Hi everyone. I am back with another episode.
In morning.
Swara: yesterday was the most weird day of my life.
She picks up the newspaper and is shock to read the news.
In mm.
San: laksh bring the newspaper.
Lak: 2 secs bhai.
He brings it. Sanskar reads it and is shocked…
San: oh my god
Lak: what happened bhai give it to me.
Laksh snatches the paper and is shocked to read.
Same with ragini even she is shocked..
Swara and ragini calls sanlak.
San: ragini have u read it too..
Rag: yes.
San: now what will ido. Papa must have read it
Swara: laksh we cant do anything now.
Laksh: swara u come here. We will see what is to be done.
Swara: hmm.
Sanskar calls ragini too.

They 4 r sitting in room.
San: now what shall i do.
Lak: everyone will come to know.
Swara: we cant even share our problem with any one.
Rag: soon our secret will be out….
Someone knocks at the door
San: who is there.
Dp: ur dad. Open the door
San: yes dad.
He opens it and dp enters in.
Dp: sanskar what is this……
Everyone was scared as they thougt that rhe news about which they were worried have been read by dp.
San: wh…wh. what dad
Dp: what . U have called this middle class girl to our house(he says while pointing towards swara)
San: i know dad. Laksh called her. She will leavr soon.
Dp: that will b better.
He leaves.
Laksh: what was that bhai.
San: dad was right . How can this girl come in our home
Swara: excuse me..
Laksh: bhai swara.. we r struck in such a big problem and u both r fighti g..

Btw….husband and wife should not fight like this.
Swara and sanskar gives him a “seriously’ look.
Laksh: ok ok. Lets think of an idea.
Rag: what can we do . If we will not tell them then this newspaper will…..
Everyone wil come to know that we r married( their marriage pics are printed in newspaper)
San: i cant understand. Why they made me married to this poor girl.
Swara: hmm. They must have bought miss world for u na.
San: ofcourse.
Swara: according to ur face na u should not have even got a girl.
San: what rubbish.
Ragini: sanskar what if mumma comes to know.
San: what if dad comes to know
Ragini: we should have not gone there.
Lak: now we r struck so dont think we should have done this or not. Think of some idea.
They 4 sit holding their heads.

Precap: not decided.

Sorry for short update. Guys i really need ur support and suggestions otherwise this is gonna be my last ff/episode.

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