice as he slowly moved strands of hair off her beautiful face………..and cupped her cheeks to look at her better……….
the silver moonlight made her glow
A: ” what?”
N: “You came..I thought you won’t..”
A: ” yes i came….for my class….”
Strong wind blew her open hair onto her face
N tenderly tucked them behind her ears……….Managing to caress her earlobe slightly as he did so…..
N: ” did u felt jealous…i gave d earrings to Varsha”
A didn’t know what was he saying but she was hell sure he was drunk
she felt insecure
N walked staggeringly and was about to fall into d water
A quickly pulled him back by his arms
A: ” Naitik!!!!!!”
N: ” i can hear your racing heartbeat……”
he puts his head on her br*ast……hearing her heartbeat
A couldn’t pull him away as there was d water filled swimming pool behind him
A don’t do anything to let him be on her chest
N whispers in his drunk tone
” ur heart will come out if u don’t lower the racing heartbeats”
thankfully N himself moved away
A looked at him rather angrily
N hold his ears
” God please A..don’t see me like this…God…God!Do you have any idea………………..what you do to me when you look at me like that..God!Your eyes..”
A: ” go home N…u r drunk”
N: ” noooooooo…i want to be with u…i came here only for u”
A felt so special on hearing this
” fine stay here…i m going”
N whispers
” please don’t…don’t go”
she doesn’t turn back to see him and leaves
N drops to d ground in his drunk state and sleeps
it starts raining a few moments later
A had come back into d hall where d party was on full swing
Varsha: ” where were u?”
A: ” hmmm…i was with Kajol”
kajol was a classmate!
there was no windows in d party hall from where she couldn’t see rain
A hears some boys saying it is a terrible storm outside
she skips a heartbeat and runs to d swimming pool
Varsha sees her running and thinks where is she going
A goes to d pool
she sees N still on d floor
all wet by d rain
she sits beside him……….he was shivering
she puts his head in her lap
he was faint
A covers N’s body with her arms………..
” Naitik,,,i m sorry…please get up”
she pulls N to his feet and puts his hand behind her neck
N’s head swag over A’s shoulder
she stares at N
she cups her other hand on N’s face protecting his face by d rain
A puts N in her car
she puts a seat belt over him to stop him from falling over her again and again
she kept saying to N
” kuch nahi hoga tumne…mein hoon na……kuch nahi hoga”
A drive d car towards her house
she stops near d house
” no i can’t take N to my house…what will i say to my family….no i can’t…i can’t even take him to his house….his parents will get worried…..but i can’t leave him on d road…what to do???”
she hears N’s mummering
” Akshara please don’t….don’t be scared of me………i wouldn’t harm…u…..Aksharaaaaa…..i m not…not that bad…..i wouldn’t……..i m not……..i wouldn’t harm…….i can’t even think of…harming u….”
A finds her eyes getting wet by tears
she wipes her eyes
and cups N’s face
she rubs his hands and feet
he wakes up
A smiles
” thank God”
N: ” i shall be at home”
A: ” how can u go home in this state”
N: ” i can…..he takes off d belt”
A: ” i wouldn’t let u go”
she starts driving
N holds his head……he had severe headache
A looked at him and felt sorry for him
she knew it happened because of her
she stops near a hotel
N: ” here?”
” u stay here tonight…come home tomorrow when u come back to ur senses”
she pulls off N’s seat belt
she gets out of d car and helps N to come out
N stares at her lovingly
they go inside d hotel
A takes the room keys
they enter into d elevator
the door closed
The small space in the enclosed elevator seemed to be buzzing with electricity
both presses the 2nd floor button at the same instant and their hands meet
A realizes N has fever as his hands were burning hot
N leaned against d wall..eyes closed……he moaned by d headache
” I M sorry…i happened because of me”
N wasn’t in a state of replying
he kept his eyes closed until d door opened
they moved out
she puts N on d bed
she takes off his wet shoes and moist socks
she covers N with a blanket
A gives N a tablet
” have this…..u fever will end”
she feeds N d tablet and water
N coughs as he was all wet
A searches for some clothes and finds a bath robe in d cupboard
she gives it to him
” go change”
but N wasn’t in a state of going to d bath room and change it himself
there was nobody except A who could do this!
she knew she had to do this……………but was scared
N moaned in d bed
A lower her hands on his shirt….
unbuttoning it slowly keeping her eyes closed
she didn’t wanted to see his perfect naked body,……she didn’t trusted herself……
she took off his shirt
and then slide off his belt
next was his pant
which was the most difficult for A
A kept saying
” God please help me”
as she slide off d pants
she lifted N’s hand body up…as she put the bath robe on him
he kept moaning
his moans were so painful for A
she placed him back on d bed
A lowered her face to N’s ear
” i m going….call me if u need anything”
Please don’t cry…..Please..” He said brokenly
it was that moment when A realize the sudden sadness in her voice and she checked her eyes which were all moist
she tingled her fingers in his hair
” okay….okay i wouldn’t”
N moaned as if it was d only reply he got manage to give!
Her sobs ended up in shudders
as she tried to hold them back,and eventually stopped…….as she took in a shattered breath
and tried to move a bit away from him
A: ” take care”
as she walked back to her car
A stopped on the middle of d car and dropped to d ground
it was still raining
she opened her arms wild
and shouted above her voice
” what is it about you Naitik…..why am I so Fatally ATTRACTED To YOU..?????”
N saves A from a car accident

After class, the next day
A quickly packs her bag and begins to leave
she stood at d edge of d road….waiting for the cars to stop so that she could across d road
she moves forward and all of a sudden….from nowhere a car comes in focus……the driver was too fast
A screamed and closed her eyes in fear
her mind was all dead….she had lost her senses…..she stood still waiting to be hugged by death
when suddenly an angel comes and pushes A away
A opens her eyes to see N hugging her
A for a second….loved N’s embrace
she didn’t wanted to get out of this hug but the other second
maybe her senses came back and she pulls herself out of N’s arms
A shockingly touches d back of her shirt
and to her shock she finds her back torn
maybe N pushed her away too forcefully
A takes off her dupptta….and wraps it around her
A: ” thank u”
N sees her feeling uncomfortable
N takes off her jacket
N: “Can’t you ever be a little less careless?!”
N wraps the jacket around her
he hailed a taxi that luckily just came by…..
” i know u wouldn’t go with me home…so take this taxi”
N makes her sit in d taxi
A looks at him as she holds d door
N begins to close d door
A: ” can u accompany me to home”
N smiles
the journey to A’s house was short and silent
N kept looking out of d window
and A looked down at the car mat
they reach A’s house
A: ” come inside….even i make good coffee….aaj ghar per koi nahi…..”
N didn’t wish to be alone with she always made him lose his control
still N couldn’t refuse A
A opens d door
A” Naitik.I..I’m fine..Wait.I’ll give you your coat..”
She was about to take it off her shoulders when N stopped her…
Closing the door shut behind him
he pulled her closer to him,his dark eyes studying her nervous face.
N”Are you scared of me ??”
A: ” no…no i m…not….if i was…i would have never called u in when nobody was at home”
N: ” then see in my eyes”
she looks up at him
before his eyes could set further fire in A…..
she asked N to sit down
” i will bring coffee”
” wait”
he put his arms on either sides of her shoulders
which made her coat slip a little
exposing a little of her creamy naked back
N touched her skin through the hole
she closed her eyes……
N spins her around
now her back was in front of N
A tightly hold d ends of her shirt
her breathing increased
Something ached within him seeing the scratches and tears on her back as f he himself was hurt by it all…….
N quickly made her sit down and.ordered her not to move an inch as he went looking for the first aid box after asking her where it was……….
N sat behind her on d sofa
A hold on her shirt even tighter
before N could start d treatment he asked again
” r u scared of me?”
A simply shook her head
too scared maybe to say a word
He assured her without thinking he started cleaning her wounds
she screamed in pain
N: ” sorry!”
A: ” coffee”
N clucked
” don’t worry…i will surely have coffee with u but this is more important”
he started working on her back again
Blowing at them softly with his mouth to ease away the sting a bit…..
he put a bandage over d bigger wounds
she controlled her tears which had started flowing due to d pain
” theek ho na?”
A just nodded
butNcould not make himself look away from the exposed naked back infront of him
..Even with those scratches and bandages it was the most delectable sight for him………….
once done….A stood up
she covers herself with her dupptta and moves to d kitchen
while N sat on d sofa…..
he kept looking at her as she worked in d kitchen
N walked to d kitchen
A prayed that he didn’t come closer to her again
now she cruised herself for inviting N inside
because N was again driving her dizzy
she couldn’t deny but confess that she was too much ATTRACTED towards a guy….whom she never liked much
N wrapped his arms around her waist
the coffee nearly fell from her hands
N placed d mug away
she could feel his heavy breath on her naked back
she moaned as his lips traced her earlobe
and she nearly died when N literally planted a small…not too juicy but still not that dry….KISS under her ear
she opened her eyes
but she felt so weak by his sweet torture that she couldn’t move
she stood d way she was….like as if an animal had agreed to meet death by his predator
N slide her hair away
exposing more of her back!
He kissed tenderly making her gasp and moan more..He was on fire!He was burning all over for her
N hold his head as he sat in the garden at his house
You could have medicine or even cure your headache that was just a simple headache.But when it was a headache caused by your heart ache
There was no treatment for his ache.No solution to his problem
After the fateful night in her flat……………,he had stayed away from her
N was skipping his classes… avoid N and to stop his heart ache
he thought this was d only treatment to his problems
the only solution
he didn’t know anything about A
they never talked….never met after that night
He had spent countless sleepless nights wondering what would have happened if he had not stopped that night?What would have happened if he followed his heart
he was hungry for A’s juicy lips but he knew this hunger couldn’t be ended
he needed her…as she was d only cure to his pain
the pain of his heart
but today N was going to university after all he had to go one day
his family kept asking N why wasn’t he going to university
so today he knew he had to face A again
and he had no idea of her reaction
unluckily they soon got face to face
N could tell from the redness in A’s eyes that she didn’t had slept from nights
saying her…again….made him remember all d memories he had with her and that night too
The night where he was only inches from taking her as his..Almost,but not yet enough for him..Never enough
He had so wanted to grab her and kiss her senseless right
then and there
.and had barely managed to hold himself back from doing so
.And then luckily or unluckily they were joined by other classmates
the class was too hard for both N and A
although they sat far away from each other
but they could feel each other
the lecture seemed ever lasting
N stared at her for a second but then again turned back to d board
he didn’t wanted A to see him staring at her
he felt like a criminal after that night
N felt ashamed
that night was too hard for both N and A
but at least A was feeling better that N had started coming back to university
she missed him during lectures
although seeing him again wasn’t easy for her
she tried to sleep but that night memories didn’t let her sleep
she walked to d bathroom and washed her face
she looked at herself in d mirror
” i need to talk to him….how all can i bear this pain”
she dials his number
but sadly….N had slept and his mobile was on silent mode
N comes to meet A in a garden
a Cockroach enters inside her!!! (it will be funny)

N sees A’s message on his mobile when he wakes up
A: ” i need to talk to u…and i think even u want to….meet me at rose garden at 6 am”
N replied
” i will be there at 6 am”
he was confused…..
” what does she wants to talk about!”
the garden was not much crowd as if was too early
N looked around to find A
he heard A’s voice from somewhere
“NO!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! go away…don’t come here… me…no……maaaa…it is getting closer to me…….no please”
N skips a heartbeat
he runs towards the tree from where he heard d screams
N found her
her eyes were on d ground
while she kept screaming
” save me …no God….go away……..please”
N: ” go away? but u called me here?”
A cried as she pointed at d ground
N looked where her finger pointed
there was nothing
A jumped up and down
” God….it got inside me…save me…take it out….help…..”
He narrowed his eyes
as he looked hard but could not see a thing..
he again looked up
N: ” what is it?”
A: It’s inside me”
N nearly had a heart attack as she seemed terrified and started jumping up and down
A: ”Please!Please!Remove it………….it’s inside! Yuck,,,,,,,,,it’s moving!……………Please!!!”
N moved an inch near her
still confused about what she was asking him to do
N raised his voice as her screams were too loud
” clam down A…where is it….and what is it?”
she looked at him with teary eyes
” his hand started moving within her dress again………it is inside my dress….inside me…yuck…”
N laughed
he couldn’t stop his laughter
A looked at hi angrily
” get it out of me”
N stood still for a second after his laughter ended
he couldn’t believe what he had heard
” an insect was inside her…it was inside her clothes…and A wanted him…Naitik Singhania….the blo*dy Naitik Singhania to remove it…..from inside her…..inside her dress….from inside her body”
A begged N
” keep quick…it is running fast on my back”
N moved a step back but A quickly pulled him back to where he was by his collar
she growled at him
” remove it….it is yucky…..please”
N looked on
A: ” remove it”
” how can i?”
” please”
” acha…acha don’t cry…..where is it”
” on my back….on d top left side”
” what??? how can i…..!!”
” please….it is moving fast”
” i think we should wait……it will come out itself”
A nearly punched N at this
” do it now…remove it Naitikkkkkkkkkkk”
N moved his hand to the right
at that moment too busy to follow her guidelines to realize what he was doing……
A: ” left Naitik….”
she jumped up and down
N: ” stop dancing……i m moving towards left…”
his hand started moving within her dress again….
A completely stood still and froze as his hands traced around d strap of her black bra!
N felt the hook of her bra….and found he was losing himself again!
he pulled away his hand
” I can not do this Akshara”
” u have to…for me…please……fast….”
it had been long since he even came closer to her…and now he couldn’t believe that his hand was INSIDE her!
he enjoyed her smooth skin against his hand
he had all forgotten why was his hand inside her shirt
A: ” mila kya??”
N: ” kya milna tha?”
A: ” kya? insect mila kya Naitik?”
N realize that he was finding d insect
” han bus mil gaya”
” be fast please…..”
N moved his hand to where A had told it was
N on one side wished the insect was never found and on d other hand he wanted to get out of her as soon as possible
N finally got hold of it
he pulled it out and threw it away
he pulled out her shirt….giving one last look at her bra hook
he so wanted to pull them apart
and touch her soft skin was which under d bra
he wanted to spin A around and touch d front of her bra and then he wanted to insert his hand into d front of her bra!
he shook his head
” stop it Naitik”
he commanded himself
A: ” thank u so much Naitik”
she hugged jumped on her toes and hugged N
he was so surprised
he never thought A could thank him like this
N wrapped his arms around her!
A pulled herself away after a few minutes
He looked at her then………,and simultaneously she looked at him.And their gaze locked as a strange something passed between them……….
A: ” i wanted to meet u!”
N: ” me too”
A: ” hmmmm… i wanted to ask u…..rather tell u or…or both”
N: ” even i wanted to ask u…or…shall i say….i wanted to tell u something…..maybe a confession”
A: ” say it”
N: ” phele tum!”
A: ” i don’t know…..i mind sound crazy….but…..sorry…..i think i called u here without any reason”
N: ” just say it Akshara…..i think our problem is same”
A: ” do u even feel crazy?”
” at times…..or shall i say all d time….whenever u r around me…”
” what is happening to us???”
” i don’t know Akshara…..i m so confused…i feel like a criminal after that…..that night”
A felt chills run down her spine
she didn’t wanted to start that nights topic again but the night was d main reason after which this craziness increased
A: ” yeah…that night…..what was it?”
” i m sorry for what i did that night…..i had turned a beast…..but trust me i respect u…a lot”
” i can see that in your eyes Naitik…….u r different….not like other guys…..u r special”
” even u r so different….u r beautiful……very beautiful…very very beautiful…..”
he pulls A closer by her waist
he wrapped his arms tighter and tighter around her
when he realized he was hurting A
” u alright?”
A: ” yeah…..”
N pulls himself away from her
A: ” what is the end of this craziness we feel?”
N: ” more cockroaches”
N smiled at her
” what?”
” yeah Akshara…..i feel crazy when u go away from me…but when u come near me, i m unable to feel anything….craziness toh bohut door ki baat hai……”
A smiled
” cockroaches……”
N: ” lets go to university together…we might feel less crazy”
he forwards his hand
A gives her hand into his
they walk towards d car
N turned on d music
but the romantic lyrics proved wrong for N
as each lyric made him relate it to A
N knew she wore a black bra under her dress
he had never seen any girls under garments before
Akshara was d first woman ever!!
A looked at N
A: ” friends?”
N looked at her
A forward her hand
” maybe we should become friends”
N smiled
he shook hands with her
her skin was so soft
he didn’t wanted to leave her hand
it was a group project again
N and A had now become best friends……
they chose to do the project together
N had to come to A’s home
he greets her family
Shaurya: ” A is in d room…go”
N goes up stairs
he doesn’t found her in d room
” maybe she is in bathroom”
he waits
she doesn’t come out of d bath room
he knocks at d door
no reply
” u inside?”
no reply
N waits more
he knocks again…..
” Aksharaaa!!”
he gets worried
he knocks harder
finally he opens d door and it was unlocked
he goes inside d bath room
He looked around tensely,and opened his mouth to call her again…..
”Aksharaaaaa…oh shit…my God!”
Was all he could manage to say when he saw her finally.He could not believe what he was seeing
He gulped and looked again…
he was only wrapped in a tiny white towel ………,that barely covered her hips
her long hair dripping wet,her soft mostly exposed naked skin moist
before he could walk out or tell A that he was inside
she started to take off d towel which was d only cloth on her body which just covered her br*ast and some legs
N shouted on top of his voice
” stop…..don’t”
it was too late
the towel had dropped to d floor
A screamed and quickly hide behind d shower curtains
N could see the lining of her through d plastic curtains
he was too scared to blink
his craziness increased again
” don’t look at me…where did u looked?” asked A from behind d curtains
” i didn’t saw anything A……don’t scream….otherwise your family will come here”
” but i saw u…u were looking at me….”
” i didn’t saw anything..i swear”
” but u were looking at me…when u said stop don’t”
” yeah but i didn’t saw much”
” but u saw a little…oh my God…..see i told u…u saw me”
” Akshara…please get ready quickly and come out…we have to complete d project”
” but tell me what u saw”
” i said na….kuch nahi dekha meine……now get ready fast….else i will seriously pull out d curtains and see everything”
he walks out of d bath room closing d door
A comes out from behind d curtains as he leaves
she looks at herself in d mirror
she blushed
she could not believe that she was BLUSHING!!!
they do the project work
they worked on their laptops
A: ” did u saw anything?”
” what??”
” in d bath room…”
” Gosh Akshara…u r still thinking about that”
” kya dekha tha?”
” kuch nahi…..bus thori se legs aur….”
” aur???”
” aur tumara chehra”
” pakka?”
” teri qasam yar”
Rajshri comes to check them
they give them d dinner
N and A eat while working!
A sleeps while working

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