Love is everything Natik and Akshara part 1

Part 1
I Kiran and aHTAYYAB are starting a new season since we didnt like the last one
N and A were classmates
N was rude and arrogant while A was jolly but she didn’t liked N much
unfortunately, density landed them between in a group project
they had to go out in the public places and take survey
during their survey N and A land up into an argument
they part ways and start taking survey in position directions
some boys start teasing A
N on seeing this…..rushes to help her
he slides A beside his body
A holds on his shirt firmly
she shivers in fright
” save me Naitik”
” don’t worry……i m with u”
N punches the boys in their faces
they run away
N: ” saale kidar ja raha hai……wapis toh azara…..aana….aana…..aaj ke baad kisi larki ko hath lage ki koshish ki toh….saale”
A: ” they r gone” whispered A from behind N
A leaves her grip on N’s shirt
N comes home
he was just so so so tired..
He was tired mentally,he was tired physically,and he was also tired emotionally……… Even the thought itself made him stop and stare at his reflection in the mirror of his semi darkened bedroom…..
A tired man with perfect chiseled features stared back at him..
And he still could not stop thinking about that girl.That pestering,irritating headache of a girl……The main reason why he was tired emotionally..Offcourse he was thinking about Akshara
he stopped in front of the mirror
the moment flashed in front of his eyes ” the boys teasing A…He had actually wanted to pull their eyes out..A strange reaction from him
he touched the shelvee of his shirt which A had gripped in fright
HER EYES….HER LIPS He just could not forget them..
he kicked open the bath room door……
he opened d shower above him……….he wanted to cool himself down
he wanted his mind to stop thinking of that moment……
But as he let the chilling water stream down his naked hard muscled body
the thought that flashed his mind was Akshara in the wet clinging dress during a water fight which was held in their university a a few weeks back…….N cursed again
as he tried in vain to control the heat spreading throughout his body…….
The teacher calls N and A both via a group phone call
N: ” hello sir?”
A: ” hi sir’
Ayush Sir: ” i need the survey completion along with graphs and tables by tomorrow”
A: ” sir but u said u need only survey till tomorrow”
Sir: ” yes i had said so…but now i m saying i want complete tables, graphs and calculations….work all night….and complete d work….okay???”
N hears A’s voice and HER EYES….HER LIPS….THOSE SHIVERING FRIGHTENED LIPS….THOSE SCARED EYES…..HER GRIP ON HIS SHIRT all came floating back in his mind with her voice
N on d phone call: ” sir we will complete it”
Sir ends the call
A calls N
A: ” it is 10 pm….how will we complete d tables at this time?”
N: ” come to my place in half An hour…”
A: ” but…”
N: ” i m calling u over for WORK….”
the door bell rings
N rushes towards d door…he stops near d mirror and sets his hair
then stops again and messes his hair again
” why m i setting my hair for a classmate….”
N opened d door
and A don’t help but confess in her heart that he looked damn cute in those messy hair……and the pajama shirt
A tiptoed into a lamp lit room,ensuring she did not make much noise..
A kept saying in her heart
Don’t think about it!!!”
they sit on their laptops
they start their work
N steals a moment and stares at A
A finds him looking at him and looks up
N looks away back into his laptop screen
they make some tables
A: ” bus jaldi se kaam khatam ho…aur mein ghar jao…..kash mera project partner koi aur hota”
N: ” did u said anything?”
” no….”
” kaam karo….jaldi”
” mein toh kar rahi ho…tum bhi karo”
Suddenly a loud thunder crashed the sky open,and the lights went out drowning the entire house in darkness..And that was exactly when the rain started and
N quickly hold A’s hand tightly in his
A skipped a heartbeat and pulled her hand away from his
N hold her arm
” please…please A…don’t leave me alone…..mujhe dar lagta hai…..”
A laughs
A: ” hahahaha….tumein dark se dar lagta hain?”
N shuts his eyes tightly in fright
it was that time…when A realize that N was actually scared and wasn’t joking
she puts her other hand over his
” let me go and bring a candle”
N leaves her hand
she walks to the kitchen…….
she asks N
” where is the candle?”
” in my room”
she brings the lightened candle….and she looked beautiful in the orange light of d flame
they sit back to work
window bangs and opens due to d wind
water starts coming inside
A runs to close d window…..she pulls d window but the pressure of water was so high
N comes behind her
he pulls d window and their hands touch
A tries to move back but there was hardly no space between her and N
they get wet by the water……finally they successfully close d window
N: ” hmmmm…..u got wet”
N looks at her and recalls her in the wet dress in the water fight
N: ” u can take my shirts jeans and change”
A: ” no…i m not even that wet..i will manage…..lets get to work”
N: ” u will catch cold”
A replies firmly
” i said i will manage”
N nodes
they do the calculations…….A sneezes
N: ” dekha…bola tha na……go change”
A: ” nahi…woh”
N: ” i said….”
he leaves d sentence in between
,as he raised a hand to touch her forehead……..
a shattering breath left her body as she helplessly closed her eyes,as his rough finger moved across her forehead..
N checks her body temperture
N could not stop himself as with a slow and oddly steady hand he touched her face..Something he was not even sure he wanted to do..Until now..
He touched her cheeks
her eyebrows
her nose
and finally those lips
a heat burst into him as he slide his hand down her lips
”Akshara?” He whispered huskily
and maybe the strange need in his voice made her open her eyes and look into his..
” at least dry your hair”
she walks to his room looking for a hair drier
N still looked at d place where she had sat
What had he done??!!!What was happening to him?
A comes back
N maintains his ”work” look
they sit quietly and work on their laptops
A in his heart: ” What the hell was she going to do about the fire that N had started within her now???”
The work finally ends!!!!
A: ” gosh…it is 2 am… must be waiting for me….i shall go now”
N stops her
” coffee???”
” no thanks……it is getting late”
” we should make coffee mugs and take with us in d car…..”
” car Naitik?”
” offcourse A i will drop u home…i wouldn’t let u go alone at this time of night”
A nodes
next day in class
she was standing at the back of the class with a friend!
she was busy in talking with her when suddenly she stopped
as she felt a hand over her shoulder
She could tell it was him..!It was him,the naitik singhania!Dear God,after last night’s incidence which she was trying hard to forget…………she could always tell when it was him there!No one else could make her feel this strange tingling sensation..No one else could hold her like this..No one else-..
she turned and saw it was him
N: ” your laptop charger! u forget it at my place last night”
A takes it
the project survey was to be discussed in front of everyone
N reads his survey in front of d class
A who sat in her chair
thought ”he sounds so good..!Like molten chocolate and..”
sir calls A to read the other half of d survey in front of d class
after class
N: ”Akshara”
she stiffened at the sound of his voice.
Not even having the courage to turn and face him as he talked..
Oh God what was he going to say to her now?!
She hoped against hope he would not mention last night and..
He started again……..
N:”Akshara Last night”
A: ” excuse me…..i have some important work….”
she comes out of d class
Away from the strange feelings..Away from the enigma called Naitik Singhania
it was noon by now and they were still in university
N pulls A with him front f crowd of students
A: ” leave me”
N: ” y r u avoiding me”
A: ” m not….”
He suddenly moved closer to her,making her gasp out in surprise,and then pulled her chin up to make her look at him..
N: ” u r not good at lying A…u know that?”
A looked at him
A tries to move him away
N: ” don’t make a scene here….i wouldn’t let u go…..”
he pulls her towards his car
He looked up at the sky
” i think it would be a long rainy night again….”
he puts d seat belt over A
she felt a hot something run through her body at those words
N keeps driving and takes A somewhere

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