Love-Once Again (Episode 9)


Scene 1: Parth’s house
It’s Sunday today. Parth is at home. He is sleeping peacefully. Ragini is already awake and is in the kitchen, she is helping Kaka in preparing breakfast.
Kaka: “Ragini Beta, can you go and give this tea to Parth.”
Ragini: “Me?”
Kaka: “Yes, if you have any problem then never mind, I shall go myself.”
Ragini: “No no Kaka! I shall give it to Parth.”
She takes the tea from Kaka and starts moving towards Parth’s room. Parth is still sleeping. Ragini reaches Parth’s room. She knocks on the door but no one opens. She knocks again but no one responds. At last she opens the door herself and gets inside the room. Parth is still sleeping. She places the tea on the side table.
Ragini: “Parth!”
Parth doesn’t respond.
Ragini: “Parth, get up and take the tea.”
Parth still doesn’t say anything.
Ragini (angrily): “Parth, get up!”
Parth: “Kaka, 5 min more please.” (He acts like a child.)
Parth thinks it’s Kaka so he takes the hand (Ragini’s hand) and puts it on his head. (He does this because whenever Kaka used to wake him up, he used to pat his head with love.)
Ragini tries to free her hand. Parth doesn’t leave her hand.
Ragini: “Parth! Get up! It’s not Kaka it’s me Ragini!”
Parth turns and looks at her and jumps in surprise. He accidentally spills the coffee on Ragini. Ragini’s hand gets burnt. Ragini screams. Parth looks at her burnt hand. He holds her hand.
Parth shouts, “Kaka, bring the first aid kit, fast.”
Kaka comes to his room with the kit. Parth takes out the bandage and the antiseptic cream. He applies it to Ragini’s hand while Ragini looks at her. After finishing the bandage Parth looks at her. They have an eye lock. Kaka looks at them and smiles. (Sanam re plays….) Their eye lock breaks when someone rings the bell.

Scene 2: Parth’s house (living room)
Kaka opens the door. It’s Sanaya. Kaka welcomes her in. She greets him. She asks, “Kaka is Parth at home?”
Kaka: “Yes Beta!”
Parth comes downstairs. Ragini follows him.
Parth: “Oh look, my Bhabhi is here!”
Sanaya: “Parth, stop it!”
Sanaya looks at Ragini.
Sanaya: “Parth, who is she?”
Parth: “She is Ragini. Actually it’s a long story. In short, she was betrayed by her husband so she left her house and when she was in trouble I helped her. She had no where to live so I brought her here.”
Sanaya: “Good job Parth. Well, it’s another thing that I never expected this from you and now even I can tease you.”
Ragini giggles.
Sanaya (forwards her hand to Raguni): “Hi! I am Sanaya. Parth’s childhood friend.”
Ragini: “I am Ragini. Nice to meet you.”
Sanaya: “Same here!”
They both smile at each other. Parth looks at them.
Parth: “Ladies, shall we…” (He says this asking them to sit.)
Sanaya: “Actually Parth I came here to tell you something important.”
Parth: “Let me guess, you liked my surprise. Didn’t you?”
Sanaya thinks about Rahul confessing that he used to love someone.
Sanaya: “No… I mean yes I did! But…”
Parth: “But what?”
Sanaya: “Rahul told me about his past.”
Parth: “What? He never told me about his last and he told you. I am not gonna leave Rahul Bhaiya.”
Sanaya: “Parth, listen to me!”
Parth: “Okay, tell me what happened.”
Sanaya tells him everything. Ragini is listening this too.
Parth: “He loved a girl?”
Sanaya: “Yes, he did!” (She has tears in her eyes.)
She couldn’t control her tears. She starts crying. Ragini understands the situation. She goes near Sanaya.
Ragini consoles her.
Ragini: “Sanaya, as much as I understand the situation, I shall ask only one question. Did he say that he still love that girl?”
Sanaya thinks and replies, “No, he didn’t said so. He just said that he used to love a girl.”
Ragini: “Then no need to worry. I bet he doesn’t love her now. If that girl doesn’t love him that he has no reason to love her. I can understand how it feels like to be betrayed.”
Ragini also has tears in her eyes.
Parth: “Ladies, please calm down! When Parth is here then no need to worry. After all he is my brother, I know him very well. Ragini is right when he said “Used to” he meany it.”
Ragini and Sanaya smile.
Parth: “I promise my future Bhabhi that I shall make everything fine.”
Ragini: “And I promise that I shall try my best to help my sister.”
Sanaya smiles on Ragini calling her, her sister.
Kaka brings some cake and biscuits to eat. They have breakfast and tea together.

Scene 3: Meshwari Mansion
Swara enters the mansion. Everyone looks at her.
Annapurna: “Swara?”
They are surprised seeing her with her luggage.
Sanskaar rushes to Swara and takes the bag from her hand.
Annapurna (after looking at Swara’s eyes): “Swara are you crying?”
Swara hugs Annapurna and starts crying vigorously. She tells everyone everything that happened. Annapurna consoles her.
Annapurna: “Beta, this is also your house. After all you are the Bahu of this house too.”
Sanskaar gets a call. He picks it up. It’s inspector on the other side.
Inspector: “Mr Sanskaar Meshwari?”
Sanskaar: “Yes!”
Inspector: “You made a report that Miss. Ragini Meshwari is missing.”
Sanskaar: “Yes, I did! Did you find her? Where is she? Is she fine?”
Inspector: “Sorry Mr. Sanskaar we couldn’t find her but …..”
Sanskaar. “But… But what inspector?”
Inspector: “It would be better if we once check in the morgue.”
Sanskaar (shouts): “Inspector she isn’t dead, she is alive and if you cannot find her it’s okay! We will find her ourselves.”
He cuts the call. Swara and everyone else had listened him talking on the phone.
Swara: “Ragini, please come back! Please!”

Scene 4: Parth’s house
Sanaya had left by now. Parth and Ragini were sitting in the living room.
Parth: “I don’t know how I am going to make Sanaya and Bhai unite.”
Ragini: “We have to do it!”
Parth: “We?”
Ragini: “Yes we! After all, we both promised Sanaya. Right?”
Parth: “Yup, you are right. So shall we….”
Parth forwards his hand towards Ragini. Ragini smiles and they shake hands.
Parth: “So we would be starting Mission: “Make Sanra units tomorrow.”
Ragini nods. They both go to their respective rooms and go to sleep.

Promo: Ragini calls Sanaya and asks her to come to a place. On the other hand, Parth calls Rahul and asks him to come but he refuses. Sanaya and Ragini reach the place but Parth and Rahul don’t. Sanaya and Ragini are teased by some goons.

Credit to: Alisha

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