Love from Eternity (episode 6)


Before going into the story, I have to explain why I didn’t upload ytd…I was just thinking and asking myself why did i had the thought of continuing her ff? And then I realised what made me to think like that…and hope this realization of mine will make those who understand that I shouldn’t continue her ff….This is especially to di who requested me not to continue her ff…

Think like this when u start to do something with so much of passion and dreams that u will complete it with the same amount of passion but then suddenly due to some reasons u are not able to continue it or need to discontinue it…How do u feel? I dont know how u all feel…but I have gone through this…I felt so painful that what i dreamt of doing is suddenly being stopped due to some reasons…And I felt that what if Suha is also thinking like this? She would have started her ffs with so much of dreams and passion right? She would have wanted to complete it with a lot of ideas that she thought of….

Maybe she would have thought that she will have more time and later she can do….but then suddenly she is unable to do it…Every time when i think of my situation where i couldn’t continue what i loved to do makes me only have tears of pain and also hurts me a lot. The worst feeling is u are not at all the reason to stop what u love to do….Just because of Some unexpected circumstances and u are pushed to discontinue what u wanted to do…..And this is my main reason for continuing her ff…. I just want to give a perfect completeness to one of her ff that she started first…One of u all said I should continue her other ffs too but I  have to say that I am not capable to write on them…but at least this one is something I have some knowledge of…I am once again sorry if i had hurt anyone of u all by continuing her ff but I am just relating my situation that I had with hers….Its just my simple question what if she is also in the same situation as mine but unable to tell it to anyone makes me to continue her ff….

Back to the story……

A, I think we are here for quite sometime and it’s time to get back to our place.

Prb, But we haven’t see the other moons! We are only at SS (Sigma Scorpii)

A, I know and all the moons are here only…they are not going to move anywhere. We can see them next time too.

Pragya sensed that he wants to go back as he is also worried about the Mermaid’s words.

Prb, Then its fine but next time is all the moons! Ok?

A, Haan ok Purab.

Bulbul was feeling strange of the sudden change in Abhi’s words as he was very excited about the trip here but now he is a bit different.

A, Everyone get back to the cabs and Fuggy, you come and sit first.

Pragya went to sit first followed by others and all of them flew off to Mira again. All were tired and Pragya laid her head on Abhi’s shoulder.

Abhi whispered Fuggy once we reach our place u should take rest. U look very tired.

P, Ok but u also must take rest with me. Don’t leave me alone.

A, I will never leave u alone. Now close your eyes for a while before we reach our place in few minutes.

Pragya had almost forgotten what the mermaid said as she felt safe being with Abhi.

After reaching Mira all went back to their respective rooms and Abhi carried Pragya in his arms to their room. P, U are already tired but u are still carrying me!

A, Have to na as u are carrying our baby too!

Pragya smiled and kept on look at Abhi (Bol na mahi bol na plays at bg)

The door of their room automatically opened sensing their presence and he laid her on bed gently. A, U rest first and if u need anything then call for Robby. I have something to do. P, U said na that u will rest with me then why are u going away now? A, I will be back in a while. I just remebered something yaar and i need to do that.

P, Okok then come back fast. I will be waiting for u!

A (with a wide smile) Ok sweetheart. Will be back in a lightning speed. He placed a kiss on her forehead and left from there.

P, He looks so worried. I have to cheer him up! What shall I do?

Abhi came back to the room after few mins and P, So fast? I thought u will be late. A, Fuggy I said right that I will be back in lightning speed. P, What are u hiding and why u are having ur hands at the back?

A, Close your eyes Fuggy! P, Why? A, Just close your eyes and don’t be so stubborn. Pragya gave a pout face but still closed her eyes.

Abhi sat beside her and took her hands. He placed something on her hands which made her hands felt chill and cooling.

A, Now open your eyes Fuggy!

P, Wow! When did u took this? I didn’t saw u taking this while with me!

It was a small transparent box filled with the colorful water from the waterfalls that they went earlier.

A, I know u liked it a lot. I could see that in your eyes and that’s why i went to take it!

P, U mean u went just now to take this? Just for me?

A, Hmm yes. P (in a worried tone),It means u went in such a fast speed? What if something happened to u while going in that speed?

A, Oh Fuggy I am not new to travelling in fast speed and u no need to worry for this!

P, But still. What if? A, Hey Fuggy nothing happened right? Then why are u keep on worrying?

P, Ok but next time don’t do like this.

A, Yes madam but i want to ask u something. Why do u like this so much? I can see that in your eyes when we passed by the waterfalls you were missing it a lot too. Why?

P, It reflects us. I am the living crystals and the water is you. Without u then I will not be able to survive.

Abhi hugged Pragya hearing that and kissed her lips passionately. Abhi placed the box that she was holding in the air (no gravity there so the box can float) and both of them slept together while still hugging each other.

Abhi was feeling that his fuggy is always relating everything that is around them with him and her. First it was the butterflies and then now its the colorful water. He was only thinking how blessed he is to get her love.

Ishveer and Rabul planning something for Abhigya in a special robotic room.

Sorry for the short update but from the nxt update onwards i will make it longer and hopefully more interesting.

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    1. Maya

      Its not that perfect Aytac! More needs to be done! Btw thank u for the lovely comment!????

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      Thank u Vasihu!?I am just trying but not sure how far this will work out

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    1. Maya

      No worries! And so sweet of your words! I did read ur ff! Its very nice Krisha but dont know why TU is not accepting my comments!?

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  11. Hats off dear u r amazing. U fulfilled Tina’s one wish to make her friends happy by her writings. ……. And once again hats off for ur love n respect towards Tina. Love u sis

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