My Love With Me (Episodes 14,15,16)


First of all sorry to my frnds for late uodate..No reason for late..only reason is time..Really sorry..And second one i am bussy in reading DYM ff’s..plz give your comments…happy reading..
Andrew took Radhika to Cafeteria.. The trio try to convence Radhika..
But tears flow from Radhika’s eyes like floods..Neil almost control his anger..Teji also sit with teary eyes..
Radhika wipe her tears and took her handbag and said..
Radhika:I am moving..plz infrom in office that i drop half-day leave..I am not feeling well.
Teji:I drop you chashini..
Radhika:No Teji..I go alone..I want to be alone for sometime..plz..and dont follow me..
Neil:Chashini..Can i drop you in mom’s place..
Radhika:No Neil..I go to my house.. Really i need some rest and some lonelyness.Plz try to understand me.
By saying this she move from that place.
Arjun is restless and sit in his cabin. Now he is anger..But he dont know on whom he is anger..
Radhika leave the office..and the trio return back to their respective places.
Arjun saw Teji..and think that Radhika is also back to her work..He feel incomfrtable to sit there..His heart and mind warms him to go and speak with Radhika..Arjun come out from his cabin and search for Radhika..He didnt find Radhika in her place.. He think Radhika may be in washroom.. He enter into washroom and saw Sam there..
Sam stand infront of mirror and wipe her tears..Arjun saw Sam and Sam turn her face and assume that Arjun come there for her only..
Sam:Arjun it is time to control your wife..Officialy you are her husband.. You have rights on her..ask her to be in limits with Neil,Teji and Andrew..
Arjun:Yes..i am here to give a warning to her..I look for her but she is not there in her seat..So,I think she is in washroom..
Sam:No..she didnt come here..So,You came here for your wife..not for me..
Arjun:I am here for Radhika only. I want to warn her..I want to show my original feelings and my true colors to her.
Arjun said these words from his view and Sam understood those words from her view..
Arjun left from washroom and Sam stay there and think about Nandhini words..
Flash back:Before Nandhini leave to kajarat..She met Piyali and Sam in their house..

Nandhini car stop infront of Samrat’s house and press the door bell. Samrat open the door.
Nandhini:Gudmrg Samrat..
Samrat:Why are you here..that to early mrg..
Nandhin: I want to talk woth piyali and Sam.
Samrat try to answer her but piyali interupts him..
Piyali:Come in Nandhini.
Nandhini enter into house by looking at Samrat and throw a winning smile to him.
Nandhini:I am sorry piyali.I didnt expect Radhika can do like this..
Samrat:What Radhikas mistake..Arjun married Radhika na..Why he didnt stop the marriage?
Nandhini look at piyali and answer her..Piyali..Arjun think that she took her step back by hearing marriage..but she didnt took her step back..
Nandhini:Still Arjun loves only Samaira..and this the bangle..i bought for Sam.I try to clear all mess with one month…and go with Arjun and Sam alliance..and one more request…plz accept Arjun into BS..The job in BS is his dream..
Piyali nod her head..
Nandhini:I am going out of station for two days..afterwards i join with you..
Flashback ends..

This complete story was described by Nandhini to Sam..and Nandhini give bangle to Sam..
Sam recollect all the moments with Radhika..and she cries by saying…Why Chashini.. why you are doing this with me?
You have Arjun with you na..then why you need Neil also..You dont know Chashini..How it give pain for me when Neil shows and express caring towards you..I dont know the reason but my best friend ignores me and think that you are correct..I am really sorry for using such a bad words on a girl..But what can i do?I loose all things which i love more than my life..My jai..My Neil..Arjun and My Chashini..After Neil,i love and care in that much equal amount on you only..and receives from you only..But now nobody are there for me..Neil scold me and get angry on me even though he cares for me.But you didnt use a single word against me..Even today i insult you in front of everyone didnt open your mouth..Why Chashini..why you can change like this?
Neil listen this complete conversation and feel sad for Sam.. Now,he understood one thing.i.e Sam is not that much angry on Radhika..And her heart didnt fully accepted that Radhika is on wrong side..
By disturbing his thoughts Teji said..
Teji:Then it is easy for us to make our work..Still Sam has some soft corner on Radhika na..
Neil draged Teji from there and asked him..What are you doing here..
Teji:You are too angry on Sam na.. i think to stop you.. for not scolding Sam..Bcoz,She is our frnd..Frm my side both Radhika and Sam are equal for us..
Neil:Actually i am here to scold her only..But listening after all her feelings now i am not able todo that..
Teji:Leave it..You notice one thing.. Sam feel for you not for loosing Arjun..She worries for you first, second for chashini,Then only for Arjun..
It is easy for me to make realise that her love towards you..or your love towards her..
Neil:love… on me..
Teji:Bro..i know that you love Sam.. but still Sam didnt know clear meaning of love. Thats why she feels infactuation on Arjun is love and love on you is a frndship..
Neil:I dont think so..
Teji:Give her sometime..Arjun is clear from his side..Both Chashini and Sam didnt realise their feelings..
Neil:Teji..i dont think chashini has feelings on Arjun…
Chashini is not like us..She is just a pure soul..bcoz of that only i care and treat she is my blood relation..
But Teji and Neil didnt know Arjun listen their conversaation..Now,Arjun feel happy that Neil and Teji consider Radhika as their sister..Now,His heart accept Neil and Teji as a good friends.
In this happiness he forget abt Radhika and went back to his cabin.. and restart his work..
Piyali call Neil and Teji to her cabin and ask them abt Radhika..
Neil:She leave the office..bcoz she
said she was not feeling well.
Samrat:You guys leave her alone..
Teji:She said that she want to be alone for some time..
Both Piyali and Samrat nod their heads..
Neil:Mam..It is time to expose things to Sam..
Samrat:No Neil..I think we want to create situations that she only realise
and understand things by her knowledge..She only realise that she has infactuation on Arjun and love on you..
Neil and Teji are shocked by listening that statement..
Piyali look at Neil and Samrat with confusion..
Samrat:Dont look like that piyu..This boy loves Sam deeply..But our daughter reject him bcoz she think she is in love with Arjun and Arjun also loves her..But Sam didnt realise that Arjun loves only Radhika..I find true lovr in his eyes on Radhika..guilt towards Sam..and angry on me..
Neil..belive me..really i didnt betray Nandhini..Really i consider her as a best friend..but she missunderstand me..Bcoz of me only today you four innocent people suffered..
Teji:What abt me sir?you dont cinsider me as your…
Piyali:Dont worry Teji..You replace Jai to me..
Samrat:Do what you want to do..but intimate before executing..My only request is dont hurt Arjun in this processes..Bcoz,he is blind in his sister’s love.He did all these things only on word of Nandhini..
Piyali:I want to talk with Andrew also.. bcoz he try to hurt Arjun..
Neil:Actually it is my plan only..We both are good frnds..we met recently in one situation..There i save his child and his wife..Then only i know he is new Maybeline CEO in India..I take his help to enter Radhika in BS.He is also in our team only..When Arjun was in London..They both are good enemies..
Samrat:So,You already start ur executions..
Both Teji and Neil bend their heads and nod..
Samrat:Why you bend your heads..You didnt do any wrong na..
Piyali:Yes my boys..But dont hurt Arjun..and parallely dont give pain to Sam and Radhika..Create the situations that they realise their true love..
Meanwhile..Arjun is on cloud nine that Neil understand his feelings..Bcoz, from day one onwards he like Neil.. Bcoz,His attitude,his love and caring towards Radhika and Sam,his closeness towards Teji,Zubin and kartika..Arjun always think to join in that group and want to enjoy the life.
But his revenge processes stop him and expose only his arrogance..Only Radhika can saw all his colors..Now Niel and Teji also consider that Arjun is not that much of bad..
Now Arjun feels that to expose all his feelings infront of Neil..and want to tell sorry to Sam..and took Radhika into his arms..But,he loves Nandhini and he is not ready to broke her trust..He want to take revenge on Samrat by giving pain to Sam..By thinking like this then he suddenly got flashes of Radhika and call to her number..It rings but she didnt lift the call..He look at shows 3:00pm..He want to go to home..But Andrew arrange a meeting in confrence room regarding new project..So,there is no option to left the office at that time..He sit in the confrence room but his mind is thinking about Radhika only..He feel tense..Sam observe this..Neil sit beside Sam and Arjun sit beside Teji..At tthe end of the meeting they decide that some changes in presentation and want to go for location hunt..Andrew ask them to submit good tagline with in two days..All left the confrence hall..Arjun went out quickly and drove off from that place..
Sam:Why he his in tension and so hurry to leave the office?
Teji:He is newly married..His wife is in home and that to today morning she left the office..Obviously he feel tense na..
Neil:Yah..may be you are correct Teji..
Sam:How can you people know that he is worried for Radhika only..
Teji:Who are they in his life?His sister is out of station..and you are here only..and only Radhika is left..If he feel and concern abt you or he want to be with you means..then the scene is different..But he didnt look at you and drove off from this place without share a single sec eyelock with you.. So,I confirm that he is worried abt Radhika only..
Zubin and Kartika:May be he is right..
Neil:Sammy,Can i drop you?
Sam look at Neil and nod her head..
Teji:Then give your car keys..i drop Zubin and kartika,and pick up maa from her work place..
Teji,Zubin and Kartika in one car and Sam and Neil on bike…
Bcoz,Neil and Teji decided that they want to take help from kartika and,They want to tell all the things to both Kartika and Zubin..
Teji didnt start anything..bcoz he is waiting for Neil’s msg..At that time only both Kartika and Zubin receives a msg from Neil..
Neil’s msg:Dont be angery on Teji.. First listen what he say..Then you decide to help us or not..Bcoz,Your help is important for us to save both Sammy and Chashni..Plz…
From Neil…
Both kartika and Zubin read that msg from their respective mobiles and look at Teji..Teji saw kartika reactions from mirror and look at zubin..
Teji:Are you ok to listen my words..
Both nod their heads..Teji stop the car infront of small cafe..
The trio sit in corner place and order for coeffee..The trio sip the coeffee and zubin and Kartika look at Teji..
Teji broke the silence and explain each and every situation to them..including how Nandhini plan revenge against Samrat sir…how chashini save Sam from that marriage..and show the photos and proofs to them..
By listening all the issues from Teji.. both feel bad for their behaviour towards Radhika..They tell sorry to Teji also..
Teji:No sorries between frnds..We need your support to unite Radhika -Arjun and Neil – Sam…
Zubin:Neil and Sam…
Teji:Yah,Neil loves Sam..Sam didnt realise her feelings on Neil..
Kartika:Ha ha..Double dhamaka in BS..
Teji:No triple dhamaka..Why you people forget about yourselves..
After so much of gap the three frnds laugh whole heartdly and they feel relief..and decide to execute plans under guidence of Neil Malhotra..
Both Zubin and Kartika msg to Neil that they are readt to play their roles in the skit..
My POV:All togeather to do their work..
Neil is leader to this team.. Samrat,Piyali,Prerana,Andrew,Teji, Zubin and Kartika all are one team..
Radhika,Arjun and Sam didnt know what happened at their back..
Nandhini is on another side..didnt know what happened behind her..She think situation is under her control..
Saral and Bonnie are under Nandhini..
Saral is waiting for Radhika and Bonnie is for Arjun..
Rana is in Nandhini team..but his heart always want to do something to save Sam..Now,He realise Arjun’s true love towards Radhika..He know Radhika is good and bring Arjun from this mess..
But above all didnt know there is another side for Radhika Mishra..And Radhika Mishra didnt know that she is controlled by Arjun Mehra only…


Arjun stop his car infront of his house and get down from the car very fast..
To his surprise the door is locked..he pull his phone from pocket and call her number..The phone rings but she didnt answer the call..Again and again he call her mobile..
He start his car and start searching for Radhika.He didnt know what to do?Whom to call?Bcoz,He know there are no friends to her in Mumbai.. Now,He is really worried for Radhika..
He think what he answer to Mala and Prerana..What is his answer to Neil and Teji..Forget all these people.. What is his answer to his heart..He drive the car but his eyes search all the way..Nobody didnt know Arjun Mehra had tears in his eyes..He didnt know where to search..
First,he go to the place where Sam and Radhika stay togeather..There he recollect the moments with her..How he lift Radhika in dark room thinking that she is Sam..How he share cute fight with Radhika in that house..How she slip from steps and apply red color on his white shirt..How she banded his hand..How she warn him to stay away to Sam..Again he call to her number.. same situation from other side..
He search for her on roads and stop infront of temple where he stop Radhika’s marriage with Saral.. Next he went to another temple where he promise to Mala that he will take care of Radhika..
He lost his confidence levels..Only one place he want to go and Search..that is Neil’s house..He drive his car and stop the car infront of Neil’s house..
The door bell that time Neil, Teji and Prerana sit for dinner..
Prerana open the door and saw Arjun in worst condition..His eyes are in red color and filled with water..His hair is improper and way of his dress is miserable..
Neil and Teji getup from their places and walk towards the door.Their eyes didnt accept that he is Arjun Mehara.. Bcoz they know Arjun Mehara is handsome person..But,Now Arjun is not like that at this second..
Arjun look at Prerana…and ask..
Arjun:Maa..Is Radhika is with you..
Prerana:No beta..Why she is not in house..
Arjun:No maa..She left office at 12:00pm only.I reach home at 4:30pm after completion of meeting..This is the last place i came to search her..
The trio understood that Arjun search for Radhika from past 4hours..Bocz now the time is 8:30pm..
Teji:Neil,I feel tense..
Neil:We togeather search for her.. Dont worry Arjun…Come lets go..
Arjun:Maa..pray to god..PlΕΊ..
Prerana nod her head…
All three togeather start search for Radhika..
At one place they found group of people togeather..Neil stop the vehicle and ask them what happened?
Someone told that one girl met accident..Now only we send her to hospital in aumblance..
Teji:How is she?
Person:Condition is critical..
Neil:Can you tell them abt her appereance..
Person:She is 5feet tall and with fair skin and long and thick hair…
Arjun ask them which hospital..
Person:Indo-American hospital..
Neil drove the car to the hospital and enter into the hospital and ask about the accident patient details..
Receptionist said that she is in ICU.. Here are her belongings..
Arjun saw those things and feel relaxed that they are not Radhika’s belongings..
Again they start the search process at last they tired and dont know what to do?
Neil ask Arjun what to do now?
Arjun just look at him without any answer…
Finally,they reach Neils’s house…
Neil ask Arjun also to come inside…
But Arjun said no to them and said them that i want to go home..By saying this he drove his car from that place..
But Neil and Teji didnt want to leave him like that..They followed Arjun on their bike..
Teji give information to prerana..
Arjun stop his car infront of orphanage..He enter into it and walk like a lifeless man..
He sit on a bench in the are moving one by one to their rooms.
A little girl saw Arjun there..
Girl:Arjun bhayya.
Ramu look towards the direction where the little girl point the finger..
Ramu:Why he is here in this time?Is there any thing special.
Nobody stop Arjun..bcoz it is run by Arjun only..In his childhood he stay here only..This is his favourite place..

Ramu ask kids go to their rooms..And he walk towards Arjun..But kids are not ready to sleep..bcoz Arjun bhayya is their favourite and they also want to spend sometime with Arjun..
Neil and Teji observe him from his back side..
Ramu kaka:Beta are here at this time?
Arjun look at him and give a small life less smile..Ramu sit beside Arjun..
Kids also come to him and hug Arjun and they feel so happy..
Ramu:I ask to sleep na..why you come here..leave bhai for sometime..
Arjun:Ok kaka..I want to spend sometime with them..
Arjun look at them and ask where is Nia..
Nia:Bhai..I am here..
She said those words in very cute manner.
Arjun saw a plate in her hand and ask her.. oh you bring food for me.. eat it and tell me who coocked this food..
By saying this she put aloo and poori in his mouth..
Immediately he recognise the taste and murmed Radhika’s name from his mouth..
Boy(vicky):Correct bhai..Radhika bhabhi coocked it for us..
From backside both Neil and Teji spell at same time..Really …Chashini’s hand made food?
By hearing their voices Arjun turn back and look at them..They both sit beside Arjun and share the food..
Arjun:Where is your bhabhi?
Boy(Raj):Bhayya..bhahi save Nia from accident and bring us to home..She only cook food for us..she play with us..
Arjun look at their faces and trace their feelings..and find how happy they are..
Arjun:So you people are too i right?
Boy(Bobby):Yah..bhai..we are too lucky.. that bhabhi is too cute..You know bhai today onwards we are in bhabhi team.
Neil:Nia..are you ok?..Is there any wounds bcoz of accident? uncle.. him as bhai only..We both are equall to you.
Nia nod his head and reply to his question..
Nia:No bhai..I am ok.But bhabhi had wound on her hand…
Arjun look at Ramu Kaka..
Ramu:It is small wound only beta..No need to worry..I do first aid for that..
Nia:Bhai..Bhabhi is too good..I love her..
Neil:But we love you Nia baby..
Teji:You people are so cute..
Nia:Bhai..I want to tell one thing with you..can i?
Arjun look at her and nod his head..
Nia:On that day after marriage we came to your house na..that day..
Ramu kaka:Ok kids..its time to sleep..
And Arjun beta it is already late..May be your wife worried for you..
Neil observe Nia’s disappointment and Tense in Ramu kaka’s face..
Arjun:Ok kids..gudnite..bye..
Nile and Teji also tell goodnite to them and move..
Neil:Arjun,I think you are tired..Can i drop you?
Arjun:No..Neil,I will manage..
Teji:Ask Chashini to call us..plz..
Arjun nod his head and leave that place..
Neil and Teji leave to their place..
Radhika put her bag in their room and busy in prepare food for Arjun..
Arjun stop his car infront of his house..He is worried for Radhika and angry on Radhika..Worried for Radhika’s wound and angry for not lift her phone..He get down from car and enter into their bed room..He didnt find Radhika there..Then he search in hall and then move to kitchen..There he found Radhika coocking food..He walk towards her and turn Radhika towards him.
Arjun:R u crazy or mad?
Radhika:Is coocking food for husband is condider as mad act..?
Arjun got frustated for her answer..
Arjun hold her arm and ask her where is your phone?
He didnt notice that..Her right hand arm has wound bocz of that accident..
Radhika:Sir…plz leave my hurt me..
Arjun:I ask you why you didnt lift my phone call?
Radhika:Sir..I am not ready to answer your questions..Why shall i answer for you?
Arjun:Bcoz,officially i am your husband and technically you are my wife.I have rights on youuu…
Radhika:Arjun sir..Plz leave my hand..
Our marriage was happened just to prove that your intension was wrong.. and i want to save my Sam from that mess..We both knew it very clearly.. then why you took our relation very serious…When fact come out means..i prove my innosence and move out from your life..
Those words give pain to Arjun..He tight his grip and pull her close to him
Arjun:But i think and i know you have feelings on me..
Radhika:No,It’s not true..
Arjun:No,It is only true..You have feelings on me.. are wrong Arjun sir..
I didnt have any feelings on you..
Arjun:If you didnt have any feelings on me then why you are always behind me..Why you follow me..and why did you marry me?
Radhika:Arjun clearly know it.. why i always follow you and why i marry you?
Arjun:That is only i told to you..I know it very clearly that you have feelimgs on me..
Radhika:No sir..I didnt have any feelings..and plz leave my hand sir..It is paining Arjun sir..
Arjun look into her eyes and he feel some wetness to his hand..He leave her hand and look at his hand.His fingers are in red color..Then he look at her arm where he hold..There he find a small wound and now it bleeds.. He realise how tightly he hold her hand.. there he saw his finger marks on her hand..He fold his fingers and hit the wall two times..third time Radhika hold his hand and ask him what are you doing Arjun sir..
Arjun look at her with out answer..
Arjun POV:This is punishment for me.. bcoz i hurt you and give pain to you..
Arjun:Nothing.. i want to control my frustation and anger..
Radhika:You want to control your frustation or punish yourself for your deeds..
Arjun:You said that you have no feelings on me right..Then why you are worried for me..
Now Radhika has no answer with her..
Arjun:Come with me Radhika..I do first aid for your wound..
Radhika:For which wound…Arjun sir..
Arjun look at her and her eyes were filled with tears..
Radhika:It is not a big wound sir..This wound is small comparing with remaining ones..You go and fresh..I arrange food for you sir…
Arjun look at her and lift her in his arms.
Arjun walk into their room and place her on bed..He bring firstsid box from his wardrobe..He clean it and put a bandade there..Radhika just look into his eyes..
Arjun:If you have no feelings on me.. Then why your heartbeats so fast when i am close to you.
Radhika:I am asusual heartbeat is normal..
Arjun:No you lied..Really you didnt feel anything..
Radhika:No sir..
Arjun move his fingers on her cheeck.. and ask.. you feel anything..
Radhika:No Arjun sir..
Arjun:Arjun move his fingers from cheeck to neck..and asks did anything happen..
He moves very to close to her and ask did anything happen..
Radhika look into his eyes and he also look at her..
He move away and went into washroom to wash his hands..Mean while Radhika went into kitchen and arrange dinner for him..Arjun look at bed and he come out from their room..Radhika is arranging dinner to him on dining table.
Arjun:I ask you to take rest na..
Radhika:I just arrange food for you.. I didnt do a big tasks..
Arjun:I am not feeling hungry..I completed my dinner..
Radhika:Already i make it na..plz have a small quantity sir…Bcoz,My stomach starts scolding me..It feel so hungry.. atleast one roti…plz…
Arjun feel happy that Radhika is in nornal mood..he didnt do argue with her..Just sit infront of dinning table.
Radhika serve food for him and look at him..Arjun also look at her and ask her to take food..
Radhika:First you eat it..then..
Arjun:No need of formalities..just sit and have your dinner..
Both completed their dinner and Radhika took the plates and ask him..
Radhika:Why you are so tired today.. You go and fresh..
Actually Arjun also want desparately cold shower to free himself..Really he is tired today..
After completed her work in kitchen Radhika bring milk to him and saw that Arjun slept on bed with open mouth like a small kid..She put glass on a table and cover blanket to him..He open his eyes and look at her.. She try to move from that place but Arjun hold her hand and said..
Arjun:Teji ask to call him once..may be he is waiting for your call..I forget to tell you..
Radhika nod her head and search for her mobile…finally she find her mobile in her bag and it is in silent mode..She saw 50missed calls and more calls from Arjuns number and some calls from Neil,Teji and prerana..She realised that she leave the office in between working hours and didnt infrom anything to Neil or Teji..She dail to Tejis number..
Teji lift the call and scold Radhika for not answering the calls..
Teji:Are you mad?You dont know to answer the phone calls..You have any idea that how much tension you give for us..
Radhika:Sorry Teji..
Teji:What sorry?You put your sorry with you only..
Neil took phone from Teji…
Neil:Hai Chaashini..
Radhika:Hai Neil..
Neil:How do you feel now?
Neil:Congrats chashini..
Radhika:For what?
Neil:Bcoz of you today we saw tears in Arjun mehra’s eyes..He literally cried infront of us like a small kid.You missed it yaar..Arjun had another side..
Radhika:Crying…Why and for what?
Neil told her how he left office after confrence and how he search for her on Mumbai roads..continously 4hours.. how he ask prerana to pray for god.. and how they search for her..about accident they rush to hospital..Afterwards how they spend time in orphanage..
Radhika just listen those thing and unintensionally she replied to Neil..
Radhika:Neil..I know he has two sides.. one is he is arrogant and rude..and another side he is good from heart and he cares for every one..but i dont know why Nandhini dhi play with his feelings..I didnt know how to expose Nandhini dhi true colors infront of Arjun and Sam..
Radhika:How was Sam in office today?
Neil:Why you think abt her and that too today she cross her limits.. how can she talk like that with you..Even though you care for her..
Radhika:She is correct from her side.. her heart is in pain..i sanatched her to be husband infront of her eyes..Def she took some time to forget that pain and things happened with her.. She needs you Neil..Dont leave her alone..
Neil:I dont leave anybody..I promise you that we togeather make all things good and we all stay togeater with happy moments..
Radhika:Ok..take care and ask that duffer not shout on me..and convay my goodnite wishes to him..
Radhika end the call and look at Arjun..and he sleeps like a small kid..

Nextday morning…
Radhika wakeup early in the morning..
She look at clock and stop the alaram.. It is 5:30Am..She did getup early in the mornings..but now a days she wake up early mrngs..Bcoz she want to do lot of house hold works..She look at Arjun and observe that he is in deep sleep..But his head is half out of bed and the pillow is down..She adjust his head on pillow and put the other pillow properly and cover the blanket..
Radhika look at his handsome face.. Why my heartbeats fast when he is near to me..Really i have feelings on Arjun sir..No can i betray my frnd..?By thinking that she went into bathroom and do her shower..Then she open the refrigarator and se didnt find any vegies and there are no proper provisions in the house..
First she boiled the milk and went out to buy some vegetables and provisions..she observe one small shop at the end of the street when she was going to office..She took some amount and go to that shop by walk..
At the same time Nandhini feel restless in her sleep..She had a dream in her sleep..She open her eyes and recollect the dream..
Arjun is in deep sleep..Radhika come out from wash room with wet hair..She try to disturb his sleep with wet hair..The water droplets from her hair fell on his cheecks..He slowly open his eyes and look at her..
Arjun:Plz Radhika..i want to sleep another 15mins..pΔΊz wifey…
Radhika:No, Arjun..already it is late..bcoz the time is 7:00Am..You get down from bed and come fast for breakfast…By saying this she try to move..But Arjun hold her by placing his hand on her waist and pull her..She fell on him and Arjun roll her down.. Now Radhika is under Arjun..He put her hair back to ear shell and look into her eyes..He kiss her on forehead and next on cheecks and look at her lips.. Radhika ring her hands around his neck and ask him..Why are you looking like that..What do you want?
Arjun:I want to eat straberries..
Radhika:How it possible Arjun sir?
Arjun:For me it is possible..
By rubbing his fingers on her lips..
Radhika got his view and blush..
Arjun:Dont blush like that..It is very hard for me to control..
By saying this he touch her lips by his lips..They both start the kiss slowly and continue it in a passionate way.. finally they both broke the kiss for breathe..Arjun adjust him beside her and look at her..
Radhika turn and show her back to him..Arjun drag Radhika towards her and hold her tight..
Radhika:Arjun sir..leave me..Lot of work in kitchen..
Arjun:Do it latter..Now i want to sleep..
By saying this Arjun pull the blanket..
Nadhini suddenly jerk from her sleep..
Nandhini call to Arjun..Arjun hear the ringtone in his sleep..but didnt pick the call..Nadhini again and again dailed to him..At last he receive the call..
Nandhini:Arjun..its me..
Arjun:Ha Nandhu..gudmrg..
Nandhini:What are you doing?
Arjun:Just wakeup from sleep by your call..
Nandhini:What abt Radhika?
Arjun turn his eyes towards sofa and didnt find Radhika there..
Arjun:I dont know Nandhu..She is not in room..
By saying this he get down from bed and search for Radhika..He didnt find her..
Arjun:When did you return back to Mumbai Nandhu..
Nandhini:It took another two days for me..How are you there?I hope things are going good between you and Sam..
Arjun didnt give any reply to her..and his eyes are searching for Radhika..
Nandhini:Are you hear me or not?
Arjun:Some what better?
By saying this he search in kitchen and turn to enter into pooja Room..
At that time Radhika enter into the living room by open main door..
Already he was in frustation and now he is ready to show it..
Arjun:Hold on Nandhu wait a sec..
Arjun asked Radhika..
Arjun:Where did you go?
Radhika:No vegetables and provisions in house..I went out to buy those things..
Arjun slaped her for not informing him..and told her dont go out without informing me..
Radhika put her hand on her left cheeck and stand like statue..
Then Arjun realised what he do with Radhika..He try to hold her..but she took two steps back and run into their room..
Nandhini listen Arjun scolds Radhika and guess that he slap her..She feel happy for that..She calmly disconnect the phone and think..
Nandhini’s POV:
I think not to be worry..Arjun acts rudely with Radhika..So,My dream is not to be ture at any cost..
Arjun throw his phone on sofa and enter into room..His eyes search for Radhika..He didnt find her in room.. but he hear Radhika’s sobing from wash room..He went near to wash room and knock on the door.But the door open slightly..Then he understood that it is not locked inside.He open the door and saw that she is crying..He enter into washroom and try to hold her..
Radhika:Dont touch me Arjun sir..Why you slap me..Nothing is there to prepare breakfast..Yesterday your so tired bcoz of me..So,I dont want to disturb you.So,I just go to near by shop to purchase some provisions and vegtables..It is your habit to punish innocent people without knowing the proper reason..I think abt you and you slap me..Tears flow from her eyes..He look at her and her left cheeck..Hus five fingers print is there on her cheeck..Arjun cupped her face and look into her eyes..
Arjun:I am worried for you..If anything happenes to you…I am..
That means i am answerable to Mala Ma and Prerana Ma..Your friends Neil and Teji..
But Radhika feel some pain in his eyes..Arjun hold Radhika Wrist and comeout from washroom..He give towel to her and ask her wipe her face..and enter into washroom to fresh up..
Radhika prepare bread toast for breakfast and black coeffe for Arjun..She arrange breakfast for Arjun on dinning table and bring black coeffe to him and enter into the room. She place it on table and brush her hair sitting infront of mirror..
Arjun didnt expect Radhika in room.. So he come out with track pant only..
Radhika look at him from mirror..He slowly walk towards her and she looks at him..After 5sec she turn her gaze from him and cover her cheeck with her black hair..and try to move out from that place..He hold her hand and turn Radhika toward him and put sindhoor in her maang..

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