Love from Eternity (episode 3)

Sorry for this much late updates fruends.i didnt upload becouse less comments.but i updated this for the friends whi waiting for this..

P,i ll name her as robby.. itz nice na.
A,ha fuggy.get ready wthin one minute.we have to go now.
P,but how can i.. within a minute.
Robby,i am here to help you na.
Robby covered pragya with a something like huge box then she pressed some buttons on it.
R,ma’m there is a screen inside. Pls select the costumes you preffer.
After few scnds.
P,done robby.
Robby removed the box type thing and pragya was already dressed like a goddess.
A,are u ready fuggy
Then only abhi looked at his fuggy. He is mesmerized with her beuty.pragya is wearing GOLD embroidered georgette saree with heavy worked blouse.
Woooow… looking like a shall we move now..
Abhi holds pragya’s hand and get on to a largle plate.after they get in to it,it lifts few mtrs above from flow and move towards to a huge tower.
Pragya holds abhi from her both hands tightly and opend one eye to look at down.
P,omg omg omg abhi i cant look down.will we fall..
A,hey look at me. Not down.nothing will happen.i am here na.(he kissesd pragyas frhd)
A,fuggy look down baba.those are my people.not all.just few from them.we are going to adress them now.
P,few,? Seems to be like there are billions at can the call few.abhi why we are comming from above like this.
A,then i can see everyone na.the plate we are standing is sensible for their imotions.if some one have problem it ll detect by this plate and it ll catch by my security system abd it ll send troops to help when i comming like this i can cover large Area na.
P,got are you ready to adress them abhi.
A,ha fuggy.we came to the tower.lets get off.
Abhi and pragya get of from plate and went to a balcony.
Huge croud is waiting for abhi abd pragya.
A,hi bros & sissys….(he spoke to them.few mins in very very friendly manner)at last i want to congrat to you all bcoz your president got his better i told our history before now i am going to introduse her.welcome your frist lady..
Every one cheer for pragya and she greets them.after adressing the meeting both of them went to a hall which is fully decorated.
A,fuggy look there.your dad..
Pragya ran to her farther & huggs him.
V,beti i am really sorry.i had to left you there.
P,dad dont be sorry.all is are the one who told me that.i an really fine and abhi look after me like same as dont blame your self.
They talk for few times .
A,fuggy shall we dance.
P,sure.but music.
Abhi sign some one to give the music and he holds pragya’s hands.and they started to dance in manva lage song. In some steps both of them were in air..and they danced romantically.

After the dance.
Prb,bhai when we are going to visit our moons.
R,ha abhi i also need to know becouse we have to report work back.
A,hey i am the president here.i am the one who oder to be with us.lets leave here after few hours.
I,ranveer lets go then.we have to get ready to stay there for few days na.
Every one went to there respective rooms.
Pragya went to window and call her robbot robby..
P,robby Can you connect abhi’s security system.
R,yes mam.why
P,then can you scan us there anyone like tanu.
R,one second mam.han yes there is a one.she is among the people
P,omg i should inform this to abhi.but if i do so he’ll spoile his mood.may be she came to wish us.anyway lets give a chance to her.
Abhi came and hug her from behind.
A,fuggy how about my he enjoing inside mama’s womb.
Pragya kept abhi’s hand on her belly.
P,ha abhi.he is enjoing his farther’s low too.look for this two days i have a two months baby bump
A,in here it’ll take only 10 days to dilivery fuggy.we will leave today and we can reach hear before dilivary na.
P,hmm. Still i cant belive any thing.i am mother after 8 days.

Precap multicoloured waterfalls,wonderful creatures of nature on the under the lakes of moon.

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