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Todays episode begins with laksh and swara at swara’s home.
Swara: so laksh u have to make her meet me ok.
Laksh: ok boss.
They laugh.
At sanskar room.
Sanskar: ragini what do u wanna say.
Ragini: i want to go to the khandar located at back of museum…
Sanskar: u know na that area is not safe.. for going there we need to cross a ground.
Ragini: ground where samohik marriages take place.
San: yes there people r forced to marry.
Rag: no worries… i want to go.
San: ok get ready i will pick u in morning tomorrow.

Rag: ok. Bye
San: bye.
She leaves.
Sanskar: khandar….she has really strange choices…
Here laksh calls swara.
Laksh: swara we will meet her at the khandar located at back of museum.
Swara: ok. I will reach there.
Laksh: excuse me. I will pick u. Ok.
Swara: ok.
In morning.
Swalak and ragsan reaches there.
Swara: wow its a great place….
She keepa talking to laksh and walks backward.
Ragini too talking to sanskar is walkibg backwards.
Swaragini bumps into each other.

Swarag: bachao bachao.
Laksh: bachao…
San: lets run away
They all identifies their voices and stops.
They see each other.
Swara: omg u people here.
Rag: great…
Laksh: bhai.. what r u doing here.
San: i came as ragini want to see this place.
Swara: o we came bcoz laksh..
Laksh signs her not to speak.
Laksh: bcoz i wanted to show her this place..
They all were standing when they hear firing noise.
Some goons come there.

Man: so u people.. this new generation doing such things here…
Swaragsanlak: what.
Man: take them all .
His men takes them.
San: leave us.. dont u know who we r.
Man: dont u know who we r.
He takes all to mandaps.
Man: get them married.
Swara: what the hell r u speaking. Shut up.. we r not what u r thinking we r just friends.
Man: i know for u people what is the meaning of friends. Follow what i am speaking .or u all will be killed.
Rag: no we will not.

Man: close their mouths.
Goons make them four marry each other.
And guys yes swasan and raglak are made to marry ……
Goons leave them after that.
They 4 r walking on road.
Swara: laksh what will we do now.
Rag: sanskar we r badly struck.
Swara: laksh do somethibg.
Lksh: what will i do.
San: i have an idea we will not tell about this to anyone.
All 3 stare him with a really look.
San: guys it is the only way left.

Laksh: i think bhai is right.
Rag: hmm.
Swara: ok forget about this…
They all decide about it and leaves on different ways….
At night..

All 4 standing on their windows think about what l has taken place today????

hope u like it

Credit to: shloka

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