“Is love eternal”__shivika ff by kanfi “Chap 5”



20sept 2015

So finally I got the chance to have a conversation with him…I genuinely apologised to him for getting him wrong and he just forgave me…He didnt utter a word other than “Its Ok”….!!I was like its too rude of him…I tried to start a conversation but he didnt seem to be interested and he left that place….
I was really surprised to see him like this,,I mean he is topper of his institute and also winner of many sports but he is this quiet like its unbelievable…..So let him be,,why am I thinking about him…
So from tomorrow our competition will begin,,firstly there is an elimination round,,so we’ve to give a test having mcq ques,,I am so nervous,,hope I will perform well…!!

22sept 2015

Yeahh….know what I qualified test round and I was at second position,,and guess what who has secured 1st rank,,its none other than Shivaay…He’s really talented ,,I’ve to work hard if I want to beat him….
And today I came to know an interesting thing about him….Actually Shivaay lives in institute’s  hostel,,,his family lives abroad…He is a reserved kind of person,,he rarely talks to anyone,,he just want to be alone,,,he has hardly any friends….He has such an amazing life,,dont know why he doesnt enjoy his life…Dont know,,why I feel like he is really very lonely,,and he needs a friend as I myself have experienced these loneliness feelings…
I’ll try to talk to him tomorrow….And I wont be able to write diary regularly as I’ve to focus on the competition…

30 sept 2015

So today was the last day of competition….N guess what who has topped…!!!actually it was a tie b/w me and Shivaay,,,and jury were unable to decide a winner ,,so they declared both of us as winners….!!I was soo much happy but shivaay,,he acted so normal as if he knew he is going to win…He took his trophy and made his way out of the auditorium…And let me tell you secret I am here just because of him,,in one of the tasks,he had helped me in completing the task…I dont know why has he helped me and due to hectic schedule I was unable to thank him…So I decided to have a talk with him as today was last day and then I dont think I’ll be able to talk to him….So I followed him and meanwhile I was thinking only about him…Is this his natural behaviour or he just want to be alone..Dont know why I want to befriend with him but I think I should have a talk with him….


Annika–Shivaay,,,,wait a min….

Shivaay–Yes…!!I think competition has ended,,so you here???

Ani–Actually I wanted to thank you…(cutoff by shivaay)

Shiv–You really dont need to ..I didnt do that to listen a thank you from you,,what I felt right at that time,I did that..Should I go??

Ani–What do you think of yourself ..I am noticing this from Day 1,,why are you behaving so rude…I ‘d tried so many times to have a conversation with you but all the time you just ran away…..You have such a beautiful life,,do enjoy it….You wont get anything from this loneliness,,I’ve experienced all this as I havent any option….But you are doing all this intentionally..I dont know why….but I’ll tell you the same,,enjoy life,,make friends…..(again cut off by shivaay)

Shiv–Ohh please…Did I ask you for your so called lecture…!!Keep it to yourself…You know nothing about me…Friends,,enjoyment,,all these are not for me…Attachments,,expectations,,fondness,,I just want to stay miles away from all this,,because I dont deserve this….!!!

Ani–How can you decide what you deserve and what you dont…Dont be so hard on yourself….I also used to think the same about life,,but I’ve realised HE(GOD) can never be harsh on us..If there is something which is bothering you,,you can share it with me….There are always tough time but these are also the possibilities that table will turn and you’ll experience all happiness which you deserve…!!Rest is up to you but whenever you need a friend or want to share anything you can think of me…It was really amazing experience to compete with you…All the best for your future…..

After saying all this I returned to my room and started packing,,while I was moving towards room,,I saw Shivaay standing still there,,he didnt utter a word…Dont know what was he thinking,,his expressions are just plain….I didnt say anything further and entered my room…

5 Dec 2015

After that competition,,of course my life has changed..I’d participated in many more quizzes and competitions and made my people proud of me…
And know what happened today…!!!!He came here,,,yes He,,,Shivaay has taken admission in this institute,,,I was really shocked and didnt know what he is upto….!!!After doing all admission formalities,,he just came towards me and said “So did my friend miss me..?”….and with an ear to ear smile….I was shocked,,happy,,nervous…all emotions were just mixed up,,Shivaay is here and talking to me in this way,,,,I was just staring at him and came to reality after his jerk…..

Ani–You here???matlb how???

Shiv–Areee you forgot..!!You only said na you’ll be always there for me…So I came here to be with my friend and to make our friendship more stronger….

(I was just smiling seeing him so happy…Dont know why but I am soo happy for him…)

Shiv–Hello…where are you lost…!!!Dont you introduce yourself properly and made me visit this place…

Ani–yeah sure

We both introduce ourselves to each other…I didnt tell him much about my past,,will surely tell him but its not the right time…He told me about him,,,his family lives in abroad,,he is here in india for his studies….I asked him about his that weird and rude behaviour during competition but he didnt tell anything…He told he’ll tell me everything when right time comes…I also didnt force him….I made him visit the whole institute,,he liked the place….We exchanged our number and he left towards his room as he was very tired….
And here I am thinking,,,should I text him…!!should I??wohooooo guess what,,,he just texted me “hii”…..Okay I am going to have a chat with him……….
Precap–diary entry continues

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  1. Qwerty123

    Countinue … i reallly like the conspect
    Give more romance and twist ..
    Loved it

    1. Kanfi

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  2. Fenil

    Fabulous !!
    Loved it.

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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  6. Maryam_ishq

    Fabulous chp !! I really like the diary concept.
    Anika said sry to shivay for her behaviour the other day and he just said it’s ok… she tried to befriend him many times but he just ignored it and went away. He is a very reserved kind of person and likes to be by himself most of the times. He even helped anika in one of the exams ?… how sweet of him. They both won the contest.
    Anika tried to befriend him again… she asked him to live life to the fullest and enjoy it… she knws how it feels to be lonely and it slowly kills u frm within and she didn’t want him to go through tht phase of life as she knws how much it hurts. Shivay sayin he doesn’t deseeve friendship or love or anything. Shivay was in thoughts aftr anika spoke to him.
    Shivay took admission in the same college as anika’s…. she was shocked to see him there and was happy to see him smiling. Shivay introduced himself prply and she told some stuff abt her… both of them didn’t reveal everything abt themselves yet. Anika wantin to msg shivay but was skeptical and thn she sees shivay’s msg ??.
    Can’t wait for the next chp… i really wanna knw wht happened in shivay’s life tht he became so reserved. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Kanfi

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      My id–@kanfi_6

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