“Is love eternal”__shivika ff by kanfi “Chap 2”



After the announcement,,Annika headed towards her flight and after completing all formalities,she checks in…

“Annika is staying in London for four months as she has got the internship of Accounting and Financial Control …She was not ready to join this internship as she didnt want to leave SHIVAAY…He was the only person from whom she has got unconditional love and support..But shivaay insisted her to not leave her dreams because of him….Shivaay made her realised that life has been so harsh to you since your childhood and now its giving you opportunity to pursue what you desire..Its not the time to be emotional…And dont worry about me I’ll be always there for you and will wait for you…And now completing her internship and getting the job in one of the best company of London,,She was returning to meet HIM…”

Annika finds her seat and makes herself comfortable there…
Soon flight take off…
She takes out her diary and continues reading it…

[Though Annika used to write diary daily but I am mentioning here only those pages which has witnessed important phases of her life as I soon want to make the entry of Shivaay in the story?]

03 Jan 2010
“Dear diary,,,I know it has been three days since my last entry….I know I’ve told you that I’ll share everything with you but I was very upset and I wasnt feeling to write anything…I just wanted to be alone….You remember,,I’d told you that there was a huge celebration of new year in the orphanage….But no one has allowed me to join it…They just locked me in a room….I didnt eat anything whole day,,and at night they just gave me last night food…I dont know what is their problem…Just like others I am also an orphan then why they treat me like this…Dont know when will I experience happiness..!!!
And now like seriously I am fed up of all this ridiculous things happening in my life…I am staying in this orphanage for 8 years,,and there is not a minute change in the behaviour of people here…I just want to leave this orphanage but where will I go,,I dont have any other option,,,,Oh God,,have you written any happiness in my life or not…!!
But one good thing happened among all this hatred,,ignorance…Karim uncle has told me that I am good at maths so if I work hard on it and qualify an entrance test of special batch then I can easily get admission there and it’ll help me to build my future and will make me self dependent and only then I can leave this stupid orphanage…!!!
I’ve entrance after a week…I’ll work hard so that I get admission there easily…!!”

Mam what would you like to have..???

This question of air hostess brings Annika back to the present world…

Just bring me a bottle of water…””Annika replied to the air hostess with a smile…
She doesnt want to have anything,,She just wants to reach Mumbai soon to meet HIM after 4months….
Annika continues reading……….

To be continues..Stay tuned…..

Do tell me if you are liking the plot……
And yaa about the writings in diary,,its little childish as annika was only 12-13 yrs old at that time…She was facing difficult situations but after all she is a kid..

Do comment guys…silent reader plzz commnt…I m not getting much commnt…!!

Lots of love

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  7. Maryam_ishq

    It was amazing !
    Anika’s diary part is so emotional ?… poor girl already lost her parents and the orphanage ppl are treatin her as if she has done a crime and she isn’t even aware of the reason they are behavin like this with her.
    She proved her capability to the society by studyin with full dedication and she was able to get out of tht orphanage which wasn’t any less thn a hell for her.
    Shivay encouraging her to follow her dreams and not leave them caz of him. She is soo eager to meet him ?.
    Can’t wait for the next chp ! Take care dear and love u ❤❤❤.

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    Awesome….story di…do u have a doubt whether ur story is good??Its jhakkas di….Anika’s diary….is filled wid her emotions…..Its really difficult to stay somewhere….where no one treats u properly….An a glimpse of an orphan like anika…worse situation….Happy that some positive creature is helping out anika….Thanks to KARIM UNCLE…Loved the way u explained her thoughts which were so true…anika might be bachi di but her questions r jaayas!
    Beautiful thought sissy….Even i want to see my SHIVAY soon here…..!!!!Glad n excited for the story ahead..
    All the best for the next….Love u loads!!!

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