Love is everything akshara Natik part 14,15,16,17,18,19,20

PART 14 (Posting it again)
A waits for Harsh to come
he comes past mid night
A: ” where were u all night?”
Harsh: ” bar mein koi problem….awwwww u were missing me?”
A: ” Harsh i do not care what u were doing there……and i did not missed u”
Harsh pulls her by her hair
she screams in pain
Harsh: ” i m your husband u should miss me every moment…..every second”
A pushes him away
” get away Harsh”
” really? do u think i will obey u….?”
Harsh was holding a gift bag
he takes out a night grown from d bag
” every this tonight”
he throws it on A’s face
she catches it
and tears it off by a near by placed scissor
Harsh gets angry and slaps her on d face
she falls on d floor and cries
N wakes up all of a sudden and screams
N looks around and wipes his sweat
he looks at her garland photo
N walks to d photo
he touches d corner of it slightly
N recalls the last time they met………that last good bye
Harsh pulls her up and slaps her again harder this time
A: ” i will never be yours….never”
Harsh: ” u will have to be…..”
A picks up d scissor and warms him to stay away from her
he moves back seeing d weapon
A rushes to d room and locks d door
she drops to d floor and wraps her arms around her knees and cries
” Why did i fall a prey to what Harsh told me? why??”
Harsh comes to Mahesawari house
Harsh is d son of Vishambhar’s friend
he hears A talking to herself in her room
” Akshara u do not love N…it is just a stupid kind of craziness which will soon go……this can not be love…..but whatever we did…whatever has happened so far….oh God….me and N have gone too far in this”
Harsh fell in love with A d moment he saw her but he knew she loved N and even he loved her
so he made a plan
One day….he came to A’s house again
when he and A were alone
he talks to her
” i heard what u feel for N that day”
A gets up from d sofa in panic

” Please sit….i wanted to tell u…that what u feel for him is not love……it really is not… is a serious disease Akshara…your craziness and lust for him with ruin his life…..and even yours…this relation has no base….no reason….it is just baseless…..if u even care for N just leave him…..otherwise if u stayed with u this craziness will destroy him and u”
A: ” i can not stay without him…….i have tried that”
Harsh: ” i know a way through which u will be able to save N from your craziness…..”
A; ” what is it? please tell…….i can not harm N”
Harsh: ” marriage! u get married….he will automatically go away from u and then u will also forget him”
A: ” look i m studying now……and i don’t even want to marry now…..and who will marry me?”
Harsh smiles as she falls a prey to what he was saying
” i will marry u Akshara…..”
” what……no i can not marry u…i mean?”
” why not…look it is d only way N can be saved…otherwise your crazy desire for him with destroy his career…his life everything”
A thinks
Flash back ends

Mohit sees A and tells it to N

A who was sitting in her room which was locked to prevent Harsh from entering inside who was drunk
A wipes her tears and lies down in d bed
she closes her eyes
and recalls her last conversation with N

she opens her eyes and shouts ”Naitik”
Harsh who was standing outside
kicks d door open
A screams as she sees him inside d room
she throws a pillow on him
Harsh runs to her and slaps her on her face
Harsh: ” aaj bhi tumari zubaan per us naitik ka naam hai…huh? mein hoon tumara pati…mein woh nahi”
A angrily eyes him
” he is my love……”
Harsh pushes her on d bed…..and jumps over her
she screams and protests
Next day
A goes to d market
Mohit who was also there
sees her
he gets surprised seeing her as they all believed A was in England with her husband
Mohit thinks to N about A
Mohit comes to N’s house and finds her in front of A’s picture putting a fresh garland on it
Mohit holds his hand to stop him
” Naitik, Akshara is in India…i saw her today in d market”
N stares at him as he had not even heard it
Mohit shakes his shoulder
” Naitik i saw Akshara alone in d market…maybe she left her husband…maybe she is back….for u”
N: ” is it the same Mohit u used to say me 5 years back that i shall forget A and move on… u want me to search A in all the streets and lanes…..just because she was alone in d market….Mohit i hate her….she was d worst mistake of my life…i wish she di…..”
Mohit holds him by his collar

” Naitik complete your sentence….u want Akshara to di….bol na yar? u want her to die…but u can’t even say the word properly…and u r saying u have moved on….then what is this Naitik….why do u put garlands on her picture daily? why??”
N removes Mohit’s hand from his collar
he points his finger at him
N throws A’s picture on d floor in anger
and steps over it………smashing it
A suddenly moans in pain
her wounds which Harsh gave last night hurt her badly
poor she….here she was being treated like animal by Harsh and there Naitik was smashing her under his feet

and she moaned as if she was able to feel d pain N was giving her
After Harsh had left A’s house with the offer that she should marry him
A didn’t went to College for days
she just kept thinking how to end N’s pain which she was giving him by her lust
A looks up for Harsh’s number in her dad’s dairy
she calls him
A: ” hello Harsh? i m ready to marry”
Harsh smiles
”i will come to your house tomorrow with my family”
A ends d call
A to herself
” sorry N but it was d only way i could make your life better……i do not want u to spoil your life after me….love u Naitik and maybe love demands sacrifice….”
N looks at d broken pieces of the frame and picks up a piece
and craves the sharp glass piece into his arm
he screams in pain
” ouch…..tum India agayi hoon aur mein tumne har din Harsh ke saath nahi dekh saaktha….bus ab yehi ek tareeka hai mere pass tum se door raane ka……Naitik Singhania ka maar jana hi theek hoga….tumare liye…..tumare khushiyoon ke liye,……shayad hum ke liye……”
N cuts his nerve
he faints

N is admitted to hospital
will he survive? will Akshara and Naitik ever met?

PART 16:
the doctor screw N’s wound
N’s family wait outisde
doctor comes out and says
” chances r less….we r trying our best”
Rajbanna: ”’ please save my son….do anything”
doctor nodes
and comes back inside
Harsh slips in washroom and his feet get injured
A rushes to d washroom
Harsh: ” i think i broke my foot….now u have to be with me all day to take care of me”
he touches her cheek softly
A pulls Harsh to his feet
his pain was not reducing so she takes him to d hospital
coincidently …..Harsh was bought to d same hospital where N was fighting with life and death
as A steps into d hospital….she feels a sudden attraction
as she steps in
Harsh who was on a wheel chair being pushed by a nurse
Harsh asks the nurse to go and asks A to push it
Harsh: ” why r u looking around……u at me..i m sick…whom r ur eyes searching for”
A: ” kuch nahi…..”
she pushes his wheel chair
Harsh is diagnosed with a fracture
he was admitted in d hospital
doctor asks A to bring d medicines
A takes d chit
she goes to d medicine shop……..
Devyani and Rajbanna were also near it…..and were crusing A that she ruined N’s life…….her cheat broke him and he is a living skeleton only
A hears her name being spoken and turns around
but Devyani and Rajbanna had left
she buys d medicine
she hears a nurse telling another that ”NAITIK SINGHANIA IS A HOPELESS CASE”
A looks at them in shock
she thinks how can it be busy Naitik bhi aur sir name Singhania bhi hai…….is it a coincidence or really it is naitik”
she walks to d nurses
A: ” where is Naitik Singhania admitted……what happened to him…….is he okay?”
Nurse: ” he attempted suicide…..he is very serious…maybe his girlfriend ditched him”
A rushes to d ward where N was admitted
there she sees N’s family standing outside and it gets confirmed that d patient is Naitik
tears drop down her eyes
she sees N through d window
he was lying on d bed………he dressed hand placed on his chest
and a glucose bottle attached to his vein
A weeps
Devyani sees A and spins her
she slaps her hard on her face
” how dare u come here……how dare u…..u have almost killed my son……now why have u come see him dead”
A folds her hand
” aunty…..i m sorry……but trust me he will be fine……i will pray for him”
she gives one last look at Naitik and leaves
A comes to Harsh’s ward
he scolds her for getting back so late
A does not reply…..
Harsh tries to get up from d bed and slap her but he could not
his fracture was an advantage to A
N calls A’s name in unconsciousness
doctor comes out asking who is A
Devyani: ” how do u know about her??”
BM: ” we do not know any A…….one who we did has gone from our lives all along”
doctor: ” but d patient is calling her name……bring her…maybe she can save him otherwise……we can not do anything else”
Rajbanna: ” she is not in India……… can we?”
Devyani: ” she is here……….i have seen her”
N keeps calling A
A being physically with Harsh was thinking just about N
she was worried for him
Harsh: ” what r u thinking about……..take care of me Akshara…i m sick…i can’t walk……give me water”
A gives him water
but still she was absent minded
once he sleeps
A comes to d temple and prays for N
she keeps ringing d bell
until he hand starts bleeding
she folds her hands and pray more!
Devyani rushes to find A in d hospital……….she could not find him anywhere
she gets worried
A gets the news that N has passed away

PART 17:
Nurse see devyani searching for a girl whose description was almost like Akshara
nurses go to her and inform that they saw such a woman going towards the temple
also she asked us about Naitik Singhania……..she looked very worried as if she really loved him
Devyani scolds them: ” she does not love Naitik….understood?”
Devyani rushes to d temple
A was still in d temple……pushing d bells strongly
she kept crying and praying
her mobile rings
she gets shocked and gets up
she looks at d idol of the God
” i hate u God….i just hate u…u can not this….i hate…no u can’t….”
she drops to d floor……..cupping her face into her hands
she begins to cry loudly
” Naitik u can not die…….u can not die……….no”
Devyani walks into d temple and lifts A up
A hugs her
” aunty Naitik…..naitik……kese??? kyun?”
Devyani pulls herself out of d hug
Devyani smiles
” Naitik is alive….i made that phone call which told u that he has died………he is alive Akshara…..but not breathing…………u r his respiratory system……..only u can bring life back into him…i have seen that love in your eyes…..when u heard he has….died….u lost your senses for a while…..i know u like N….please come with me… my son”
A nodes
A comes to N’s bed
she sits next to her
N’s finger move a little just by A’s presence around him
A holds his hand in hers
a tear drops onto it
she kisses it gently…..placing it back over his chest
N gradually opens his eyes
A smiles
N looks at her…….
” Natitik!!”
she cups his face and bends to kiss his forehead when N pushes her away
she falls on d floor
” why have u came back into my life……whatever u did 5 years ago was not enough?”
A cries
the family and doctor comes inside
doctor examines N
” he is fine now..indeed Akshara was his real treatment…thank u”
N looks at A
A to spend time with N

PART 18:
A was at Harsh’s ward
it was night
Harsh was asleep but A could not…she was feeling worried for N
when she could not stop herself….she finally could not control more
she runs outside d room
she stops near N’s room
she sees Naman sleeping outside his ward
A peeks into N’s room through d window
N was trying to get water and he was about to fall down
A rushes inside and holds him
before he could fall down
A holds his hand
they were too close now
N smiles seeing d dark she looked like an angel
her lips so perfectly glued to eachother
her eyes were transparently clear and N could read the worry in his eyes she had for him
N cups her face
” where were u Akshara….why have u come again….why?”
he was soft and gentle and had tears in his eyes
A cups his face too
she could not barrage the flood of emotions that was about to flow
A: ” i can’t stop myself Naitik….bohut roqa…har baar roqa….roq roq kar phele hi bohut galatiya kar jaki hoon”
N: ” Akshara….tum Harsh se pyar karti hona? mujhe se nahi?”
A pulls her hand away
” Harsh is waiting for me….gotta go”
” wait Akshara…..aaj nahi….aaj nahi janne doga…..u need to answer me today….why u married Harsh….why u left me….i know u loved me too”
A cries
she walks out of N’s room
Naman wakes up and sees A
he rushes to inside to see N
Naman: ”bhaiya ap theek hona?”
N nodes and lies down
asking Naman to go and sleep
Naman nodes
N lies down and thinks of A
” she loves me then why did she married Harsh?”
A walks on d streets
and thinks of N
she starts raining
and strong winds start blowing
A closes her eyes
N walks to her….
he pulls A closer by her waist
wrapping his arms around her waist
A’s lips open slightly as she feels N’s warmth against her lips
N closes his eyes and pulls his mouth nearer to hers
their lips seal and pause d moment
as if their lips met and d rain stopped
N pulls his coat over the two
A hears the horn of d car and opens her eyes
she comes back to reality…..
it was a day dream
A moves away from d middle of d road
Naitik sees Harsh treating A badly

PART 19:
Next morning
nurse takes Naitik for X-ray
he passes by Harsh’s ward
he asks the nurse to stop d wheel chair
” u go…i will come myself”
nurse nodes
N looks inside through d window and sees Harsh pulling A’s hair forcefully
he pulls her beside him on d bed
and forcefully tries to kiss her on her cheek
A protests
” leave me….chor do mujhe….u can’t get me..choro mujhe Harsh….choro”
N push open d door and stands up from d wheel chair
he walks to A and pulls A from Harsh’s grip
A spins over N’s chest
she cries holding his shirt
N puts a hand over her head
” ssshhh….kuch nahi hoga tumein Akshara….mein agaya hona”
A weeps
Harsh holds his clucthes ( an instrument used to walk by patients who r unable to walk)
he gets up and pushes N to d floor
A: ” Naitik…..Harsh leave him”
Harsh pulls her towards him
” u r saving him…and not me…why Akshara…..does that mean u still love him”
N hears this and gets shocked
N pulls A and hugs her
Harsh gets angry
N to A: ” i knew it….i was knew it that u loved me….then why…why u left me alone in university garden 5 years ago…why Akshara…..i m still there in d garden where u left me”
N cups her face looking into her eyes
Harsh picks up a knife from d fruit tray
A screams and stands between him and N
A: ”’ Harsh stop…..”
Harsh pushes A aside and pushes d knife into N’s stomach
” ouch……….”
A gets shocked and picks up a vase and hits it on Harsh’s head
he drops to d floor
doctor and N’s family come inside
they all see A holding a vase
A drops it to d floor and rushes to N
she pulls out the knife from his body
his family rushes to N
Harsh is also taken to ICU
Standing outside the ICU
BM slaps A
” u ruined my son’s life and now u want to kill him…get lost…before i call police”
Naman had already called d police
it comes and arrests A
A begs them to let her stay here until N gets conscious
but they don’t listen to her
” i have not done anything…my husband he was going to kill Naitik….he put that knife into him and i,,,i could not let him kill Naitik so i hit him with d vase…..Harsh is at fault….he was always against Naitik”
police: ” why was he against him…because u being his wife didn’t loved him rather u loved Naitik….u were cheating harsh”
A cries as nobody trusted her
A: ” Harsh cheated me….he married me by lying…..he is at fault…it was a self defence….he was trying to touch me and Naitik was just helping me”
Police: ” Harsh is your husband….if u he touches u…it is his right”
police takes A
Harsh’s condition gets worse
A is locked up in d police station
she recalls all d events
” how can life change so suddenly…..ek pal sab theek tha….aur ab”
she touches d bar of d lock up and cries
” pata nahi Naitik kesa hoga…..bhagwan jee mere Naitik ko kuch mat hone dena….he did all this for me….please don’t let anything happen to him but how will i know how is he”
Mohit comes to A
A gets up from d floor
” Mohit….Naitik kesa hai….theek hain na?”
Mohit rubs her sindoor off
A gets shocked
Mohit: ” Harsh is no more”
A: ” what?”
Mohit: ” yes…..he died….the juries were very deep”
A drops to d floor and cries
she weeps her tears and gets up again
” Mohit….Naitik kesa hain? woh theek hain na…..”
” he is still not conscious….but he is recovering”
A thanks God
Mohit: ” tell me what happened that u hit your own husband with vase”
A tells him everything
Mohit: ” if Harsh was so evil then why did u married him….even u didn’t loved him infact as far as i can sense…u hated Harsh”
A gets speechless
she lies saying: ” no he was very caring…i loved him…..”
Mohit: ” u r lying Akhshara”
Constable comes
asking Mohit to go now
” time is up”
Mohit leaves
A: ” ek minute…Mohit jese hi Naitik theek ho jae ka mujhe pata dena”
Mohit turns
” Harsh mar gaya hai aur tumein koi dokk (sadness) nahi”
” moat agar insaano ki ho toh dokk hota hai hewano ki ho toh nahi”
A pulls off her mangalsurta
Doctors inform SInghania’s to arrange for O negative blood
Family gets worried as nobody was O negative in their family except Gayatri
who was no more
Mohit who had just came back hears this
Mohit: ” Akshara is O negative…..we shall take help from her”
Rajbanna; ” how can we take help from her….she is responsible for all this”
Mohit: ” no she has not done anything”
he rushes to bring A from police station
A is given bail
she comes to d hospital
she gives blood……N’s treatment begins
police takes A to Harsh’s body
A pulls off d sheet from his face
she cries
” pata nahi mujhe roona jae ke khush hona jae”
she cups his face and cries
Mohit puts his hand on her shoulder
A turns to face him
A: ” take Harsh for the funeral”
N gets conscious

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