“Is love eternal”__shivika ff by kanfi “PROLOGUE & chap1”


In our life we all crave for love whether its come from our friends,siblings,parents or partners..
But what if a girl has no one to show her love,to take care of her,,to tell her that “I AM HERE FOR YOU”…

My this book is about a life of an orphan girl who hasnt much expectation from her life bt she also crave for love,,the pure love…

How her miserable life spent in orphanage,experiences love…

Will anyone come in her life who will hold her hand and make her feel SPECIAL…!!!
{This story has no connection with any serial…I am just using character names from ISHQBAAZ…..}


*Present Time*

As the morning alarm beeps,,SHE wakes up from HER slumber..Though SHE wanted to sleep more but today is the most important day of her life,,,the excitement,,the nervousness has vanished HER sleep…
Soon SHE left HER bed and freshen up…
Standing infront of mirror,,SHE is just thinking about HIM….It has been four months,,and SHE has neither seen HIM nor talked to HIM…But today is the day,,,nothing can stop HER to meet HIM,,to tell HIM how much SHE missed HIM,,to thank HIM for changing HER life ,,and the most important thing to express HER feelings to HIM….

I am coming,,I know you are also waiting for me and desperate to meet me the way I am,,,”SHE is just murmuring to herself

SHE gets ready,,packs HER stuff and leaves HER apartment and takes a cab and headed towards airport….

At airport,,SHE comes to know that HER flight is late by an hour…SHE makes herself comfortable there and takes out HER personal diary…

HER diary is HER best friend..SHE used to write every little things which happens in HER life in this diary since HER childhood,,when there was no one to listen HER crying heart,,HER scream,,SHE started to express herself in the pages of HER diary…..

SHE opens the diary….first page….

09 sept 2007

“Dear diary…first let me tell you from where have I found you….I went to karim uncle’s house to ask him for some food as I was hungry for two days,,,there I found you,,I was continuously staring at you and then Karim uncle said I can take it,,,,so nice of him….
So you are my best friend from now onwards,,I dont have any friend…everyone has just hated me…I dont want to live in this orphanage bt I dont have any option,,atleast I’ve roof on my head…
So let me introduce myself…I am “ANNIKA”..I am 10 years old…I have been living in this orphanage for 5 years…Everyone here doesnt like me,,dont know why…they treat other children in much bettr way…
Karim uncle is very sweet,,whenever I need something,,I always find him besides me bt he doesnt expresses himself fully due to her wife..She doesnt like me..Karim uncle gives me tuitions every evening but no one knows about this….
Everyone says my parents died in a car accident and since then I have been staying in this orphanage…
There is a big school infront of the orphanage..Everyday parents come to receive their kids…Some parents also come in recess time….Whenever I see those kids with their parents,,I feel so jealous..Why there is not anyone to shower love and affection to me too…Why am I so lonely…Do I not deserve to be loved??Why God,,everyone say you love everyone equally bt why is so much darkness in my life…WHY…..????””

Ohh..so I’ve to keep my diary back for now…I fully remember this day…I was writing these pages n was weeping too n soon I slept…. 10years back,,how miserable my life was,,how hopeless I was until HE came into my life…
N now its payback time for me…I am coming…..””Annika said to herself and headed towards her flight..
HE–SHIVAAY(21yrs old)
SHE–ANNIKA(20yrs old)

So guys how was this???Was it boring?????do tell me ur views…So basically the whole flashback will be Annika’s POV wrttn in her dairy…Are u liking the plot do tell me…All constructive comments are welcome…

Lots of love

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and interesting dear

    1. Kanfi

      Thank uu nikki???
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  2. Arwa78659

    Its really good

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  3. Riana

    Welcome Backk Kanfu ???
    First i would like to congratulate you for your new Shivika FF…
    The Story looks very simple & practical…
    Its totally amazinggg ???
    Do come a backk with the next chappy soon…????
    Take Care
    RiaNa ❤

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u riana for such a warm welcome????
      M happy u liked it….
      Love u too???
      Will try to post soon..
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  4. Mona_2005

    Just fantastic
    Awesome concept
    Expression incredible
    It’s very difficult to live without parents at least for me do want to read how it can be
    Good luck for your story

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u dearie for such a lovely commnt????
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  5. Lauren

    Splendid… grt Start… juzz lovely….
    Amazin plot…
    Awesome concept di..
    Loved it…
    Looking forward to it…
    Post nxt chappy soon..

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu lauren???
      Will try to post soon…
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    Dear Kanfi
    Story And Starting Is Very Interesting??????

    Keep It Up?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Kanfi

      Haayee tmhra comment ufffff???
      Thnk u dear…??
      U too take care..
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  7. SatyendraSharma

    Nice interesting and queer story.Waiting for next….

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u dear??

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu??
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  8. Banita

    Heyy Kanfi….
    Nycc to see ur new ff after a long time dr….
    Story seems Interesting…. Post ASAP…..

    1. Kanfi

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  9. Niriha

    Awesome….interesting starting
    Waiting for next

    1. Kanfi

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  10. Shraddha-DBO

    Superb plot kanfi… loving this diary??
    I hope it’ll be a unique & different story of shivika… Waiting for next part of this amazing story??

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu sooo much shraddhha….??
      I’ll try to make it unique…
      Will post sooon..
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  11. Maryam_ishq

    Hey dear! Am so glad ur back with anthr ff ?. I missed ur ff’s a lot.
    The concept seems different and promising. U have chosen a very sensitive topic and have written it very nicely…. an orphan’s journey frm being ignored frm the beginnin and thn findin her true love whom she loves dearly.
    Anika’s pov is so sad… poor girl had to bear the hatred of the society and she had no idea why… the people who tried to be nice to her were troubled by the society.
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode ?! Sadly am not on wattpad to follow ur stories ?. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤.

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much maryam…
      I m really glad u liked my concept…
      Ohhkk no prblm..??
      Will try to update soon…

  12. Shyrakapoor

    Reallyyyyyyy happy to have you back in Tu….. ??? and this story is just amazing seriously…. The way you presented Anika’s story through her personal diary….. I loved it…. How she wished that she could also love in her life was so painful…. I m desperately waiting for shivay’s entry…. Damn excited to know how you are going to proceed with his character….. How he will become that someone special ????? in Anika’s life… I know flashback is going to be a must read…. But I m also excited to read the present sequence… How she is going to meet him…. Please post as soon as possible… We all waiting for it desperately ?????? and dii all the best for this beautiful ff…. Expectations are very high….so best of luck. ????
    Lots of love!

    1. Kanfi

      Sakshi such a long commnt yr….
      Thnk u thnk u soo much???????
      Yeah I need best wishes???
      Will try to upload soon..
      Love uu??

  13. Shabnam

    superb lovely intersting

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu dear???

  14. It’s really good kanfi….areey yaar I am too lazy to log in…it’s me anu…this is so good..I loved it…………..???????????????????????

    1. Kanfi

      Hey anu…after a long time…
      How are u???
      Thnk uu dear??

    2. TUFriendsForever

      Hiiii anuuuuu happy to see you back lmisssed u alottttt login n come back i was suprised to see your comment here n still the dare is incomplete ha

  15. TUFriendsForever

    Diiii u r back with another ffff ohhhh godd i have to be ready to read another beautiful storyyyy i was literally lucky to get this one n this was interestinggggg i wanna know what happen in anika’s life n shivaay’s character for sure.the starting words were just beautiful n true which made me copy n paste it in my memo so beautiful.Where did u get it?? N Rahim uncle characters was a awesome one such a good man n diary was a good idea n orphanage sufferings hmm i am waitimg to read them post tje next epi soon will be waiting for it loved the entire part n the title is superbbbb all things were just perfect airport announcement u nailed it di as u always do i liked every part of this workkk eager to read the next one keep writing

    1. Kanfi

      I was waiting for ur commnt??
      I m glad u liked it??
      N that qoute i’ve wrttn it by myself??
      N it’ll take some time for shivay’s ntry???
      Stay tuned…
      Lovee uu???

  16. Radhika.k

    Wowww di……After such along time i am reading someone’s ff n thats u….Everytime i read ur ffs or OS,its a fantastic feeling…Agar mein thik na hui toh bhi i will bcum alright!!!
    The starting description was amazing di……Very true words…n i liked each n every bit the way u explained…!!!
    So this is a story abt an orphange girl!N i am sure this is going to be damn interesting n special wala FF!!No worries if shivay’s entry is not soon..just loving to read ur ff soon…I am very much looking forward to read ANNIKA’S DIARY…..Must say di Diary bahut acha concept hai….N karim’s uncle behaviour towards annika…is lovely….her questions in her mind are very apt..I hope she gets her answer soon…
    A good start wid a beautiful thought…All The best..Post soon….Love u…

  17. Fenil

    it really different.

    1. Kanfi

      Thnkkkk uuu so much fenil…
      I m glad u read it n liked it???

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