Love is everything Akshara Natik part 10

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
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PART 10:
N finds A’s car outside the shopping mall
he stops d car there and goes inside
he finds her much sooner than he thought
A didn’t know how to act with him after what Varsha and Dadi had told her
she was too confused…..more than before
N: ” tum yaha?”

” shopping for home”
” i see…..can i accompany u”
” yeah….sure…..if…u want to”
” i would love to”
A’s eyes pop out on hearing the word ” LOVE”
she was hating this word
she didn’t wanted to hear it ever in her life
N touches her shoulder
she moves a step back
N: ” u okay?”
” yeah…..”
they do the shopping
A moves ahead avoiding N
N walks after her holding d handbags
they wait for the lift to come
the door opens and N and A enter inside
the door closes
N stands at one corner and A in d other
she made no eye contact with him
N wanted to give her some time

the lift gets stuck
A: ” what happened?”
N: ” power failure…..maybe”
A: ” now what?”
N: ” wait……maybe it starts again”
A gets worried
N and A feel hot……
N: ” u remove the dupptta…..u will feel better”
saying so….N takes off his shirt
exposing his body!
A gives a quick glare at his body
she notices a love bite on his chest and she….knew beyond doubt that it was her love bite
N looks at her and she lowers her eyes
N: ” take off the dupptta….mein hi toh hoon Akshara…..kya farak perhta hai?”
A thought

she takes off her dupptta
sweat flows down N’s chest
making he look hotter and s*xier
A feels hot
N comes closer to her
and blows air by his mouth over her face
she closes her eyes
N: ” feeling better?”
A nodes
N: ” it is too hot”
A turns to face him
N was sweating badly
A blows air over his chest
N smiles and pulls her closer by her waist
A: ” Naitik,…..we r in a lift”
N: ” and it is closed”
A: ” it is not right”
N: ” it is not wrong too”
N slides his lips down her cheek….into her necklines
she moans
” Naitik!”

” ssshhh….u remember what is the date today?”
” 7th Feb”
N sits on his knees and takes out a rose from his pocket
” today is rose’s day”
A blushes
” why r u giving me this rose? it is given to the one you love”
” yes…it is given to the one u love the most in d world”
A moves to d other end of d lift
and begins shouting
” hello… anyone there…we r here inside d lift…please help us”
N slides d rose on her deep neckline…..
she closes her eyes
N spins her around
he places d rose gently in her hair…….and kisses under her earlobe
” Happy Rose Day”

A opens her eyes and pushes him away
she pulls off d rose and breaks its petals
” i have no right to accept it……i….can’t love u….i mean…..we don’t love each other Naitik or do we?”
A cups his face
N: ” ask yourself…u will know d answer”
” i asked a trillion times…..but i can’t get any answer…u tell me what is it?”
” i can’t…u need to realize it yourself and when u will…..u will yourself come to me…..and accept this rose”
he picks up d petals of the rose and wraps them into a tissue paper
the lift opens
A walks out
N: ” i love u maybe!”

A: ” i don’t love you Naitik”
N: ” fine then….good bye Akshara….forever”

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