“Is love eternal”__shivika ff by kanfi “Chap 4”



After landing,,Annika first went to visit Karim Uncle…She has visited that society,,,has seen that orphanage after really long time….But this time there was no hatred in their eyes,,they were shameful for their acts,,how had they treated the little soul long back…But this time Annika was not that timid one,,she is bold enough to look through the eyes of each n every person looking at her…After all she has succeeded in her life,,she has became self dependent and she really doesnt care what this society,,her parents think about her…But all this has became possible because of only one person and that is KAREEM UNCLE…
Kareem uncle is in his late60s…

When kareem uncle first saw her,,he wasnt sure is that annika..!!!are you annika beta…”He asked in trembling voice

Yes uncle its me only…haww u forgot me…!!…”said annika pouting

No beta..how can I forget you,,,its just my vision isnt that much strong now…”said uncle holding annika’s hand

What do you mean by that uncle,,,,you are still same young and handsome uncle for me…”said annika

I m happy annika that you’ve changed..You have gained confidence..Now you can make others happy as you are happy..May god bless you….!!…”said Uncle patting his hand on her shoulder

Uncle its all becoz of you and shivaay…Whatever am I today and whatever have I today,,,all belongs to you both….
Okk uncle ,,,now I am going to meet him…And there are so many unsaid words which need to be spoken today….Uncle bless me that today may  all stars be in favour of me,,and I m able to confess my feelings to him….And we both will soon come to meet you…And you better take care of urself….love u soo much uncle…. “”Said annika kissing the forehead of uncle

I am coming shivaay….She take cab and move towards her final destination…She take out her dairy from bag and starts reading……

8Sept 2015

So it has been one year in this institute…Here everyone is really good..No one has hatred for me..They love me for who am I…..Teachers here are really proud of me…I have won many competitions as a student of this institute….I also get good marks in every test…And I’ve few frnds here too and they are really not jealous of me,,they appreciate my work….And tomorrow I will go for an inter-college competition which is a week long competition…Participants will be taken to XYZ place and all quizzes and talent hunts will be performed there….I am selected from this institute and they have so many expectations from me ,,I hope I’ll be able to fulfill them all……

10sept 2015

Yeah I am finally here…..There are so many tough competitions for me,,I am so excited for this….The competition will start from tomorrow….
Apart from all this,,,you know what happened today,,,I am such a stupid,,,Oh god how can be I so stupid….On the bus,,there were all participating contestants….There was a boy,,his name….what was his name..!!oopss I forgot,,,okk let it be,,,lets continue..He is from the famous ABC college and is topper,,,he will be really a tough competition for me…So he was sitting just beside me, on the bus,I was casually looking out and suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my neck, under my hair….My anger level just reached to the top and without thinking for a second,,I just turned back and found that its hand of him only and I just bursted on him….”how dare he to do this”,,”I know cheap people like him very well””,,You all just need an excuse to do all these cheap things”,,,and what not….He didnt say a single word  and when I applied brakes on my tongue,,,he just said your hair got stuck in seats so I was just removing it and nothing else,,,saying so he showed me my hairs in his hand and left that seat and moved to back side..
And I was like “phail gya raita”…….then one of students there told me about him that jihe is topper n all and is very nice guy….yeah got it,,his name,,its SHIVAAY…..I just mentally slapped myself for this stupid behaviour….I need to apologise to him and will do the same soon……


This is it for today guys,,,,so finally Shivaay enters the stry….did u like the part?????do tell me…
And from now 4-5 episodes there will be just diary entry which will be basically annika’s POV and then aftr that present time shivika meet….there is an interesting twist,,,,so stay tuned….!!!

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  1. Zaveesha

    very nice dear kanfi…I’m liking it…

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uuuuu soooo much dear?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Kanfi

      Thnkkk uuuu dear???
      U too take care

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      Thnk uu niriha????

  4. Amazing

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uuu hamna??

  5. Banita

    Superb update…. Finally Shivaay ki entry ho gayi….
    Waiting 4 next…

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu soo much bani????
      Love uuu…
      Will post soon

  6. Sairish

    Kanfi Aaapiiiiiiii
    How’s you???
    Goddddddd!!!!! I literally missed you sooo much yaar!
    I have returned to TU after ages it seems and you didn’t tell me that you’ve started a new ff huhh??…
    I’m upset ..but anyways it’s from you then it’s automatically perfect ..no doubt in that but you know na my chhotu sa brain…I’ll forget ..firstly give me links of the previous part..I wanna read them pleaseee…it seems to be interesting ?????
    I’ll read all the left up chaps then comment on the next part altogether . Will that be ok?
    Heyy…aapi told me that you’re removing your account in insta?..or might have removed as well…no problem studies comes first..who knows it better than me
    But..a kind of warning ..always be in my touch atleast ????
    Good to know that you remembered me while talking with aapi..
    If I can get your what’s app no.? I asked from aapi she said you still haven’t given to her…
    But ..atlast..
    Give me links please
    Tons of Love
    Little Sissy

    1. Kanfi

      Sairish…such a long commnt?????
      Frstly here is the link…
      N i didnt use TU much just come to post ff,,i didnt know u werent here??…n no I havent delted my insta account,,it was just for few days,,,,,yeah I’ve talked to akku on wattpad….I’ll give u both whatsapp nmbr soon,,as i myself not using whatsapp these days…
      I m fine..what about you…???
      N thnk uu soo much for liking it…
      Lovee u loads??

  7. Maryam_ishq

    Amazing chapter dear !!
    Anika not caring abt the society people anymore… she has come just for her karim uncle who had been with her in her tough times and supported and encouraged her. Karim uncle was really happy to see her and heartly wished tht she gets all the happiness she was deprived of. This is our society… whenever a person becomes successful thn only they appreciate them otherwise they regard them as filth.
    Atleast anika was happy in her institute… she got friends who really cared for her and encouraged her and weren’t jealous of her… they didn’t use her for their needs. It hurts a lot when u regard someone as ur friend but they are just using u for their needs. She wanted to fulfill the expectations of her collg.
    Her first meet with shivay ? was waiting for it frm so long ?. Poor guy man he was just helpin her and she bursted up on him… he left his seat also ?. She felt bad for him and wanted to apologise… she came to knw more abt him frm other students.
    Thanks for giving a longer update ?. I loved it. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Kanfi

      Yrrrr ur commmnt always bring a widw smile on my face….
      Thnk uuu soo much I m glad u liked it…
      Loveee uu loads ..
      Take care???????????

  8. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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    It is lovely dear

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    Fabulous update dear

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