Love, an escape (Kriyam) = episode 3

Suhani comes into the dining room, wearing a wide grinning smile and holding a huge plate of noodles.

Suhani- Happy birthday Yuvani beta! (Yuvani’s eyes glimmer with happiness as Suhani sits on the table next to her.)

Yuvani- (her voice was filled with childish excitement.) Wow! You have made noodles just like what we used to every morning on birthdays! Okay, one spoon for me (she gulps down a spoon with a huge smile that makes Suhani happy.) One spoon for mumma (she playfully forces a spoon for Suhani. Then she turns around holding up her spoon…) and one spoon for yuvaan-

She is silenced as she is faced with the empty seat beside her where her twin brother used to sit without fail on their birthday. Her eyes filled with tears, he had ruined everything, she still couldnt believe the way he treated her mother. Suhani saw the tears spilling from her eyes and felt agony and guilt in her sadness.

Suhani- i know he’s not here, im sorry. I drove him away, when you needed your brother. (She dabbed at the tear that left her eye.)

Yuvani- no mumma (she was still blankly staring at the empty seat, but comfortingly placed her hand on top of suhani’s) its okay, its not your fault. And anyway, i dont need someone who treats their mother like he did.

Suhani- (she gently caresses Yuvani’s face.) Then why are you upset over something that his fault beta, (She wipes her tears with a wobbly smile.) i dont want to see you upset, especially on your birthday.

Yuvani wipes her tears with trembling fingers and tries to maintain a determined face.

Yuvani- i wont cry,im just resting mumma, ill be back. Leave the noodles for Sayyam, he has been gone for ages this morning, he will be hungry.

Suhani- (she called for Yuvani as she walked away) Beta- (she starts going after her but hen stops suddenly as her head becomes heavy.)

She holds her head with both her arms as it pounds, voices ring in her head and memories flash in her mind like thunderbolts, she holds on to a chair as she suddenly feels the world shift beneath her feet.

Sayyam comes through the door and then spots Suhani, gripping tightly on to the chair with her eyes clamped shut. Sayyam rushes over to her with fear blazing in the orbs of his eyes. He holds her up straight, supporting her.

Sayyam- maa, are okay?! (She tries to nod assuringly, but is unable to speak.)

He tenderly sits her down on the chair and worriedly pours a cup of water and brings tablets. He slowly makes her drink the water and feeds her the tablets, watching in concern.

Suhani- im fine beta, dont worry. I have to go to talk to yuvani- (She tries to hastily get out of her seat, but Sayyam gently makes her sit again.)

Sayyam- why ma, what happened?

Suhani- Shes very upset. Its her and Yuvaan’s birthday na? (She sighs deeply, her eyes water.) Who thought the son i raised would hurt his sister like this…

Sayyam- (his eyes also turn glassy with care for his sister.) Maa dont worry, you sit. I will go and talk to her.

Suhani gratefully touches his cheek and smiles, he smiles back reassuringly before walking to Yuvani’s room.


Sayyam rushes restlessly in worry. He sees her from the doorway and stops in pain. He sees her perched on the end of the bed hugging a pillow and weeping. He wipes the tears of guilt that streams down his cheeks. He blames every bit of her pain on himself. ‘Its because of me that monster’s truth came out and Yuvaan did this. Its all because of me.’

He walks inside and sits beside her, in anguish at each and every one of her tears. He sighs shakily at her crying. He lifts her face to meet him.

Sayyam- Yuvani aisa mat ro na (she suprises him by hugging him tightly, crying in to his shirt.)

He cant stop crying at her state, but wipes his tears and attempts to stay strong. He gingerly wipes away her tears.

Sayyam-dont waste your tears baba, they are very precious to your brother.  (She smiles at his care causing him to smile.)  Im so sorry my arrival meant Yuvaan left, i know you miss him.

Yuvani- No, none of this is your fault bhaiyya. And thats not why im upset, im just thinking about how horribly he acted towards us, the ones who loved him all his life. Thank you bhaiyya, we abandonded you all your childhood yet you love us so much, thank you.

Sayyam- (he pulled a silly face that made her laugh.) Chi yuvani whats with all this senti talk, come on now, asu poonch lo, he isnt worth my sister’s tears.

Yuvani- I dont know the reason but im feeling so upset bhai and that too on my birthday. That idiot Yuvaan! (He laughs at her playful frustration.)

Sayyam- okay ill tell you what, if you wipe your tears and dress up nice i will take you to my coffee shop and there i will also give you your present.

Yuvani- (Her eyes glow in excitement.) Your coffee shop! Really? But thats your place!

Sayyam- (Sayyam frowns playfully.)  but you think i wont share it with my sister to cheer her up?

Yuvani- (she grins contendly, relieving Sayyam.) Wow thank you… ive always wanted to come to the shop with you (she softly kisses his cheek in a sisterly way.)

Sayyam rubs at the area, pulling a playful face that she frowns at.

Sayyam- You are being so emotional yuvani, this is not like you yaar… im waiting outside come quickly.


Sayyam and Yuvani walked though the door of the coffee shop, with Sayyam’s arm casually around her shoulders.

Yuvani- wow bhai, yeh gaga bhohot accha hai, thank you for bringing me.

Sayyam- Yuvani if you thank me one more time, i will break your jaw. Im your brother, you shouldnt thank me.  (They continue to tease each other and laugh.)

Krishna looks up casually but is stopped in her tracks seeing Sayyam and Yuvani sitting down on his usually table.

Floods of undescribable emotions swam over her,

..krishna pov..

who was she?His girlfriend? Why did it matter? But she was tall and slim and beautiful and i didnt know why all the self esteem inside of me had collapsed.

It’s one of the first times he seemed to happy, glowing with internal content. So why instead of being glad… am I wishing that he had been happy like that because of me intead of her?

Why was i being selfish like this, when i had a boyfriend that i loved. why did this guy matter to me? This guy that was rude and ignorant and constantly troubled me… the guy who… the guy- the guy who… fed the homeless orphan that everyone ignored, the guy that freed the me that was buried under layers insecurity and made me truly laugh.

No. Yuvaan is right, i am dellusional, and stupid for doubting my love for him. Who was this guy and who gave him right to confuse me like this, especially when he is canoodling with his supermodel girlfriend?

..end of pov..

Krishna flushed bright pink and started doing the work roughly, with jealosy and frustration she didnt understand. She couldnt help herself from looking up again and again at them glaring with spite, her mouth formed a little o when…

Sayyam took out something wrapped in glittery pink wrapping paper and Yuvani’s eyes lit up and she gasped in suprise. Sayyam handed it over to her with a grin.

Yuvani- mere liye?

Sayyam- Of course, its your birthday… (yuvani took it and her overexcitement made sayyam laugh.)

She ripped it open hyperactively and found an envelope, after staring at it in confusion she tore it open and scanned the letters inside. Her jaw dropped open in shock. She brought a hand to cover her shocked mouth, and tears filled her eyes.

Yuvani- bhaiyya… (she was breathless in surprise.)

She stood up and so Sayyam stood up, understanding. And she sprinted and hugged him, he hugged her back. He spun her around as if she was a little girl, and she squealed adorably.  he stared down at her with  nurturing love.

Yuvani- i can model for such a big brand? (She looked up at him with such admiration that he wished they could have spent their childhood together.)

Sayyam- yes. i asked ma and sent your portfolio, and they loved you (she laughed giddily.) And the best thing is you dont have to move away, its very close.

Yuvani- Wow thank you bhai, ive wanted this all my life…  (she cries in happiness. He wipes the tears.)

Sayyam- this is not something to cry about Yuvani, it is something to celebrate. Sit and lets drink some coffee.

They both sit and they order coffee.

Krishna feels something wet hit her top lip as she watches them at the table, she wipes it away with her finger and realises that it was a tear. She couldnt tell why it hurt to watch them, why she wanted to be the girl with sayyam, why she never felt that happy with yuvaan.

A waiter approached her and told her to make to coffee for table 14. She grumbled when the waiter left. She made the cup of coffee and started walking to the table, trying to appear cold and indifferent.

As krishna approached, Sayyam noticed her. Her long silky hair framed her delicate skin and large eyes that engulfed him, that he lost himself inside. She wore a shimmery white anarkali that hugged her figure perfectly, she looked angelic in white. He could hear the chiming of her anklets that sounded like raindrops. But something was disturbing him.

Yuvani- sayyam? Sayyam! (She waved her hand infront of his face to get his attention.)

Sayyam looked at her with a confused face.

Sayyam- hmm?

Yuvani- where were you lost?

Sayyam remembered staring at krishna, ‘what has gotten in to me?’ He thought.

Sayyam- nowhere (he smiled at yuvani but she raises her eyebrow at him.)

Krishna reaches their table and places the cups the down with a bitter glare and no words.

‘Whats happened to this miss bevakoof?’ Sayyam thought.

Yuvani smiles at her while wondering whether she was the one sayyam was staring at.

Yuvani- thank you! (Krishna didnt respond, envy causing her to curl her fists. She faked a smile. Yuvani felt confused.)

Krishna waited and watched them, confusing them. Yuvani looked at Sayyam and asked ‘whats going on’ with her eyes. Sayyam shook his head meaning ‘no clue.’

Yuvani- we dont need anything else thank you, you can carry on with your work if you’d like.

Krishna- no, no, its fine. Ill just stay and check whether every thing is okay. Please drink… (yuvani smiled kindly and lifted her cup, she indicated to sayyam to drink to.)

Sayyam looked at Krishna warily, kind of intimidted by her new confidence, but attracted too. He took a long sip, still looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

Yuvani burst out with laughter looking at him, he looked at her with an adorable puzzled face. Krishna finds it difficult to hold in her giggle and breaks a little smile which Sayyam notices with happiness.

Sayyam- kya dekh rahi hu tum log? (Sayyam had a line of froth like a white mustache above his lip.)

Yuvani sighed and lifted a napkin up, krishna sees this and understands she is about to wipe it for him. Suddenly Krishna lifts a napkin and before Yuvani can…

She comes close to his face, their lips inches apart. Sayyam’s eyes are huge with suprise, krishna smirks seeing Yuvani and Sayyam’s shocked faces. She wipes at his mouth, subconciously biting her lips in concentration. Sayyam’s eyes were drawn to her full pink lips. He couldnt help thinking ‘she so hot…’

Sayyam- Hey miss bevakoof (he whispered with a husky voice, admiring her.) Kya kar rahi hai tum?

Krishna shut her eyes feeling the heat of his breath against her skin, causing the hairs on her body  to stand on end. What lasted 30 seconds felt like a lifetime.

Yuvani- Oho! (She punched Sayyam playfully in the shoulder causing both of them to jump out of the moment.) Bhaiyya cant you drink properly? (She was smiling mischeviously after seeing the scene.)

Sayyam awkwardly cleared out his throat, with slightly pink cheeks.

‘Bhaiyya? ‘ Krishna covered her mouth with suprise and embaressment. ‘Oh cr*p. Now this is so awkward, what was i trying to show anyway? If Yuvaan was here-‘

Manager- Krishna hurry up! What the he*l are you wasting time on? You have a pile of work here waiting for you!

She turned around avoid the glances of Sayyam and Yuvani shamefully, and rushed back to the counter. ‘Wow thank you manager saab, one time you did something great!’

Sayyam was frowning, he didnt like the way the manager just talked to krishna.

Yuvani- Wow mr flirt, what was that huh? (She smiled teasingly.)

Sayyam- What do you mean? (He tried to hide his embaressment in a frown.)

Yuvani- What do i mean? (She laughed. She picked up the tissue and mimicked wiping his lip very slowly.) Miss bevakoof, kya kar rahi hu? (She imitated Sayyam deep low voice, and the burst out in to giggles.)

He pouted angrily but adorably, making Yuvani laugh even more.

Sayyam- Yuvani, If you carry on i will confiscate you brand deal!

Yuvani- hey bhaiyya thats not fair!

Sayyam- then shut up about that.

Yuvani- fine. (She huffed like a child.)

Sayyam- are you done with your cup? Ill go and give it to krishn-, the waitress. (Yuvani raised her eyebrow suspiciously but handed the cup over.)

He held the cups and started walking over but then he noticed krishna. She had knotted her hair in a bun and had one strand of hair as a fringe. She had put on an apron and was covered in flour, she looked adorable, he couldnt held but smile. She was also surrounded with work, things to bake, tables to clean, plates to wash, he felt awful for her, for some reason. He decided something.

He went over to the counter and stood on the other side of it, all the workers peered at him in confusion. He turned on the tap ignoring their stares. He started rinsing out the cups, scrubbing at them throughly. He looked over at krishna hard at work, he wanted to reduce her work load as much as he could. He stopped washing the cups for a moment. He went over to one of the workers.

Sayyam- hey bhaiyya, is there anything i can help with?

Helper- what? No we are fine, thank you sir.

Sayyam- please bhaiyya, id be happy to help.

Helper- no sir, we’d get in trouble if the manager saw you working…

Sayyam- okay, i understand.

He went back over to the sink and turned on the tap. He began rinsing the cup again.

Krishna looked up out of the trade window of the kitchen and counter and was shocked to see Sayyam standing there. ‘Am i imagining? How can i imagine him?’ She pinched herself lightly and felt it, she frowned. ‘He’s actually there washing up cups?’ She watched him, unknowingly stopping rolling out the dough. She admired the creases of concentration on his face, and the way his eyebrows furrowed, it was so cute to her. She watched, subconciously stopping her work.

Manager- KRISHNA! (Krishna stood shock still, he was loud enough for the entire store to hear.) You have so much work and you are sitting here and daydreaming! Come, let me show you! (He grabbed her roughly by the wrist and started dragging her in to the main area of the store. Her hair fell out of her bun in the force.)

They came in to Sayyam’s view and all hell broke loose in Sayyam’s mind. He glared at the hand that was around krishna’s wrist, with his fists curled and shaking. He saw the way she cowered behind her hair. He suddenly remembered his frightened mother.

Manager- Let the whole shop see what a rubbish employee you are! Never hire her! Daydreaming really? Disgraceful! I gave you this job out of pity and you-

Suddenly someone came between the two. Sayyam peeled the manager’s hand from krishna wrist and shoved it away, staring af him in uncontrollable rage. He gripped her hand tightly, as if scared to let go.

Sayyam- Well she doesnt beed your pity, or your stupid job! Is this how you talk to girls, to anyone?! IS THIS THE RESPECT YOUR MOTHER TAUGHT YOU! (Krishna cried in shame, hidden behind her hair.) You humiliated this poor girl who did nothing but listen to you! Disgusting…

Manager- KRISHNA! who is this boy, tell him to stop interferring in our conversation. (He stepped closer to krishna, causing her to unknowingly grab Sayyams upper arm in fear.)

Sayyam- Actually sir, i decide that and not her. Now go before i lose my paitence, i have no interest in creating a scene any more.

The manager thunders in to the back room, grunting in frustration.

Sayyam turns round to krishna angrily.

Sayyam- What was that!? How could you let someone talk to you like that krishna?! Where is all that confidence gone that you have when you talk to me!? Dissapeared in to thin air!? WHERE IS IT GONE? (Krishna looked to the ground.)

Sayyam gently pushed the hair covering her face out of the way and tucked it behind her ear.

Sayyam- you cant always hide behind your hair and let anyone do anything with you Krishna… Otherwise what-what- (his eyes turn glassy with tears he doesnt shed, thinking about his mother.) what all could happen to you?

Krishna’s mouth parts in shock ‘is he crying?’ She feels awful.

Sayyam- promise (he tries to hide the way his voice breaks with emotion.) Promise me you wont tolerate anyone doing anything wrong okay?

Yuvani rushes over with a worried face,  surprised by the scene and sensing his pain. Krishna feels tears fill her eyes at what she felt from looking at his watery eyes. She’s lost for words and simply nods, and then thinks about Yuvaan in her head, yelling at her through the phone.

Yuvani grabs Sayyam’s hand.

Yuvani- bhaiyya (she sighs in sadness at seeing his watery eyes.) Aaga meri sath…

She takes him a little further away and krishna sees them converse quietly. She sees tears spilling from both their eyes.

Sayyam- mujhe maa yaad aya yuvani

Yuvani- jhanti hu sayyam, par aisa nai tha, bilkhul aisa nai tha. It was just her manager, nobody else…

sayyam shook his head repeatedly no, and yuvani wiped his tears. She hugged him consolingly and he tried to hide he was crying, burying his face in her neck.

Krishna wiped the continous tears  flowing from her eyes, her heart thundered with pain. A shooting sensation at every tear that left Sayyam’s eye. She didnt know why she cared so much, but she felt each one hit her chest, weighed down with guilt.

Precap: Sayyam- What? Your… boyfriend?

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