A girl asking surya to give her a lift

Girl: pls pls
Can u drop me to …….
Its very urgent
If u need money i will give that too
Surya: i can arrange u a taxi
Girl: have no time. My mother is in hospital.
And i need to rush theere

He don’t know wot to do and before giving an answer she sit at his back

Surya:hey girl wot r doing
Girl: please
He starts the bike

After sometime he stops the bike
Girl:wot happend
Surya: even i have parents
They will worry if i came late
He called home
Hema:surya where r u. Come home fast
Surya: ma i will be late. Am going with a frnd
U pls gave phone to pa
Shanker: where r u surya
Surya: pa a girl asked me to give a lift to ….
And she told me that her mother is in hospital
May be my phone will gt off u pls manage ma and devu
Shanker: surya r u ok. Any problem
Surya:nothing like that
Shanker:ok then takecare and come soon as far as possible

Girl:u r so frndle with ur father right??
Surya: mmm he is so frndly
How u know my name
Girl: ath … i heard when u talk with ur mom
Surya: ha ok. Mmm wots ur name
She kept silent
Surya: r u thinking to find a name
Girl:ntng like that am shikha

They reached at hospital
She gets down
Shikha: can u pls wait for sometime
Surya: eyyy girl
I need to go … and its too late now
If u r bothering about money i don’t need any
This is a small favour by surya to a stranger girl shikha

Shikha: its not abt money u should wait here. I will be back
She covers her hair and ran to hospital

Surya smells something fishy
And same time he got anger
Surya:which time she jumped in front of my bike
He takes his bike and went

After sometime
She came out and didnt c him
She luks scared and luked pale thinking wot to do
She walks outside slowly
At that time he came across her
Surya: where r u going
U ask me to wait and u escaping
Shikha: shall we go
Surya: where
She sits behind him and ask him to go
Surya:can i ask u something
Shikha: wot
Surya: r u a terrorist
Actually am scared now
Shikha :shall we go
He starts the bike
Surya: wots ur intension ha ineed to go home
I don’t have time to waste for ur childish acts

Surya: oh my god wot will i tell to devu now
Shikha : who is that
Surya: my grand ma
Shikha: mmmmmm
I don’t want to disturb u . U pls drop me at next bisstop. Will go from therr
She luks so weak and sad
Surya:mmmmm this much happendd i will drop u at home

He luks at her throght side glass
She is very beautiful but she luks very scared

Surya: relax girl. Y r u scared
Now am with u Its my responsibility to get u to ur home safely

His words touched her
She lukks at him

On the way there is a police checking
She gets scared
Shikha: police
We shall go by anotherway
Surya: y r u so scared
R u really a teerorist
Shikha: shut up
Its too late na
And thy will think wrong abt us na
Mmmm then ok he take another route and goes

Then his phone rings
He put that in loudspeaker

Surya:ha how was the film rinna
Rinna: u idiot
Where r u
U planned all that and escaped at the time
Surya: eeeee sorry
I had an urgent work thats yyyyy
Rinna :anyways we enjoyed alot
U got to hell
She disconnects the phone

Surya: y all girls r like this

Shikha felt uncomfortable and ask who is she
Surya: rinna my frnd

Her phone ringed
Shikha: ha di
No i will be there in 1 hr
Yes di i saw her. She cried alot
And i couldnt control myself seeing her all because of me na
Lady: did aynyone c u
Shikha: no di . At that time no one is there
U don’t worry
Phone disconnected

Surya luks her throgh glass
Surya thinks
Sure there is something serious
Surya: is everything ok
U can share with me any problem?
Shikha : hey ntng like that

Bike stops infront of a house
Shikha: come inside will introduce to my family
Surya: another day
Its too late na
C u
Shikha: how can i contact u if i need any help
Surya: haha so
U decided
He give him his number she saved thar
While saving she murmoured Surya narayanan
Suryya: wot how u know my fjll name and all
Shikha: i know
Now bye
He goes from there

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