Love is everything Akshara and Natik part 5 6 combined

N: ” i completed the main tabloid, left with the calculations, what about u?”
he keeps typing on his laptop
” Aksharaaa??”
he turns to see her
A sat huddled at a corner of the mattress………hugging her knees tight to herself………unable to stop the shivering as the opened window blew in cold wind directly over her
from the past few days…..the craziness N felt when A wasn’t around her had reduced…as now they spend most of d time together but today….he was again feeling that same craziness seeing her sleeping
N stood in front of the window…..blocking the wind to reach her
A stops shivering
N smiles as he stares at her sleeping
he closes d window gently
His breathing got heavier…… he closed his eyes to get a control on his racing heart and fast breathing.
She was asleep..She was not aware of her actions…..
N sat in front of his laptop
” control Naitik… u have to do double work….apna bhi aur Akshara ka bhi”
he starts typing hard on d laptop
but he couldn’t work
the sight of A sleeping peacefully behind him was making him lose his control
it had been weeks he had not felt this strange feeling again
but today………that craziness was again dominating over him
and he could not win over this force of craziness
Without thinking the consequence of his action……….he turned round to face her
his hands wrapped round her thighs pulling them tighter round his legs
he began kissing her slightly parted lips with all his passion
delicately moving his hot hungry lips over hers…..
N: ”Akshara?”
He called her softly moving his lips away from hers……as he breathed heavily
wanting her to wake up and stop him before he lost all control.”
N: ”Akshara..?Wake up!”
He called her again
he nearly died when she slowly opened her eyes
A: ” Naitik?”
she whispered in a dull tone
N just stood frozen
A: ” please kiss me Naitik”
all the blood in N’s body ran down to his legs
making him weak
he nearly dropped down
N: ” Aksharaaa….we….i….we……how? i….”
He stammered trying to find the right words to describe their crazy situation but no words were coming up……..
He tried to move back
when she held onto his arm……..Tight
her nails digging into N’s arm………as she silently wanted him not to leave…………
His thighs tightened with need as he moved his hot hungry eyes over her face
A opened her arms wild
” come Naitik….i feel cold”
” i will warm u”
Saying so….N jumped over A…..pushing her on d soft pillow
she dig her nails into his hair
pulling him closer to her!
N: ”GOD!You are so beautiful..!”
and then he dipped his hungry lips in her neck
he kissed under her earlobe
His hands moved to open the buttons of the shirt
as he held her gaze unblinkingly.
N: “Tell me to stop Akshara…..Tell me now..!”
he begged her to stop him…………but it was impossible now for both of them to stop now
She breathed heavily…. and then pulled him closer by her hands
N moved a bit away from her body…. to take a look at her in her creamy lacy bra…..
he could not wait to undone this protection and suck on her br*asts
A moaned asking him to continue
N: ” i can not…stop me please….please”
A pulled him by his hair
” do it now…..please…”
” but….it is wrong”
” this is d only solution to our craziness”
N nodded
In a flash he had removed the lacy bra
He could not take it anymore..He knew he had to take her soon..It was getting impossible for him to hold back……..,as he quickly undressed himself and the rest of her
and lay beside her letting her feel his hardened need for her..
N who was also naked now
pulled A near her
their bodies were completely attached with each other
” m i hurting u Akshara?”
” nooooo”
she tucked her head deeper into his chest as he pulled d blanket above them!
N and A get scolded in university as their project wasn’t completed
Rajshri questions A, ” why was your room locked at night?”
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
3 hrs ·
Sunshine shined on N’s face and he woke up
he yawned but soon his lips curved into a smile as she felt A’s milky br*asts against his chest
He could feel the softness of her full br*asts against his naked chest as they moved……
her body was full covered by the blanket till her waist
N studied her face…..which looked clam and peaceful
N smiled and kissed her forehead
A moved a little and opened her eyes
N: ” hey!”
A rubbed her eyes
N: ” Akshara I….”
N could not finish his sentence as suddenly his phone started ringing
and simultaneously he was pushed away from her as she sat up covering her naked body with the blanket as she looked away from him……
the call ends
N: ” Varsha ka phone tha…she was asking where m i…..project submission time hogaya hai”
A: ” humara project complete nahi hai?”
N: ” nahi……but don’t worry….we will complete it”
A: ” N we don’t have time now”
Rajshri knocks at the door which was locked
” Akshara Naitik abhi tak kaam nahi howa?”
A to N: ” Naitik ma…..mein kya karo?”
she started pulling d blanket up to her shoulders
N quickly wore his shirt
A: ” u go to the bathroom”
A wears her clothes and opens d door
” ma”
” beta kaam nahi howa?”
” han ma….bus abhi howa hai….poori raat kaam karte rahe”
” beta….have some tea…and where is Naitik?”
” ma he is in bath room”
” acha…..ask him to have tea too…”
she places the tea on d table and notices d messed up bed
Rajshri: ” did u guys slept at night?”
A: ” no ma….actually we were feeling cold…so we tucked in d bed but we kept working….we didn’t slept…”
Rajshri moves out of d room
A: ” sorry ma…i lied”
N comes out
A: ” lets go to university”
” but the project”
” we have no time now”
N smiled thinking where they spent d time when they had to make the project
N cups her face
” how r u feeling after what happened last night?”
” Naitik all i can say is m not ashamed of what happened last night between us……It was the right thing..The most perfect thing ever..You are for Me………and I am for You and that is the biggest truth ever…….and this is the only cure to our craziness…maybe we wouldn’t feel this craziness again after what happened last night…..we found our solution….now we r free……free from this pain….this craziness……”
” u r right…from now…we might become normal…we might not feel crazy again…anyways last night was d best night of my life”
N holds her hand and bends down
he kisses her hand
A pulls her hand away soon
much soon then N expected
” Naitik…..i think now we should not be together…..bohut mushkil se yeh dard door howa hai…..aesa na hoon ke saath rahe se phir doobara yeh dard shuru ho jae……maybe humara safar yehi tak ka tha”
N could not believe what he heard
” Akshara what happened last night….was”
” was just a solution for our pain….just a solution…we can’t have anything else between us! right?”
” yeah Akshara…..”
N moves out of d room
Sharma sir scolds N and A for not completing the project
” what were u two doing all day and night if u could not complete such a little project…i will cut your marks”
A recalls their moments spend together last night
as sir asks what were they doing last night
A shakes her head to erase the memories
N: ” cut my marks if u want to….but please don’t cut A’s marks”
A looks at N
Sir: ” it was a group project so i will cut your and A’s marks both…and that is final”
he leaves d classroom
Varsha comes to A
” koi nahi yar….wese tumne kaam complete kyun nahi kiya…tum aur N ne toh saari raat kaam karne ka plan banaya tha na?”
” han yar….per…per…..excuse me…i need to go”
she takes her bag and leaves
N sees her leaving
N follows her
” Akshara!”
A turns to face him
A: ” please N…..”
she turns to leave when N pulls her back but her arm
He kisses his way up her neck……..nibbling and licking on the sensitive skin………..
she felt losing her control
A again felt crazy for him
although she believed that after the last night encounter all her craziness would end but now it was INCREASING even more!
and now she could not control it
she was KISSING naitik in university pathway
she quickly pulled herself out of his kiss
she looked around
thankfully,……..nobody was around there
N: ” i m sorry”
was d only sentence which choked out of his tongue
” i m very…very sorry..i didn’t mean to…i m sorry…….i…..i should go”
A touches her cheek on which he had kissed
A: ” mujhe kya ho raha hai? kyun ho raha hai?”
N sat there the fountain
N angrily threw a stone into d water
” what m i doing……why m i doing all this? what is happening to me….why can’t i…why m i losing control on myself….i never did such a thing before….i always respected women…then now….how could i…i kiss….kiss Akshara… university…….how could i sleep with her… her bed….why this craziness never ends….and why is this craziness only for A????”
N stands up in rage
Next day,
A comes to university she looks around
N was no where to be seen
Varsha: ” what r u looking for?”
” no…nothing….Naitik nahi aya?”
” nahi….abhi tak nahi aya”
lecture begins
A keeps looking outside
the teacher scolds her and asks her to leave d class
A goes outside
she gets CRAZY in worry for N
” where is he? why has not he come…..why?? God..i hope he is fine!”
next day in university
A waits at the main gate for N
lecture begins but N doesn’t come…
Varsha: ” chalo class shuru ho gayi hai….chalo”
she pulls her to d class
At night
A could not sleep
she heard thunder and ran to d window
she touched d rain drops as they fall down from d sky
” looks like it would be a long rainy dark night again”
A runs out of d house and on d road….she stood in d middle of d road
the empty lonely road
suddenly….strong wind begin to blow
A felt something……..that craziness again
she turned around and saw N standing behind her
very close to him
she smiled at him with tears in her eyes
she saw N after 3 days!
his shirt was all wet……… a clear view of his well built body!
Thunder flashed louder……and some more rain water sprayed on them
N could not help noticing the drop of rain water on her soft bottom lip…..
A parted her lips slightly…and he lost all his control
he pulled her hard and close to himself,his hands crushing into her soft silky hair,as his lips closed over hers……….
He was lost in an all new world of hunger,need,desire ,craving and uncontrollable……… passion that he never even knew existed……And yet he hungered for more and more and yet more……

N tells A where he was from the last 3 days

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