Love from Eternity (episode 5)


This is the link for the previous episode of love from eternity which i think u all would not have forgotten:
Episode 4
All were entering the place full of waterfalls through their flying cabs.

A, Ok guys we are reaching the waterfalls soon and wear the face shield (A transparent one. When u see them its like they are not wearing anything but they are wearing something that can be felt by them) as the pressure here is high due to climate changes

P, Over here also have climate changes?

A, Haan Fuggy! We also have climates and all but not like on earth….as we don’t have pollution here!

Everyone started to wear the face shield. Pragya was having difficulty in wearing it and Abhi reaslied that. A, Fuggy! Let me help u. He came closer to her and made her wear the face shield, Sanam re plays at the bg…..

P, Thank u Abhi! Abhi smiled in response.

All reached the waterfalls. The waterfalls full of twilight colors. It gave them a very calm feeling hearing the waterfall sound…the waterfalls were not from rocks its from the sky itself there….

A, Fuggy! U go near the waterfall na and touch the water there.

P with curiosity, Why only me? A, all of us had touch it before yaar. U go and touch and we want to see your reaction.

B, Yes u should go first now and touch it!

Everyone cheered for Pragya to go and touch it and she went in front slowly. She touched the water with her eyes closed.

P, Why i dont feel anything? Why?

A, U are scared Fuggy! It is based on emotions if u are only happy then  the water can be felt. That’s why this waterfall is called Emotia waterfalls…

P, Oh ok then! she closed her eyes again thinking about the moments with Abhi…full of happiness filled her mind and heart…

P, Now i am feeling it! Its so cool! I can even take the water in my hands. The water also have very small colorful ( all kinds of color except for black) crystals in it which made Pragya to admire them…

Abhi came closer to her. A, Fuggy! U like them? Do u know that they are living crystals?

P, Really? A, let me show u…

Abhi took the crystals out of from the water and they faded in their colors and finally became black…

P, What happen Abhi? A, I told u right they are living crystals so this water is their source of survival.

Pragya became very sad looking at that. A, No need to be so sad, look if i throw them back in the water like this they would be alive again!

Pragya smiled back in happiness and everyone also felt happy looking at both their bonding.

A, Ok now we need to see some important guests….

P, Who are they? The boys there were all excited to meet them….

A, Come Fuggy! I will show u….

All went passed the waterfalls as once they were approaching it automatically drifted apart….

It was pools everywhere with beautiful mermaids swimming and all the boys were having the jaw drop expression. Pragya looked at Abhi. He was also having the same mesmerized expression. Pragya got irked and stepped his leg. A, Ouch! What have u done Fuggy? P, What were u doing? Looking at them like u are going to swallow them! A, Hey Fuggy u are jealous na…u see they are so beautiful…just like angels!

P, Now we are just here to look at them like this!

B, No actually to have meals with them. They dont really have meals that much.

P, Why? are they doing dieting to get this body shape ah?

Pr, smirked and said, U seem to be very irritated with them but do u know they can understand any language without language transmetre!

P, What? I am so sorry. She said that looking at the mermaids.

One of the mermaid, with a sweet voice, Its ok Pragya…u are going to have the heir of MIRA and now we are here to give u the best meals!

P, I am really sorry for what I have told just now…I was just too pissed off by his actions. Mermaid, We are just here for a while and then we will move to the next planet. And that is why there is excitement to meet us once in a year.

A, Ok enough of talking and let’s have meal together. Mermaid snapped their fingers and a table and chairs appeared beside the pools….

On each table a mermaid was having food with the guests and was serving them food too. When one of the mermaid accidentally touched Pragya’s hand, she sensed something bad is going to happen to her….

A, Why is ur face changing? Mermaid, Something bad is going to happen to her…Just be careful!

Abhigya got shocked hearing that and asked, Can u feel what is the bad thing?

Mermaid, No i can’t…i can only sense something bad is going to happen to her…I am not that mature enough to tell what is that..I am having flashes of someone coming behind her to attack!

A, Ok thanks for telling this and I will make sure i tighten the security for her.

Pragya got worried hearing all that and was having tears….A, Fuggy! Now we know right some harm is there, then we just need to prevent that and u don’t cry like this. As i always said nothing will happen to u as long I am here with u! I can’t bear seeing tears from your eyes. It only makes me weaker.

Pragya wiping her tears said No i won’t cry as long u are with me…

All had meals happily except for Abhigya who were hiding their worries.

Note: I seriously don’t know whether is this right for me to continue Suha’s ff. I just had this thought as both of us have the same fantasies for Aliens and the planets beyond earth. But i know her fantasies are much more bigger and it is unmatchable by anyone. If anyone of u all feel that this is not right pls do tell me as i am totally confused about my thoughts of continuing her ff. As mentioned in my other ff…this is my way for showing my love to Suha…

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  1. I don’t forget this ff. This is my favorite ff…. I really madly missss u tina…..
    Today Super maya…

  2. Surely we all will support u sissy i can feel that suha s continuing this ff and she s with us only and suha will be more happy by seeing this unconditional love having for her by all she always be with us and if iam wrong or hurted anyone by saying this so sorry and suha dr forgive me

  3. Riyashri

    I had a Bigggggg Smile on My Face as soon as I saw the name of the Ff. Then I thought in the end the authors name would be Tina (Suha).And I came back to reality knowing that My CreaTina is no more…
    I am really Missing her to the core….I am really very happy that My Sweetie is continuing My CreaTina’s FF. Both of u are My Lovely Sissy.
    Now Idk whether it is right on my part to ask u this but I request u Please don’t stop whatever u had started! And this act of yours has only increased My Love and Respect for U more in My Heart…
    And My CreaTina was My Fantasy Fantastic Queen and She would remain in My Heart Forever. She is Peacefully Staying in The Heaven and I wish God to take care of her!
    Love u Both Suga and Suha Di..
    Both of u were Rockingggg my world in Different ways… But now I am So happy that Something that is related to both of u is related to me! That is this Love from Eternity!
    LUFE Sweetie and CreaTina. Tons of Hugsss for doing this to u Maya di.

    1. Riyashri

      *is my fantasy fantastic queen… And she would remain My CreaTina forever in My Life and Heart!

  4. Suchitra

    Plz continue this ff …… I am a silent reader to this ff and this is my favourite ff

  5. superb maya plz continue for our us bcoz we need this to show u r gratitude towards her our lovable queen of fantasy

  6. Maya

    Very sorry if i am doing something wrong by continuing her ff….I also dont know why i had this sudden thought….if it hurts anyone then i am really sorry

    1. So u r not gonna continue this?

  7. no pls ,,,,,, don’t conti yaaaaa

    sorry 4 say this don’t mistake me pls pls

    as alien, vampire, pobia as 1ly remember as tina ‘ff

    as it as only tina ff pls

    sorry 4 again saying 2 no

    1. Maya

      I think u are correct di…i dont know why i had this sudden thought but after seeing urs i feel its correct…

      1. Maya

        I know its all Tina’s ff too and I am not saying in anyway that this is my ff although credit have my name…I won’t continue di…i really dont know why i had this idea to continue her ff…but once again if it had hurt u then i am very very sorry

      2. it not like that …………. sorry 4 hurt u feeling

        as place as ff make person sing as maya, trishia, aditi, loli,sanryna,veni,shriti,etc

        as this ramember tina as heartly……..

  8. Superbbbb yarrrr …I loved it ……..u can continue……….. But missing suha diiii

  9. Im his chashmish

    Awesome didi

  10. Im his chashmish

    Awesome didi great work

  11. Saranya24

    I had tears wen i saw the ff name i thought she is back as i hoped but alas all wil miss her a lot???but akka u must surely continue it wil make us fel good and tina dii wil be happy abt it??

  12. Prathi

    Please do continue Maya!!! We would love it. It reminds us she is alive through this ff

  13. Maya I would request you to keep going with the fan fiction as suha would also have wanted this …….. she would definitely want us to move on i guess even if u continue the fan fiction she will always be remembered. …. in fact it is good to support a new start and suha is anyways their in many of our hearts she had stolen our hearts by her writing skills……. u can’t replace her but u can definitely give a new start to the story that she left incomplete. …….. in fact she would be happy that someone is completing her incomplete work

  14. Continue yaar plzzzz 4 our suha yaar plzzzz continue… I want to read her ff don’t take me wrong while cing the title only suha name came to my mind… Sooooooooooo every time while reading tz I vl thk she s with us n updating her ff nu sooooo plzzz update if yaar…

  15. Continue yaar plzzzz 4 our suha yaar plzzzz continue… I want to read her ff don’t take me wrong while cing the title only suha name came to my mind… Sooooooooooo every time while reading tz I vl thk she s with us n updating her ff nu sooooo plzzz update it yaar…

  16. Suga u know what I was very happy when I saw this ff name! U should continue it! We all will support u!??

  17. Maya supber epi?
    Please continue writing???
    Rip tina we all miss u and will be remember by all?
    This is one of my favourite ff…
    Maya i know you are thinking its wrong to continue tina ff but you are not if she was here she would of continue or she would of asked someone to continue it for her..
    Please don’t feel bad nor sorry and continue this ff it make us feel is tina writing this ff..
    I am sorry if i hurt anyone…

  18. Maahi

    heyyy IB great love fr ur sweet Suha she is living in our memories dr i hvnt read her diz writing before as i nlu read love frm sky phobia and heartbreak os tht girl stole my heart with her writings nd trust me she would b vry happy tht ur cmpltng her story which she always wished to do so thnq uuuu fr starting it again its pleasure to njoy her fantasy again plzzz do continue dr i strongly feel tht suha would b vry happy at ur effort!!!!

  19. Monesha

    Di really i got tears when I saw this ff. I just touched this name and i came inside. If you in front of me really i will hug you and started to cry. Thank you so much for giving this happiness di. Start your rocking episode di. I will always be there for you to support. Suha di will be happy by seeing this. I really cried. Love you so so sooooooo… much di. You should continue di. Your thoughts are 100% correct. Love you a lotttttt di. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤ thank you so much

  20. Super suga pls continue we will support u always

  21. please continue this ff its really nice and please be regular

  22. We all miss her so much… plzzzzzz continue this its awesome and plzzz continue her other ff also vampires vs warewolves, phobia and operation liberation also… i love her and also her ffs

  23. HARITHA must continue this ff for suha…and for us…i too thought to continue her ff..iam happy that you did it…dont think that thats not right…suha will be happy by seeing this…

  24. Astha

    hi maya di…… thnq so much for continuing this ff. i’m not reading this ff. but i know this is suha’s ff. from friday i stopped visited kkb page. bcoz in kkb page i’m reading only suha’s phobia. dont know y i thought to visit once. really stunned to see the title. for a minute i thought suha is back….. sure continue this ff. really this is best way to show ur love towards suha.

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