Love from Eternity (episode 4)

Aliens.. this is for you.. sorry for late updates..

Robby,ma’m you have a gift.
P,from whom robby
R,i scanned it no harm from this.this was sent by a person.may be he want bless you.
P,ha..keep it on my bed.and pack abhi’s & my stuffs to FO that we are going.
R,okey ma’m

Pragya opened the box and there was a letter to.its a transparent large vessle which is with two blue butterflys.when they are flying blue colour glitter powder is emmiting from them..those glitter poweder collecting to a separate box.pragya amazed with the gift and rd the letter.
Dear ma’m..
Hope you’ll like this.i’ve just wanted to wish you both.welcome back to our planet.turn off the light and observe your room wilk lighten up with blue colour light.. take care..
(Pragya odered her room to turn of lights with her mind).
Blue colour pure light was emitted from the powder through out the room)
P,omg feeling like i am in heaven..itz really wonderfull.woow.

Pragya turn on the lights and kept her gift in a proper place.she look bit from glitter powder and throw it tho the begins to shine with blue..

In that moment abhi came.
A,are u ready to go fuggy?
Then only he noticed pragya’s gift and their bed.
A,woow.awesom.who gave this.
P,dont know abhi.someone has send it.what a wonderfull creature.. l love it.
A,but fuggy dont froget.. these blue butterflys are very rare.they sensitive to their environment.
P,i didnt got it.?
A,listen these butterflys are only in pairs.they cant servive without there partner.just like you and me.(pragya put her two hands Over abhi’s neck when he said so)
They can only adapt by a couple.if something bad hppn amoung them they will die..
Pragya felt sad..
P,it wont happen.nothing bad will happen to us na.
A,of crs sweety.if you are ready lets leave.others are waiting for us

P,then what about butterflys.
A,i ll ask one of my robs to take care about it.shall we go now ma’m
P,(with attidude)sure babe.

Evil eye is watching all these things..yes itz non other than tanu.but do you know how.. she is the one who send the gift.she fixed a nano cam to male butterfly’s eye..

Abhigya went on to top of a tall tower.and next min a large FO came and place on the tower.
Slowly itz one door getz opened & purbul ishveer were shouting inside.

P,bhai come soon.. i cant wait to go ss(sigma scorpii)
Abhi get in and helped pragya to get in.
A,carefull fuggy.come and sit in this seat. This is special for will protect our baby from shocks..
Abhi make her wear seat belts while looking at her eyes..
Allah wariyan plays in bg…
A,(shouting with happily)
Guys common letz rock the trip..all were sang dance insted of pragya becouse she is bearing mira’s future.

After few hours..
All were resting here and there becoz tiredness.
A,fine.boys n girls i arranged separate flying cabs for couples and one for our robbots.lets get off..
B,abhi are we going directly to our rooms or are we going to travel now.
R,arey we came by president’s extreamly comfortable FO.who need to go to
Rooms now who want to go to rooms..

A,okey then tell me what is frist…travel under the water,observing amazing creatures,colourfull water falls.. what should be frist.


A,okey guys get in to flying cabs.
(Same like safari cabs.but no wheels.they are same like Fo.)

Precap mermaids and meal with them.

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