Love, an escape (Kriyam) = episode 4 SUHANI SI EK LADKI

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Krishna woke up and rubbed her drowsy eyes as the sunlight poured through the tinted glass. She saw him lying beside her and she couldn’t controll her smile. Sayyam looked absolutely adorable, his hair was tossled and two strands had flopped down infront of his eyes. He looked like an innocent boy as he clung to her, with his arm tightly wrapped around her waist possesively, as if he had claimed her as his own and would never let them part. She looked down to see that their hands had interwined in their sleep, twisting together and joint by love.

She gently pushed his hair away from his face as she admired him, the small smile on his face while he slept was irresistably cute. She sweetly kissed his cheek, pressing her soft lips againt his skin.

She then immediately looked away, flushing pink in shyness. Sayyam opened his eyes slightly, groaning as he streched a little, but he didnt remove his arm around Krishna.

Sayyam- Good morning jaan (his voice was quiet and husky from sleeping, she couldnt help but think it sounded hot.)

Krishna- Good morning (she quipped, her voice filled with joy.)

He comfortingly ran his hand down her back, treasuring the possesion in his arms. He tenderly caressed her face, grazing his fingertips gently across her skin. He admired the way her nose was pink and her cheeks were flushed. Her soft big eyes framed by her long thick lashes turned him insane, he smiled. He pulled her closer, inhaling her scent, floral and sweet, innocent and alluring, just like her. He reached over and turned on his phone to read the time.

Sayyam- utt jaa Krishna, bohot dher hogaya hai… {get up Krishna, its very late}

Krishna moaned childishly, refusing to shift. She squeezed her eyes shut and snuggled further in to his chest.

Krishna- nuh huh (krishna grumbled while shaking her head, her voice muffled by the fabric of Sayyam’s shirt.)

He sighs at her with a knowing smile.

Sayyam- Krishna utt na… {Krishna get up }

Krishna- mujhe neend aar rahi hai Sayyam…{Im sleepy] (she pouted cutely and Sayyam’s heart immediately melted.)

Sayyam- fine, sau gauw {sleep} miss bevakoof {fool}…

She giggled at his name for her, she was his bevakoof, nobody else’s.

Sayyam wrapped her tightly in his arms, holding her adoringly to his chest. She smiles contendly as she placed her head against his heart and hears his heartbeat, steady and relaxing. Her eyes became woozy, as his comforting heartbeat lulled her to sleep. Sayyam fondled with her hair, running his fingers through it gingerly.

Krishna- I love you, Mr badtameez {bad mannered} (she mumbled, now half asleep.)

Sayyam grinned at his adorable love, he leaned over and softly planted an affectionate kiss against her forehead.

Sayyam- Not as much as i love you (he whispered lovingly. Krishna smiled as she fell asleep.)


Sayyam shot up in bed with a gasp, his hands clutching on to the duvet until his knuckles had turned white. He dabbed at rhe beads of sweat that immediately started trickling down his neck and gathering on his hairline, his eyes were round and his breathing was unsteady in confusion.


Yuvaan came out of the shower, dressed for work. He saw Krishna sleeping on the bed and glanced at the time, it was already late. He became frustrated at her carelessness. He walked over to her.


‘What the hell was that?’ Sayyam didnt know why it had this affect on him. He could feel the blood throbbing and thriving and stopping and starting in veins, he could hear his pulsating heartbeat ringing in his ears creating a nauseating restlessness. The dream was so perfect that it was a nightmare, it had stipped his soul bare and let all those confused feelings that were submerged in his soul to all come spilling out, creating havoc.

Yuvaan impaitently shook her by the shoulder to wake her. Krishna smiled but frowned at the same time in her sleep.

Krishna- sayyam chood na {leave me}, i said i want to sleep.

Yuvaan frowned in confusion but as the words settled in, his blood began to boil. ‘Is she cheating on me? She’s mine. How could take someone else’s name?’ He clenched every muscle in his body, throbbing with rage.

Yuvaan- Yeh Sayyam khon hai!? Krishna utt! Mujhe tumse bhat karni hai! {Who is this Sayyam? Krishna get up! I want to talk to you!}

Krishna sprung up in shock, realisation slapping her in the face. ‘Oh my lord, what was that dream?!’ She brought a hand to her mouth in shock. She couldnt move as the shivers crept down her back.

Yuvaan- Stand up and say who is he?! (His hand had turned in to a fist.)

Krisna stayed where she was, lost deep within the recesses in her heart. Yuvaan almost imploded with irritation at her disobeyance. He grabbed her by the hand and yanked her to her feet.

Yuvaan- WHO. IS. HE?!

Krishna immediately trembled in fear as she tried to avoid the burning rage smouldering in Yuvaan’s eyes. ‘How could i see that?’ She thought.

Krishna- i-i- dont even really know… Yuvaan im so sorry it just slipped out- its the name of this customer at work but- but ive barely even met him twice-i dont- i dont know what-what- what happened- please- please forgive me- please… (the tears had already began streaming down her face like rivers of fear as she shook. Yuvaan turned his face away in disgust.)

Yuvaan- Okay, trust me. If you come back to this house after college i will not be able to controll my anger, find yourself somewhere to stay for tonight. I dont want to see you. (His voice was deathly silent but more terrifying that a yell.)

Krishna- But Yuvaan I havent done anything wrong- i would never- i would never do anything to hurt you- I- I- your being so irrational… (Yuvaan looked up at her and glared, silencing her immediately.) S-s-orry… (she looked to the floor, fiddling with her fingers nervously.) But i have no- nowhere to stay…

Yuvaan- Thats your problem. (He left slamming the door, she heard him stomp out down the stairs and open front door, holding in her breath. The front door slammed shut, vibrating through the house and her heart, where it was absolutley silent.

The chasm of her heart pounded with confusion and fear. She felt lost in this labrinth of deciet and lies and hopes and destiny. She couldnt shake the images of the dream from her mind…

But it disgusted her that she could think of someone like that when she was with Yuvaan, she’s always felt she loves with a sincere heart. How could she think of somebody else being with her when Yuvaan is?

The thought scared her blind, because what if thats what she wants? What if thats who she want?

~because thats what loves like, love is a thief, it blinds us and takes away a sense of time or place. And at the most unexpected time, in a flashing second, in a tepid moment, in a heartbeat, opens your heart to the most unexpected person. ~


‘Dreams dont mean anything. Dreams dont mean anything. Dreams dont mean anything.’ Sayyam chanted to himself rocking back and forth with closed eyes.

The thought, scared him senseless, because what if thats what he wants? What if thats who he wants?

And what if he asks her “what do you think of me?”And she says…
“I dont.”

~ because thats what love is like. Love is a their eyes, a laugh, a smile, a conversation and your gone. Its like a sudden collision of stars that sends you plummeting in to a deep dark ocean of your own thoughts and fears, and there’s no looking back. Ever.~


Her breathing settled, everything was okay. It was only a dream. She loved Yuvaan with every bone of her body and beat of her heart she assured her self, she loved him devoutedly. These thoughts will come and go, its natural. They mean nothing.

But then why, when she lifted the pillow beside her to hide her weeping face could she almost feel Sayyam’s heat and comfort radiate off it. And why did that feeling make her close her eyes and why did she suddenly feel safe from all Yuvaan’s taunts and yells.


Sayyam wipes his hand across his face, as if attemtping to bring him out of her ridiculous thoughts. He didnt know what that dream was, he didnt know what he felt for Krishna. But he didnt want to know, emotion made him weak he knew that. He would never give in to his heart, his mind ruled him. It was just a dream.

But then why, when he took a deep breath, did it feel as if her scent lingered in the room, floral and sweet and innocent and alluring. And why did it make him smile?

Suhani had been watching him from his doorway for a long time. She had a frown on her face, he was definitley thinking about something, something that scared him. And she knew he wouldnt tell her, he hated showing her his fears.

Suhani walked in to the room but he didnt notice her as he looked to the floor.

Suhani- Good morning mera baccha {my child} (Sayyam looked up at her and grinned widely, but the pain didnt fade from his eyes, she noticed this.)

Sayyam- Good morning maa…

She sat beside him and took both his hands in to hers. Sayyam frowned at her in puzzlement.

Sayyam- kya hua {what happened?} maa? (He became a little concerned.)

Suhani stroked his hand comfortingly.

Suhani- kuch nahi. {nothing.}I just wanted to tell you something(she looked deeply in to his eyes as he nodded.) You dont always have to hide everything you feel to be a hero. You never have to do anything or hide anything that scares you. That is very very painful for me beta, and for you.

Sayyam becomes emotional as she says something that hit his heart right on a sensitive spot.

Sayyam- (he sounded like a terrified little boy.) But maa, heros get scared but carry on. Only cowards get scared and quits.

Suhani- (she smiles slightly.)But beta, every hero becomes a bore sometimes (sayyam cracks a smile eventhough his eyes had turned glassy, because his mother had said exactly what he needed to hear.)

He hugs her tightly and she holds him, becoming his support.

Sayyam- (his broken voice was muffled by Suhani’s shoulder.)I dont have to pretend to be strong anymore? Would you love me either way maa?

Suhani- Of course beta, of course… Everyone will.


Suhani caressed Sayyam and Yuvani’s cheeks one by one, smiling adoringly at her children with glassy eyes. She tenderly applied a black spot under each of their ears, making them smile at her love and care.

Suhani- Tum dono ko koi buree najar na lage mere bacche… {May no one cast an evil eye on you two} (Sayyam and Yuvani both adorably kiss a of side Suhani’s cheek each, making her giggle and hold them tightly to her chest as if her mortherly heart refused to let them go.) tum dono accha se padai kar ke mujhe aur tumare papa ko garv bana do teek kai?{You both study well and make me and your dad proud, okay?} (The both nodded obedediantly and she pulled their cheeks affectionately. She suddenly shut her eyes for a second as heavy fatigue weighed down against her forehead. Sayyam immediately frowned in concern and grabbed her hand.)

Sayyam- maa are you feeling dizzy again? (He starts blurting words out in a rush in worry.) Should i miss college today? Shall i call the doctor?

Suhani smiles faintly and strokes his hand that clung to hers like a child.

Suhani- Mein bilkhul teek ho beta, {Im absolutely fine} i was just thinking how much i will miss you both today…

Yuvani- (She pulled a funny disgusted face) mumma yeh kya hai? Itni sentimental baatein kyu kar rahi hu? {What is this mumma, why are you saying such sentimental things}

Sayyam- Hey Yuvaani! Dont tease my maa like that, and she wont miss you anyway… (He stuck out his tongue playfully at Yuvani and wrapped an arm around Suhani and hugged her.) she will only miss me!

Yuvani- Oi Sayyam! (She childishly frowned )

Suhani- Rukh jao, rukh joa, its been enough of you childish antics, you two are college students! Now hurry up or you will be late…

Sayyam- par {But} maa! I dont want to go! Ill miss you! (Suhani sighed sympathetically with a smile, rubbing his arm.)

Yuvani- Of course he would miss you mumma, he is mumma’s baby. (Sayyam frowned adorably and Suhani kissed his cheek lovingly cheering him up.)

Suhani- Yuvani, aisa meri beta ko pareshan mat karna, bechare… he was just showing his love, you never do that, you are chanting your papa’s name 24/7 (she taunted teasingly.)

Yuvani frowned playfully, crossing her arms over her chest and stamping her foot, she huffed and Sayyam and Suhani surpressed their laughter. Yuvraj walked in to the room to bid his children goodbye for the day, and Yuvani suddenly ran to him, he frowned in confusion.
Yuvani- Papa! Wo ma aur beta {That mother and son} duo are troubling me! (She whined childishly, Yuvraj smiled at his daughter.)

Yuvraj hugged his daughter, treasuring her youth and admiring her bubbly nature that reminded her of how his wife used to be before she was mentally traumatized by that beast.

Yuvraj- its okay my princess, your papa is always on your team, na? (He playfully sticks out his tongue at sayyam and suhani and they all grin at Yuvani’s naivety.)

Without warning Suhani suddenly stumbled with weakness, feeling her joints shake with uneasiness, her mind was filled with fuzzy images of pain that sickened her to her stomach but she couldnt visualise them clearly. She clucthed helplessly to Sayyam’s arm for support, the family looked at her in intense concern.

Suhani- Sayyam… (her voice was fading fast, Sayyam yelled maa repeatedly at the top of his voice and held her in care, but Suhani couldnt hear or feel anything, drifting into a phsycotic state.)

Yuvraj heart raced in worry, and tears swam to the top of his eyes. He then saw Sayyam eyes that had darkened with a fear and pain he was familiar with, guilt. ‘He is such a young boy carrying such a heavy burden,’ Yuvraj thought. ‘He sees his mother in this state everyday and he blames himself everyday and we being his parents cant stop this feeling of lonliness for him, how awful are we? ‘ He couldnt bear the look in Sayyam’s eyes.

Yuvraj- Yuvani quickly take your maa in to her room and give her some water and her tablets and tuck her in to her bed and stay with her until she sleeps(a pained tear left his eye.)

Yuvani nodded immediately and obedieantly and led her half concious mother in to the bedroom while she was muttering distrubing thoughts that haunted her. As Yuvani walked out the room, Sayyam rushed along beside her watching his mother in fright.

Yuvraj stops him, clasping on to his wrist. He looks back at him in confusion.

Yuvraj- Tu yaha rukho {Yoou wait here,} , i dont want you to see your maa like that sayyam (his considerate words melted Sayyam’s tough demeanor and the tears started flowing from his eyes.)

Sayyam- Pa- (guilt always caused the word to cause a lump in his throat.) Papa, how can i go to college when ma is like this?

Yuvraj- Sayyam, this isnt you fault. You are young and you have your entire life ahead of you, you cant be handling such huge responsibilities… (He tenderly placed his hand on Sayyam’s shoulder.)

Sayyam- But papa- (Yuvraj felt the agony that clouded Sayyam’s eyes.)

Yuvraj- Im here, right? Dont you trust me? (Sayyam nodded staring at his father like a frightened child.) I promise, ill make sure she’s safe and okay. I promise. (Sayyam’s strength gave way seeing his kindness to him, that he never thought he ever deserved.)

He suddenly hugged Yuvraj shutting his crying eyes, Yuvraj was taken aback but responded to him hugging him back.

Sayyam- t-tha-thank you papa (his words were broken up because of the cries he tried to hide. Yuvraj rubbed his back soothingly for a few seconds.)

Yuvraj eyes had softened with emotion as he cried a single happy tear, he felt as if the boy in his arms was one of his own, that they now shared something stonger than blood. He was overjoyed that Sayyam finally opened up to him.

Yuvraj broke out of the hug with a mischevious smile.

Yuvraj- Now hurry, otherwise you’ll be late to college. (Sayyam nodded and picked up his bags.) Aur Sayyam, i know you told your mother you will study but i know you will find yourself some beautiful girl to flirt with… (he smiled teasingly.)

Sayyam- Papa! (He frowned with embaressment, making Yuvraj laugh.)

Yuvani appeared back in the room with her backpack hoisted on to her shoulders, grinning at the last few lines she heard.

Yuvani- in your dreams, voh tumari jaise ek shararti ladka nai hu papa { He isn’t a mischevious boy like you} (she and sayyam laughed at the face Yuvraj made.) but im sure all the girls will be after my handsome brother…

Sayyam- shut up Yuvani (sayyam muttered shyly, while his father and sister smirked at his reaction.)


Krishna walked through the campus clutching to her textbooks. She drew many male eyes toward her. She looked stunning. Plenty of girl sauntered around in short skirts and crop tops and skinny figures but nobody had what she had.

She had this inner angelic glow that radiated out in her smile. Her long brown hair that floated through the air and gently tickled the skin of those she accidently passed too close to. She wore a simple black halter blouse and a long cream skirt with intricate lace detaliling. It was modest and simple, but somehow it hugged her figure perfectly and she drove men crazy, without even realising.

She walking normally and then… CLANG!… she collided with somebody and all her books and herself went sprawling to the ground. She cutely squeezed her eyes shut, bracing to feel the cold tile floor. She slowly open her eyes in confusion when she didnt hit the floor.

Krishna- Tum!

Sayyam- Tum!
Krishna had fallen on top of Sayyam, her hair covering both their faces from anybody else’s sight. Krishna was clutching to Sayyam’s shirt and Sayyam had grabbed Krishna’s waistly tightly to stop her from falling. His arms perfectly fit in to the curves of her waist, as if they were made to rest there.

The light wind caused Krishna’s hair to fly a little, a few strands sweeped over Sayyam’s face… tickling his nose. He sneezed adorably. Krishna giggled at him, her eyes sparkling.

Her eyes captured him, kidnapped his heart, he was left without words and his insides had turned in to a mess of emotions he couldnt describe.

Krishna- Oi mister! Where are you lost? (She bubbled with energy and playful frustration.)

Sayyam- Huh? (Sayyam snapped out of his daze.)

Krishna- why arent you moving mr badtameez{badmannered}!?

Sayyam- excuse me miss, you are one lying on top of me!

Krishna’s twitched her nose in irritation and stood up without a word, as did Sayyam while watching her. Before she could stand up completley straight she began falling to the floor again.

Sayyam grabbed her hand and and pulled her back up before she could tumble with a face of concern, krishna tried ignore the spark that she felt in her veins when he grabbed her hand.

Sayyam- do you know anything other than to fall miss bevakoof{you fool}? What ridiculous shoes are you wearing? (He looked at her huge white platform heels.)

Krishna- (she made a determined face.) my shoes, my choice. What does it matter to you?

Sayyam- (his smiled sarcastically, shrugging his shoulders.) Im just trying to avoid you falling on top of me time and time again… i cant handle that much weight all the time…

Krishna- Hey! Are you calling me fat?! (She put her hands on her waist in cute anger.)

Sayyam- haa moti! {yes fatty!}(He stuck out his tongue childishly.)

Krishna- Mein tumhe choodunga nahi! {I wont leave you!} (Krishna started sprinting at Sayyam with one of books hauled over head to hit him with playfully.) Budhoo! {fool}

Sayyam rounded his eyes in suprise and started running away from her. They were running round and around the outside of campus. They didnt realise when they began laughing loudly as they ran even though there were out of breath. They felt young, fresh, happy and free.

Yuvani was watching them with the biggest smile on her face, her eyes twinking in pure joy. She was holding her phone up to her ear, talking to somebody.

Yuvani- Maa, mujhe meri birthday ka sabse best gift mila hai… {Today I got the best birthday gift ever…}

On the other end, suhani-Khonse gift {what gift} beta?

Yuvani- (smiling brightly.) Bhaiyya bohot kush hai yaha, pehle jaisi. {he is very happy here, like before}
On the other end, Suhani- Sacchi? Mein bus issi chatee hu…{Really? Thats all I want} does he have lots of friends or what?
Yuvani- that isnt it maa, idhere ek ladki hai, sudar si aur pyaari bhi. Wo meri bhai ko chide karthi hai aur dhat bi karthi hai par isse sab Sayym ko kushi milte hai… {there a girl her, she is beautiful and loveable. She teases my brother and tells him off too but this all gives Sayyam happiness.} I think her name is Krishna.
on the other end, suhani- Mujhe laktha hai Yuvani, tumari bhai ko pyaar hogaya hai… {I think Yuvani, your brother has fallen in love} (she had the biggest smile on her face, her son had gone through so much… he deserved happiness.)
Yuvani- Haan maa, mujhe bhi aisa hi lagti hai… {Yes, I think that too}

Precap- Sayyam: What… Your boyfriend?
Sorry I couldn’t include the precap in this chapter, everything else I had planned stretched on for too long.

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