Actually this a
Is a story not any fan fiction of any seriels

Don’t know whether u like it nor not
This is a small and simple story

A story opens by showing a beautiful village
A house is shown
An elderly women and a lady shown
Dadi: on what time surya will come
Hema:no idea ma .he told me that he will reach here by morning. And now it is evng.. when i cled now he told me that he is at frnds house. He prefer freinds more than us
Dadi:aa he is like his father na
Where is swathi

Hema: she and shanker ji went to her college there os some program
She is lucky to get a father like him
Mmmm wot to say like hr he bought up a girl and wot she did to him ,to us even now he is praying for her
Dadi:watevrr it is she is our daughter na
Wherever she is before death want to hear that she is leading a happy life

This is vrindavan house
Here shanker and hema has 3 childrens
Devi (dadi) is hema’s mother
Varsha ,surya narayanan and swathi
Shanker is a retired bank manager
Varsha while studying in college loved someone and eloped with him
Family shattered after that
Surya completed MBA and he wish to start a bussiness
A simple middleclass family

At night
Calling bell
Hema opens the door and sees surya and she scolds him for being late
Surya:sorry ma went to c frnds na
He went to c dadi
Dadi scolds him alot
Dadi:y u came now??? U prefer ur frnds more than me na
Am eager to c my grandson after 2 year and u busy with frnds
Surya:am sorry devuuu
I love u more than anyone
Mmmm wait will come after meetig pappa

Before that he saw swathi he teases her she hugs him
He went to c dad shanker was standing outside surya hugs him
Shanker :hema told that u came. Did u have fud?
Surya: before that will ask u something
Wot happend to u ???
Shanker:nothing son
Surya:oho my father is lieing to me
U know na am a king lier
How can u lie to me
Shankrr smiled
Surya:haavu smiled
Then tell me now wot happend

I can guess . U r thinking about her, who left us for her happiness and left us in darkness
She left us and now we have no relation with her
He go inside in anger

Next day he get ready to go to frnds house
On the way
A girl crossed his bike
He stopped his bike
Surya:r u mad
If u have any intention to suicide go and jump infront of another vehicle
Leave me… he scolds her

She is wearing a salwar and covered her hair
She is very tensed and he smells soething wrong

Girl: will u pls help mee please its urgent
He is surprised
Girl:can u give a lift plsss
Surya:no sorryyy….. even my time is not gud leave me i don’t have time to waste

She came in front of his bike and pleaded

He luked into her eyes, face,, and get mesmorised

I know its too boring unnecessary dialogues
Can i continue?

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  1. Continue it dr i m liking its intro hope to read u further n keep writing n smiling

  2. Fenil

    Its not boaring dear.
    loved it.
    Can’t wait for next.
    If possible send me links in PM

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