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So the episode begins with sanskar leaving the cafe.
Laksh: swara come with me
Swara: but where.
Laksh: come na.
They go to ragini.
Laksh: ragini. Meet swara . She is my best friend.and swara she is ragini,bhais best friend. And a very good friend of mine.
Ragini: hi swara.
Swara: hi .

Laksh: lets sit.
They sit and talk.
Ragini: so this ur cafe. Quite impressing.
Swara: thank u. Btw.. what do u do.
Ragini: i am just a fashion designer.
Swara: wow.. its so cool. U must be loving ur job right.
Ragini: yes.. but your job is also amazing. Owner of a cafe. Great.
Laksh keeps on looking at their faces

Laksh: wow. Shona ragini .. u both started talking and forgot me na. Go i am not talking to u both.
Swara and ragini look at each other and starts laughing.
Swara: laksh u r a child .
Ragini: 10 yr old.
Swara and ragini pulls his cheeks.
Laksh: it hurts.
Ragini: i am telling u na u r a small child. Very small.
Laksh: o i am small. Wait i will tell u.
Three of them plays.
In sanskar ‘s office
Sanskar: already my day is spoilt… now i dont want any more .
He starts working.
Dp enters in..
Dp: sanskar u need to go to buy the plot. And make sure u buy it bcoz it is the best plot for our factory
Sanskar: ok dad.
He leaves…

Sanskar reaches the site.
San: this is the place. Its quite good.manager u go in amd talk to the people living here.
Man: sure sir.
He goes in…. he comes out disappointed.
San: what happened.

Manget: sir theyr nog ready.
San: what the hell. Who r they to decide.
Sanskar goes in.
San: see i am ready to give u as much amount u want. But iwant this house.
Woman: we cant give this it is my fathers gift. We wont givr.
Sanka: stupid people … money is everything..
Woman: no emotions matters more.
Swalak passing …
Swara: laksh stop.
Laksh: why.
Swara: i think there is some problem.
Laksh: may be.. why do we care.
Swara: laksh it mary aunty’s home. I need to go.
She goes in.
She is shocked seeing sanskar.
Swara: what happened aunty.
Woman: they are forcing us to sell this house.

Swara: what….
San: i want this house at any cost.
Swara: ok… u give all the days they spent here.. all good moments they spent here… all sadness of this house… can u give it mr. Sanskar maheshwari.
San: u stay out of it.
Swara: i will not.. u cant force someone.. or i will call polive.
San: o u r calling police.. call them for sure..
Swara: u..
Laksh enters
Laksh: bhai.. swara.
Swara: see ur bro is again .
San: take her laksh.
Laksh: stop it both of u. .bhai come with me plz. Bhai plz.
Sa :,ok but i will come back.
Laksh takes sanskar.
Swara: aunty dont worry nothing will happen to u and ur house.
Woman: may god bless u child

Swara smiles.
Swara: so aunty i am leaving. Take care.
Aunty: sure child
Swara leaves.
Swara reaches home .
She calls laksh.

Laksh: hi everything fine now.
Swara:- hmmm…. ur brother na … i am telling u laksh . I will not leave him.
Laksh: oh angry bird.. chill down.
Swara: i am fine now.
Laksh: ok.. so now u have to help me.
Swara: in what.
Laksh: in impressing…….
Swara: okay..
Laksh:: i am coming to ur home.
Swara: fine.
Laksh reaches there.
Swara: so what do u know about her.
Laksh: i know everything… like her name is tanya and…and…and.
Swara: laksh i can understand that u know everything.. and ur everything is her name right.
Laksh: yes.

Swara: what to do with u laksh.
In sanskar’s room.
Ragini knocks at door
Ragini: may i come in sir.
Sanskar: ragini i am not in a mood of any fun.
Ragini: so u will not even talk to me.
Sanskar: ragini.. we will talk afterwards.
Ragini: i know.. i am not ur friend na… see ur brother.
Sanskar: now what has he done.
Ragini: knowing it was not ur fault… he has gone to her friends house .
Sanskar: what..
Ragini: they r friends and even know the meaning of friends..
Sanskar: ragini .. i am sorry. So now u can speak as much u want..
Ragini: good..

Precap: not decided

Sorry for late episode as my school is going on.. so from 14 i will try to be regular….

Credit to: shloka


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    Nice. Commenting for first time here. I like your stories a lot. Although i am a swalak fan i love your ff

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