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So many of u must have understood that it is a swasan ff… so ….
Todays episode.
In cafe.
Laksh: swara lets go somewhere.
Swara: laksh its my duty time .. so forget about it.
Laksh: can u help me.
Swara: for..
Laksh: i want to impress a girl.
Swara: o ho … who is that.
Laksh: tanya.

Swara: o .. tanya… great dude… so ok ofcourse i will help.
Laksh: thank you so much.
They do a side hug… ragsan enters in the cafe.
Sanskar: this cafe. I thought we would be going to a 5 star hotel.
Ragini: comeon sanskar come..
They go in.
Laksh sees him and goes to him.
Laksh: am i dreaming.
Sanskar: what.
Laksh: bhai u r here in this cafe.
Ragini: shut up laksh.
They all sit.
Laksh: swara .
Swara: haan bolo.
She bends down to tell something to laksh in his ears.
Swara: laksh what is this happening.. the mr. Enterpenuer in my. Cafe.. its shocking yaar.
Laksh and swara laughs.
Sanksar: yes u will u take the order.. stupid people.
Swara: what the hell. Sitting in my cafe and misbehaving with me.
Sanskar: hey i can buy such 100 cafes.
Swara: then go and sit there na.

Ragini: sanskar chill up..
Laksh: swara leave it. Come with me…chill.. u na how is bhai..
Swara: hmm. I am fine now.. .
Laksh: thats like my good girl….
Swara smiles…

Precap: swasan fighting.

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  1. Shloka…don’t mind me saying..u r a swalak fan right? Maybe u r writing on swasan this time because your previous ff on swalak and ragsan was a flop…..but because of comments u r writing on swasan..thats what I find really disgusting..i’m not bashing yourself…

    1. Ridha its not at all bcoz of comments…. see i dont care how much comments do i get… and i like swasan and swalak both… for me what matters is story…. actually.. just wanted to try something new.. hope u understand…
      Ridha keep reading…. dear…

  2. I don’t hve prblm wit swasan if u gve imp to raglak ten fine…BTW nice epi

    1. Thanks .. i will try writing about raglak too….

    1. Thank u alia….

  3. It’s her ff so she has the right to decide the pairs….it’s was Ausome…plzz don’t think abt the hate comments…just continue wat y have decided

    1. Awww… so sweet of u bresh .. btw..i am not at all disturbed of her words….its alright.. everyone has a different view n..thanks a lot bresh

    2. one is hating anyone here..thats Ridha’s opinion…shr misunderstood Shloka that she is writing on swasan for comments..and now maybe her misunderstanding is cleared by Shloka’s reply..Ridha asked Shloka to write as herself….now everything is fine isn’t it Shloka and Ridha?And Ridha dear…..she is trying something no prob in that right? Shloka…u keep writing…Eva is always there to support u…

      1. U understand me well … isnt it .. thanks for supporting me dear…

  4. Nice one dear.

    1. Thank u

      1. I mean thank u for choosing swasan.

    2. No thanks required dear…

  5. Shloka…good to see u here…i was missing u dear….i hope u r well now…keep writing…i can never forget that u r my first friend in Tu..take care..

    1. Same here u were my very first friend.. and i will be always there for u….. be happy always

  6. Pls continue don’t bother for bad comments write little longer actually I. M busy so I can’t comment sorry for tat dr..then you hv very nice name…

    1. Thank u so much divya… keep reading..

  7. Wow.. so good . Waiting for next

    1. Thank u … soon i will post next

  8. So good. I think u will write something new. Isnt it

    1. Sure .. i will try

  9. Nice. Write long episodes pls

    1. Sure simi.. thank u

  10. Good . Dont bother about bad comments. We like your story

    1. Thank u

  11. Gooood. Awesome

    1. Thank u

  12. Nice. Shloka i wanted to ask will you be my friend dear???

    1. Sure i will be….. thanks for commenting

  13. Good. But when yoh like swalak why dont u write about them please

    1. Hey i like both swalak and swasan…. so no big difference

  14. Good. Thanks for swsan

    1. Thanks for commenting

  15. Nice??

    1. Thanks

  16. Nice. Hope to see something new here

    1. Sure….. thank u

  17. I am loving it

    1. Thank u

  18. Plz make it swalak . Plz

    1. Sorry dear.. it is swasan but u will see a good bond between swalak

  19. Hey shloka visit skr page when u get time dear

  20. very nice

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