Hey.. Its me riyasmiles. I will tell u something… A few days ago i read a story on tu… Love is eternal by shloka… I loved it… And i got an idea to complete it.. I took permission from her and here i am with it from very starting…(telly updates pls allow me to do this…)
Love is eternal… Its a feeling which is above everything.. It does not have boundaries.. It just has emotions… So here is a story of eterniy of love… Swasan’s love…
The story…
The story will only be set in the city of kolkata as most of the stories here do…

So lets get started….
A restaurant is shown… there is a board on which its written cafe with friends…….
Many youngsters are sitting and enjoying.. when there enters a girl. She is beautiful … wearing a red white one piece dress…
Girl: hello everyone is everything going on fine…. if u need anything call me
She goes and sits on table where a laptop is placed…
A boy enters in … he goes to the girl

Boy: so miss whats up.
Girl: see laksh i am busy in my work. Dont even dare to disturb me.
Laksh:ok ok . …. btw.. swara .. what r u doing.
Swara: i am making the budget for restaurant…
Laksh: leave it yaar lets go to have fun.
Swara: excuse me mr.laksh maheshwari… i am not like you and ur brother ..
Laksh: why are you always behind him … just look at him yaar.. he is a successful young enterpenueur..
Swara: and a money oriented man…. he thinks that only rich have the right to live…
Laksh: chill swara… bhai was not always like this… it is my one and only mahan dads influence.
Swara- i can see that…
Laksh: leave it …
Swara: yes….

The scene shifts to sanskar’s office.
A man wearing formal suit enters in. Everyone greets him. Yes he is sanskar.
Sanskar: everyone get to the work.
He goes in his cabin.
Manager: sir some workers want to talk to you.
Sanskar: what do u think ?? I am going to talk to that workers.. never.. send them back.
Manager: but sir..
Sanskar: do u wanna leave this job.
Manager: no sir.. sorry sir.
He leaves.

Sanskar: how can those poor people think of talking to me.
Then a girl enters in sanskar’s cabin and sits in front of him.
Girl: whats going on sanskar.
Sanskar: work.
Girl: always work work work..
Sanskar: its my life dear..
Girl: ofcourse i know.
Sanskar: so how come u r here.
Girl: me here.. i came to talk to laptop.
Sanskar : what.
Girl: ofcourse i came to meet u… sanskar comeon atleast forget work for sometime..
Sanskar: i cant
Girl: ok then i will forget you.
Sanskar: what.. ragini plz dont do that. You are my only friend you know na.
Ragini: of course .. but if u wont come for coffee with me then..
Sankar: ok lets go..

Precap: in swara’s cafe……

So how was the episode??? Fingers crossed… Hope u all likekd it… Pls do tell ur views…

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