Love is everything Natik and Akshara part 14

Love is everything part 14
Hi everyone cant update much exam from 15 feb to 26 february ok so theyre wont be a lot of posts
PART 14:
A waits for Harsh to come
he comes past mid night
A: ” where were u all night?”
Harsh: ” bar mein koi problem….awwwww u were missing me?”
A: ” Harsh i do not care what u were doing there……and i did not missed u”
Harsh pulls her by her hair
she screams in pain
Harsh: ” i m your husband u should miss me every moment…..every second”
A pushes him away
” get away Harsh”
” really? do u think i will obey u….?”
Harsh was holding a gift bag
he takes out a night grown from d bag
” every this tonight”
he throws it on A’s face
she catches it
and tears it off by a near by placed scissor
Harsh gets angry and slaps her on d face
she falls on d floor and cries
N wakes up all of a sudden and screams

N looks around and wipes his sweat
he looks at her garland photo
N walks to d photo
he touches d corner of it slightly
N recalls the last time they met………that last good bye
Harsh pulls her up and slaps her again harder this time
A: ” i will never be yours….never”
Harsh: ” u will have to be…..”
A picks up d scissor and warms him to stay away from her
he moves back seeing d weapon
A rushes to d room and locks d door
she drops to d floor and wraps her arms around her knees and cries
” Why did i fall a prey to what Harsh told me? why??”
Harsh comes to Mahesawari house
Harsh is d son of Vishambhar’s friend
he hears A talking to herself in her room
” Akshara u do not love N…it is just a stupid kind of craziness which will soon go……this can not be love…..but whatever we did…whatever has happened so far….oh God….me and N have gone too far in this”
Harsh fell in love with A d moment he saw her but he knew she loved N and even he loved her
so he made a plan
One day….he came to A’s house again
when he and A were alone

he talks to her
” i heard what u feel for N that day”
A gets up from d sofa in panic
” Please sit….i wanted to tell u…that what u feel for him is not love……it really is not… is a serious disease Akshara…your craziness and lust for him with ruin his life…..and even yours…this relation has no base….no reason….it is just baseless…..if u even care for N just leave him…..otherwise if u stayed with u this craziness will destroy him and u”
A: ” i can not stay without him…….i have tried that”
Harsh: ” i know a way through which u will be able to save N from your craziness…..”
A; ” what is it? please tell…….i can not harm N”
Harsh: ” marriage! u get married….he will automatically go away from u and then u will also forget him”
A: ” look i m studying now……and i don’t even want to marry now…..and who will marry me?”
Harsh smiles as she falls a prey to what he was saying
” i will marry u Akshara…..”
” what……no i can not marry u…i mean?”
” why not…look it is d only way N can be saved…otherwise your crazy desire for him with destroy his career…his life everything”
A thinks
Flash back ends

Mohit sees A and tells it to N

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