Love from Eternity (episode 2)


I update this for my cute lovely aliens! Thanx for the support.

Itz morning to MIRA.
Pragya open her eyes and the thing that she c beyond the glass make her to jump from the bed.
P,abhi arey get up .. hurry up.
Abhi opens his one eye and asked why..
P,abhi how can this happen.there are two suns.can it be possible..
A,ha fuggy.itz possible.we have two suns within our solar system.both provides us perfect enviroment to MIRA & 3 moons
P,that mean therd are aliens in those moons too..
A,yes.but AH(alpha hydrae) is a sterile land. So we use it to send the ones who dont obey the rules of country.
P,oh.. then is there are names for these suns.
A,ha why not.large one is having presidents name.and that cute one is having name of frist lady in our planet.
P,what a lucky so tell ne nsmes of them.
A,that cute sun name is PRAGYA.

P,stop kidding abhi.i know you are not the president of here.
A,arey how can you take this & call my mom.ask who am i.
Pragya is hell shocked with abhi’s answer.
P,but you told me that you work under the mission of exploring planets.
A,haan why not.i am interesting in those i also joined that.itz just for fun
P,ok then answer spend more than 1 year in how things in here happen without there president.
A,arey the frist lady.. one year in earth mean one weak in MIRA. So now get ready for the party and there we have to meet my people.
P,oh i cant belive abhi.will they accept alien as your wife.
A,you are not alien to here fuggy..
P,again you are burning my blood..i cant understand Anything abhi.

Abhi get up from the bed and came near to glass..and call a robbot.
A,pragya see this is one of my best dude.his name is neo.he will show you what happens.
Neo is separated in to parts and arranged like a large screen…and vdo strats and abhi also start to explain.
In that vdo itz shown lil girl & boy playing with some robbots.

A,thats you and me fuggy..your dad is scienstis in here.he made that machine and went to there he fallen love with human..and he asked permisson from our dad to settle on that time our farther is the president he gave permission and settled there..then viwek uncle becomes a father bcoz you.three of you visit here onece a year.itz just like weekly you came here.then peoples in earth,your villagers suspect your missing your dad desided to stay in earth forever.and he joined to NASA.he kept his mchine with him..
Last year i called him here bcoz my father told me that he want to meet his best friend before dieing.then i brought your dad here..and my dad and your dad took promise from me to marry you and bring i did it with my pressure.and your name PRAGYA .. it was given by mom.

Pragya ran to abhi and huggs him..
P,but why i cant remember anything about our past
A,your dad erased that memmory becouse these things can leak by you na. Thatz why..

P,abhi whatz your name in here..
A ,wait i ll fix you a language transmtre.then you can commiunicate with our people.
P,pls answer this too..why did youJoined that mission.
A,itz for fun baba.we explore new planets just for fun.
Pragya with attitude
So i am the frist lady should i get ready to party..

A,wait.i have a gift for you.
Abhi clapped once..

A girl robbot came..
A,this for you fuggy..highly improved robbot.i asked my scientist to nade this for her as you wish.and she know every thing about your likes & dislikes.she will dress you as you want.

P,thanx abhi..i love you..
Pragya kissed abhis forhead..(@$#$#@@@[email protected]#$/!#$//[email protected]#$// a song plays in bg.but i dont know this song bcoz i have no any languege transmtre.)

Precap tanus arrival

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    Wat song could dat b??really??so prags n abhi were frnds frm childhood??wow….unexpected twists….loved it dii…..also wat name could prags keep for dat robot??lovely episode diiii….also tanus arrival???gosh!!Waiting for her arrival such dat there will b twists…..wowo. …totally awesome… u diii

    1. hey you are the one who comment me frist.thanx darling!love to tooo

  2. Nice episode di…..

    1. thanq keerthi!

  3. It was awesome I loved it

  4. Arshifan

    Omg tanu arriving!! Again she will create some problems and today’s episode is awesome…hahah tina i m also not good at keeping songs so even i m not try to do that..???anywyzz go ahead dear…

  5. Hey super

  6. Loli

    Tina really unexpected twist….you are a superb writer….

  7. Superb yaar really amazing episode thn one doubt if pragya s also alien na thn y she doesn’t HV the pwr lk abhi…

    1. Suha

      her mom is a she hvnt got any powers

  8. As usual….amazing dear…..

    Keep going….

  9. amazing yaaaaaaaaaaa U r the best yaaaaaaaaa

  10. Diii lovely hw much amazing twists u r incredible diii love u dii???

  11. Amazing as always…

  12. tina today awesome….very very excited for next episode…..

  13. Reshma Pradeep


  14. Vaishali

    only u could write like this u r the best i would surely say awesme episode unexpected twists omg now i am in cloudnine u know what u can be a perfect fantasy story writer hey na u will become famous then i hv to stand in queue to get ur autograph will u remember me na dii????(pout and imagine some puppy faces)

  15. Superb

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