Love, an escape (Kriyam) = episode 1

Hey and here I am, as promised, with a new kriyam fanfic. Many of you had asked me to write on Yuvani and since i really do have writers block with my current Yuvani ffs i am planning to write up some very cute and romantic one shots to satisfy you Yuvani fans, let me know down below if you would like that.

In this ff:

Sambhav is locked away in jail and Sayyam knows the full truth. When the truth was revealed Yuvaan was totally ashamed by his mother and spoke rudely with her, and so Yuvraj said if he wouldt respect his mother after knowing such a sensitive truth then he was free to leave the house, so he did. Now Sayyam, Yuvani, Suhani and Yuvraj live happily and have all accepted and love each other but… Suhani regularly has psychotic episodes from trauma where she imagines Sambhav and screams and yells and faint etc, greatly affecting her heath. Sayyam greatly blames himself for this and when he isn’t looking after his mother he goes to this cafe daily to clear his mind from his pain and guilt. Krishna has just joined this cafe shop 4 days ago, she has got anything connected with the Birla family but she also has a deep background which relates to them in ways. Her background will be slowly revealed.

Please tell me down below in the comments if you think i should continue…


Sayyam and Yuvani sits at the dining table, slightly bouncing eagerly, yearning to taste their mother’s meal. Sayyam pours himself a cup of juice but before he can hold it to drink it … Yuvani snatches it and has a long sip. Sayyam playfully frowns at her teasing which melts her heart.

Yuvani- Ye lo Sayyam, tu piyo

Sayyam- (He smiled caringly.) Im only joking Yuvani, drink it. I was geting it for you anyway

Yuvraj comes in and smiles at them, treasuring the peace.

Suhani comes in holding a huge platter of food with a huge smile to match.

Suhani- I made your favourites! (EVrybody turned around, grinning widely.)

Suddenly Suhani felt the world tremor and had to shut her eyes from weakness, the platter fell to the ground with a smash.

Sayyam- maa! (They all ran toward her in worry.)

Suhani- (her eyes shot open in fright and she backed away from them.) SAMBHAV! GO-GO AWAY- DON’T NEAR ME! (She hyperventilated in fear, with closed eyes that sobbed. She slid to the ground, hiding her head in her knees.)

Yuvraj, Yuvaani and Sayyam all crouched in front of her with sad tears in their eyes at her state. Yuvraj placed his hand gently on her shoulder,

Yuvraj- He isn’t here, Suhani he isn’t, don’t worry. (She flinched and shoved away his hand not recognising his touch.)

Suhani- Leave me, Go away- please don’t hurt me!- (Yuvraj let his hand slip away with dejected tears in his eyes.)

Sayyam- Ma? (He tenderly held both her hands.) Dont be scared, he’s gone, he won’t come back…

Suhani- Let go! Sambhav let go! Leave me please! (Sayyam’s hands fell to his sides in agony.)

Sayyam- She- she sees my father in me. Im just a reminder of him, I’m hurting you all I have to go-

Yuvaani- Nai bhaiyya please, its not like that. You know that after Sambhav, mumma sometimes reacts like this. Please, you are all we have now…

Sayyam- Yuvaani, you know I can’t be the cause of her tears right? I need to go.

Yuvaani- But bhaiyya-

He turned around to leave, the tears running down his face.

Yuvraj- Sayyam, stop! You know running away from this won’t solve anything, your maa loves you very much, we all do, you know she isn’t in sense when she says all this, don’t take it to heart.

Sayyam shuts his eyes with pain, pain of his mother’s state, regret at his existence, and the feeling that he doesn’t deserve all this love he receives. He carries on walking out, feeling he is causing more trouble.

Yuvraj- Sayyam?

Sayyam- (He sniffled back his tears and removed emotions from his voice.) I’ll come back papa

Yuvraj smiled slightly at him calling of ‘papa’, it had taken Sayyam a long time to call him that, at the beginning he felt he didn’t have the right. Sayyam looks around at Suhani before leaving, she had exhausted herself out by yelling and crying like she did after every time, Yuvani had gathered her into her arms and she leaned her head on to Yuvani’s shoulder, finally peaceful.

He needed some air.

Sayyam- I’ll be back in an hour or so.

Yuvani- Buy those medicines please bhaiyya

Sayyam nods and leaves.


Krishna POV-

I’ve seen him here ever since i’ve joined, he comes and he always sits at the same table by the window. He stares out intently at the empty roads and it keeps me wondering what he must find so interesting, what must be running through his mind. He always shivers slightly as he grips on to the steaming mug of coffee, but it isn’t ever cold in here. It’s those chills you feel run down your spine, I get those. I wonder what must be causing them.

There is something that draws my eyes to him, an aura of mystery and angst and a lonliness in his eyes, a feeling of familiarity with me. But I’m surrounded with people.

I can tell he is rude and blunt, I’ve seen the way he talks to the other waiters, the familiarity i feel must be just a delusion, i can never be as crude as him. Its ignorant.

..End of POV..

Sayyam Pov-

I feel eyes on me, i hate eyes on me. I’m here to disappear, just for a while. I think about the pain I cause people, how I destroy the lives of whoever’s lives I enter. Those winding empty roads hold a world filled with regret and pain, that takes a long time of inspection to find the shapes that hide within them. Who’s watching me? I hate it.

I look up at her and she looks away. Its the new waiter, she joined about 4 days ago. She’s making a coffee, and slowly stiring it, absent mindedly. There is something about her, something I try to ignore by making sure to just focus on the window. Its not a crush or love or even an urge to get to know her. Its a fear. Her eyes are big and round and filled with innocent vunrebility, her stance and movement are gentle and weak. She looks fragile. And after seeing my mother’s life spiral to a rubble in front of my eyes, I don’t want it to happen to anbody else.

But Its not my issue that the girls these days are weak and run around at men’s heels, I can tell she is feeble. I’ve seen the way she takes it everytime her boss yells at her. It’s ludricrous.

..end of POV..

Krishna’s phone buzzes with a message, she turns on her screen to read it. She sighs deeply, uncertainty held within it. Her fingers are slightly shaky as she turns it off. She reads the note of there this coffee she just made was meant to be given to. ‘Table 14’ She looked up, that was his table.

She starts going over to him with the mug in her clasp, confused as to why her fingers shook with nerves. She gets to the table an puts down the mug and he doesn’t even look at her, she is taken aback by his arrogance. She notices the other 3 cups already littering his table.

Krishna- (Raises her eyebrow) Fourth coffee? Should I be concerned about your caffeine intake?

Sayyam- (he looks around in slight suprise at the sweet voice that just spoke. But he glares at her with his usual cold and indifferent glare.) No you dont have to be concerned, you are nobody to be concered for me. Stop your nonsense and let me drink my coffee in peace.

Krishna twitched her nose cutely at dissaproval of his rudeness, he noticed it unknowingly admiring her.

Krishna- Oi mister! Where are your manners?! Won’t you thank me?

Sayyam- Thank you? This is your job and you get paid for this… why should i thank you?

He raised his eyebrow sarcastically as she huffed in adorable frustration.

Krishna- I’ve met many rich boys like you, you lot are arrogant, rude and consider yourselves above the law. You think all us girls are stupid.

Sayyam- i dont think all girls are stupid… (he smirked mischeviously) i think you are stupid…

She huffed in offence and snatched the coffee mug away from him, widening his eyes in suprise.

Sayyam- HEY! is this how you treat all your customers? (He lifted his hand to indicate the man across the room.) Manager saa-

Krishna- No wait! Im putting it back-

As she tries to place the cup back on to the table… she gasps as she trips over the freshly mopped floor and spills the now cold coffee all over her dress. Sayyam jerks in sudden suprise and grabs a tissue in his hand to wipe her dress.

Sayyam- Are you okay?! Was it hot?

Krishna- No it had gone cold… (she pouted innocently and cutely in disdain.)

Sayyam couldnt help how he burst out with laughter at her charmingly amusing state, his face suddenly radiant and lively. His ringing laughter was contagious and brought up laughter in Krishna too, blushing her cheeks and making her smile illuminate the room.

Sayyam watched her without paying attention, admiring the sweet creases that appeared on her face as she laughed, he subconciously realised he hadn’t seen her smiling before in a whole 4 days.

Krishna automatically watched him laughing, notcing the charasmatic dreamy glint in his eyes when he smiled, she subconciously realised that she hadnt seen him happy in all 4 days she’d seen him.

Sayyam snapped out of it realising he had broken out of his usual persona that shielded him from pain. Krishna spotted his usual inconsideratly rude glare and stopped abruptly.

A text flashed on Sayyam’s phone that he scanned quickly. ‘Jaldi aajao bhai, maa tumhe bhoot dher se bularahi hu (come quickly, maa has been calling you for ages.) He looked back up at Krishna.

Sayyam- What are you waiting and watching for huh? (She frowns childishly.)

Krishna- Hey mister, i have no interest in watching you okay?…

Sayyam- then go…

Krishna turns and walks away, playfully frustrated.

Sayyam- Miss Bevakoof [stupid] (he mutters unders his breath and throws the tissues he was holding at the back of her head.)

Krishna- Mr Badtameez [bad-mannered] (she mutters to herself, grabbing the tissue before it falls to the ground and scrubbing at her dress.)

Sayyam suddenly realised how light he felt, like the burdens had been lifted off his shoulder’s, that the pain crushing him had been relieved, for a while. He had only laughed like this with his family, and that too only on his mother’s better days. She somehow worked some magic in him, he didnt understand how she did it.

Krishna was suprised how confidently she spoke with him, she usually struggled to raise her voice but somehow as if by magic she felt at ease to bicker with him and be true and strong about her opinions, she didnt understand how he did it.

Sayyam rushed to get up to run to his mother at home, who always got panicked when he wasnt around her and caring for her after his father- he shut his eyes being unable to think about it. He reaches the door and opens it, about to leave.

His eyes were drawn to Krishna again for a moment for a reason he didnt know. Both their eyes met and locked, and they intensely watched each other an undescribeable emotion in their eyes. Sayyam brushed it off as awkwardness and left in a haste.


Please let me know what you think, These aren’t the characters i usually write for but I do love them as a couple and few of you had no kindly requested that i couldn’t resist. If you comment down below if you like it, i would be happy to continue.

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      Wow thank you so much, ive always wanted to be a writer ever since i was a really young child so this was an invaluable comment thank you so much! And ive just updated so please read and comment! X

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  10. Pls post more??

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  12. LOVEEE IT! it is so refreshing to read this. Your writing style is so magical, each word touches the heart! Please do continue. I am dying to read more about KriYam’s next meeting.
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