“Is love eternal”__shivika ff by kanfi “Chap 3”



Annika continues…..

5Aug 2013

My destiny,right now I m just feeling to laugh at my destiny….How can be God so harsh to me…So finally I came to know the reason behind all this hatred…And they all are correct at their place,,when my parents,,my own parents hated me to this extent..Yeah u heard right,,I was never an orphan,,my parents are alive,,,they just didnt want any girl child,,and after my birth,, some priest had said that I am unlucky for them and they just left me…. How can be an innocent child unlucky for her own parent…They have just borne me for 5 years and then they left me in this orphanage,,far away from their hometown….

You know what I came to know all this from Karim uncle…Yesterday I got so much frustrated with the behaviour of people in orphanage,,I was just unable to tolerate all this anymore,,,,I always knew that Karim uncle knows something about my family but he has always denied this fact but yesterday I just wanted the answers of all my questions….And here I am,,when my own parents didnt care about me then what should I expect from these strangers..They all knew that I’ve been tagged as “unlucky” by my own parents,,so who cares I live or die….!!!
Karim uncle is my only source of happiness in this cruel world….
Its alright annika what if your parents didnt care about you,,you will earn recognition,,from now onwards you will live for yourself,,,you wont tolerate any injustice against you….Its ENOUGH…!!!!

Thanks to Uncle that I am the student of that institute now,,,and after a month I m going to leave this place,,this hell,,…..As I am doing well here they’ve transferred me to the main branch of institute which is in Mumbai…..I’ll start the new journey of my life there…But I’ll miss Karim uncle…He has done so many things for me…I can never return his favour but I’ll be there whenever he needs me….!!

““Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been  cleared to land  at the XYZ airport. Please make sure one last time your  seat belt is securely fastened. …””

Annika keeps her diary back…And after landing,,she books a cab and goes to meet Karim uncle……
To be continued….

N guys please dont assume that ShivIka were in love….I’ve not mentioned that…May be they do but they haven’t neither realised nor confessed…!!!
I just wanted to clear this point…

I’ll write short updates only as its not a long ff…It’ll get it climax soon…I wont stretch it???I hope u’ve liked it…

Do comment and like??..!!

Lots of love

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    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu sam?????

  1. Maryam_ishq

    It was an amazing episode !
    Anika finally got to knw the reason for the hatred… how is a child even unlucky ?… it’s so frustrating to see people giving their children away just caz their pandit said tht the child would bring bad luck to them…. wht’s a child’s fault in it… a new born baby is termed unlucky.
    The only person who has ever supported anika is kerim uncle and he has encouraged her in each step of her life. He has been there for her whenever she needed someone. She proved her capability by goin to mumbai.
    Episodes are a bit too small… can u make them a lil bit longer if possible ?. Take care dear and love you ❤❤❤❤.

    1. Kanfi

      Ur commnts always make me smile???
      Thnk uu so mucg for such an honest feedback…
      Promise…i’ll post long update next time..
      Lovee uuu???
      Gd mrng

  2. Niriha


    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u niriha???

  3. Zaveesha

    Good one kanfi… I want a bit more longer episode…just a request..

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu zavee….next prt will be long…pkka??

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Happy Diwali

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu nikkii???
      Happy diwali to u toooo???

  5. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu dear?

  6. Riana

    Awesome dear ???

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu dear????

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