Love, an escape (Kriyam) = episode 2

Hey guys this is the second episode and OMG thank you much for all the comments I received they were so so so beautiful and made me so happy. Please continue commenting, I hope you enjoy my dears…
Suhani- Sayyam beta! (She yelled loudly out of the kitchen doorway, shutting the lid of a plastic box filled with food.)

Sayyam sprinted to the kitchen at speed of lightening, fear and worry taking over his bones. He ran in to the kitchen and held his mother’s hands.

Sayyam- Ma!? Are you okay? (He shook slightly in fright, making Suhani frown in concern.)

Suhani- Of course, Don’t worry like this beta, it’s not good for you… I called you because its 5 and I know you go that cafe of yours now, (Sayyam sighed in relief, and smiled warmly because of the fact she remembered and cared for him.) and today I wanted you to eat food prepared by my hands not some unhealthy processed resteraunt food, okay? (She held up the meal and smiled as she saw his eyes light up with glee.)

Sayyam- My favourite!? Thank you ma…

Suhani- Don’t thank me pagal, go to your cafe now. And talk to some people na, don’t sit and be moody like you usually do. (Sayyam pouted playfully and then left. Yuvraj came up to Suhani and hugged her side and they smiled seeing Sayyam finally happy, even if it was only for a little bit.)


‘There is was again,’ Krishna thought. ‘on table 14.’

His chiseled face was turned toward the window, watching the sun scorch the roads, creating overlapping shadows he lost himself in. Three cups sat on the table as he munched on the delicious food his mother made him, and out of restlessness and panic he forgot to order his usual fourth coffee. His mother had been alright all day and that should be good news but in reality it caused him to panic even more, because he knew it was coming and he would have to wait… and watch. He despised the beast of the father he was cursed with, how he wished Yuvraj had been his real papa, he cared for him and his beloved mother and sister so well even after how Sayyam treated with him. Sayyam couldn’t digest the guilt he felt for his existence as a single tear fell from his eye.

Krishna’s phone buzzed repeatedly, bouncing on the table urgently. Krishna saw the name flash up and immediately tensed, she picked up the call as if she was oblidged to rather than she was willing to.

Krishna- Hello- yeah hi (her voice weakened.) – Of course I’m sorry, Ill come and meet you (She stuttered anxiously.) – No, no yeah, it was my fault. It’s always my fault (Her voice was filled with fright.) – Of course, i would never disobey you (She trembled in apprehension.)- yeah. Yeah I know. (Her eyes watered.) – yeah I know. (she shut her eyes unable to bear what she was hearing.) – I KNOW! (She broke under the pressure, yelling quietly.)- Oh my, I so sorry, I won’t raise my voice again, you are always right. I was wrong. Thank you for loving me, no one but you has ever loved me. Do you- – oh okay, bye… (She cut the phone with shaking fingers.)

Love. He loved her, she loved him. Love. Love? She knew he loved her. Did he love her? Did she love him? She felt the way her heart raced in panic everytime she had to talk to him, she remembers what he says. She thinks of the way she always apologises when she speaks her mind. She looks upward for consoling. ‘Ma… Is this what love should be like?’

Suddenly, she remembered the way she felt free to talk wheatever she wanted to guy that sat on table 14, without even knowing his name, she remembered how she laughed so purely, how his laugh… felt like… something. She was shocked by her thoughts, what what was she thinking? When she had a boyfriend that loved her truly, how could she question his love? Especially for a bad mannered guy who barely spoke a kind word to anyone. She was somebody who was cast aside, unwanted and unloved, and he had taken her in and now he was trying to change her for the better. ‘Mein annad hai na ma? I can’t be choosy with what i get. Im eternally grateful for who have, im stupid for questioning him, he’s right.’

But if thats true, why did her heart repeatedly tell her to look toward the back of the shop where Sayyam sat looking out of the window.

Sayyam looked around in puzzlement (he hadn’t heard anything Krishna said.), he didn’t know why his heart told him something was wrong, but not with his maa this time, not with Yuvani either. His eyes scanned the store, what was this worry that thundered in his heart? His eyes stopped at Krishna in confusion. Did something happen to her? Is she okay? No. No She looks fine. Is she trembling, no she’s okay. Wait. Wait a second. Why did he care? He looked back out of the window, frustrated at himself, he was always feeling things. He wished he wasn’t as sensitive and emotional as he really was, emotion is weakness.

Krishna looked up at Sayyam and frowned in confusion, three empty cups were lying on his table and there wasn’t a fourth. She picked up the notepad with the list of orders and was slightly surprised not seeing his order on there. This wasn’t like him at all, he always ordered 4 cups. He drained every bit of the first three but he only drank a few sips of the fourth one. She knew he knew he wouldn’t finish it. But everytime he would ask for the rest to be put in a take away cup. And she would watch him through the glass window of the shop as he gives the cup to the beggar boy across the road with the kindest smile on his face, but she wouldn’t admit how it warmed her heart. She wondered why he forgot.

She put aside her work at hand and poured some coffee in to a take-away cup and applied the lid. She grabbed the sharpie that was used to write down the table number on the coffee cup for the waiters to deliver. But she wrote- ‘Oi, you forgot your fourth cup of coffee Mister badtameez!’ She tapped a waiter on the shoulder and told them to deliever the cup to table 14. And then she looked back down to her work, trying hard not give away that she sent over the cup.

The waiter arrived at Sayyam’s table

Waiter- Here sir, your takeaway coffee.

Sayyam nodded in thanks and took the coffee and the waiter let. ‘Takeaway coffee? I always order the coffee in a mug and then put it into a takeaway cup later on… Wait. I hadn’t even ordered my fourth cup yet… Who could know I take my fourth coffee in a takeaway cup.?’ He suddenly noticed the markings on the cup. He read the words on the cup and a huge smile appereared on his face, he immediately knew who it was from. He looked up at Krishna only to see he was smiling at his reaction, she looked away immediately which was adorable, he was endeared by her but didn’t realise. His ma was the only one who had noticed his habits like this and his felt this fuzzy feeling in his heart at her gesture. ‘Mr badtameez…? Lord. This girl…’He sighed and laughed. He knew the cup was the one he always gave to the young boy but he couldn’t resist but take a sip. His heart told him to try what Krishna had made. It tasted like any other coffee, but for some reason to him… it tasted different, someone had made this out of concern and consideration, it was special.

Once he had finished he walked up to the counter and up to Krishna, she pretended to carry on with her work and not notice him.

Sayyam- Hey you! I’ve been waiting for so long…

Krishna- So? (She smiled, faking ignorance and innocence. He became playfully frustrated at her nonchalance.)

Sayyam- (He spoke in his usual moody tone.) Its sayyam. (Krishna looked at him in question.) My name is Sayyam, not ‘Mister Badtameez.’

Krishna- Yeah really? It doesn’t seem like it. (She suppresses her giggles at his adorable frowning face.) I’m Krishna… (She holds her hand out for a handshake. He ignored it.)

She gasps at his rudeness. She grabs the cold coffee beside her and chucks it at him. He stands absolutely shocked at her actions, he was sort of attracted to her boldness.

Sayyam- What the hel* was that for!? (Krishna giggled at his state.)

Krishna- Its called payback. (She smirked at him. He couldn’t help feel that with her long locks of straight hair flying around her face like in those cliché films, she looked angelic.)

Sayyam- Thats what you call payback? Well Just wait and watch miss bevakoof… and I will show you what payback really is… (He poked her nose teasingly, keeping his cool demeanor, suprising her.)

He walked out, leaving her open mouthed and unable to stop thinking about the touch that lingered against her skin.


Sayyam walked in a soaked shirt, feeling sticky and uncomfortable but feeling more relaxed than he had been in a long time. Suhani came in to the living room after hearing the door shut. She frowns in bewilderment at his wet clothes.

Suhani- Sayyam, how are you in such a state! (Sayyam parted his lips confused at how to answer.) arrey meri pagal baacha, aaga let me get you new stuff and you can explain how that mess happened. What will I do with you beta… (He smiled at her while she laughed. Then Suhani grabbed his hand and dragged him to his room.)

Suhani searched through Sayyam’s cupboard and he sat on his bed, his mind thinking about Krishna and her laugh and smile, but then trying to tell himself how stupid he is being by leaving himself vunreble to emotions.

Suhani- Hey sayyam! Where are you so lost? Wont you tell your maa how yu gt all this stuff on your shirt, have you started hiding stuff from me now? (She smiled playfully. She sat on the bed placing down a new shirt. She unbuttoned his shirt for him.)

Sayyam- Aisa nai ha maa, you know that. Its nothing. Just some stupid girl chucked it at me. (Suhani took of the shirt that was soiled leaving him in his vest, an put his new shirt on all while frowning at him in confusion.)

Suhani- What? Why would she chuck it at you? What have you done Mr moody?

Sayyam- Kuch nahi ma! 2 days back she accidently spilt coffee over self and then she blamed me and spilt it on me for pay back. (He pouted cutely causing Suhani to grin.) Wo Krishna bohot shararati hai maa, wo mujhe bhohot chid the hai [That Krishna is very mischevious, she teases me a lot.] (Suhani had finished buttoning his shirt while he chattered on about Krishna and she dusted him off, smiling at him proudly.)

Suhani- Koi Tumhe chid rahi he? Wow sayyam, how did that happen? This Krishna must be someone special right? Because my Sayyam wouldn’t let anyone misbehave with him unless he really liked them. (she pulled at his cheeks lovingly, sensing he feels something for this girl.)

Sayyam- Nai maa, there is nothing like that. (he tries ignoing the images of her laughter that flashed in his mind.) Now leave it, have you eaten your medicines?

Suhani- yes , yes mr bossy boots. (They both laugh.)

Sayyam blanks out and begins thinking about Krishna, Suhani notices this and is extremely hapy seing her son content after a long time even if he didn’t realise it.

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