My Love With Me (Episode 9)


The scene starts with Radhika and Arjun..
Arjun:I am not a killer or murdrer..I want to give pain to her..It is just fir revenge sake..
Radhika:Your dhi only told to me..
Arjun:Dont talk about Nandhu..I am not able to hear any bad about her..
Radhika nod her head and try to getup from bed..Arjun look at her and ask what you want..
Radhika:Nothing sir.I want to sleep on sofa.
Arjun:No need..Sleep on bed..I slept on Sofa.
Arjun:No…but vut..just eat it and drink the milk..
Radhika look at him and look at food.. Arjun:I didnt mix any poision in your food.atleast you trust me regarding this..
Radhika eat the bread and drink the milk and put it on table..
Arjun ask her to sleep..and he also try to move from that place..Then suddenly Arjun phone rings..It display the name Niel…

Neil:I want to talk with Chashini..
Arjun:Then call to her mobile..
Neil:I think she has no
Arjun:She has mobile with her..
Neil:Ok..Arjun Sir..
Arjun:You want to give information abt maybeline project and their demends?
Neil:S Arjun Sir..
Arjun:Just call need of sir..
And..i think she is tired..may be she needs some call her tomarrow..
Neil and Teji listen his conversation.. and control their laugh..
Neil:ok sir..2marrow mrg i call her..
Arjun:Its your wish..gudnite..
Arjun turn towards bed..but Radhika is not there on bed..He try to move out of his room to search her..but he saw her with milk glass in her hand and come into room.
Radhika:Have this milk..Sir.Then you feel better and goto good sleep..
By saying this Radhika put the glass on table..Arjun stand behind her.
By putting glass on table Radhika turn back and look at him and took pillow and blanket from bed and try to move towards sofa.
Arjun hold her hand and took the pillow and blanket from her hand and place it on bed.He hold her hand and slowly pull towards him..Radhika also feel something new feel in his eyes and move towards him..He cup her face and adjust her hair behind her ears.. She just look into his eyes..He slowly move towards her..only five inchs gap is there..
The background song is khwahishein phe likhi dilki ye arziya .kaise ee manmarziyan…dasatha ek nahi kamosh ek nahi kaise ee manmarziyaan…
Radhika close her eyes and her heartbeats fast..Arjun slowly moves.. Suddenly Radhika phone rings..Arjun leave her hand and look at phone with frustation..Radhika took the phone and saw the name display on screen is Teji..

Radhika:Hello Teji..
Teji:Hai chashini..
Radhika:Why you call this time yaar..
By asking this question she look at Arjun..
Teji:I want to give an important information..
Radhika:Important information..
What is it?
Teji:Chashini..Maybeline CEO demand BS to complete their project with u in the team..So,Tomarrow onwards you need to come for office.. can i?
Teji:No need to worry abt it?.Neil try to convence the CEO..He continously call to him..But he didnt agree..But according to my information,Sam alreay share this matter with Arjun.. May be he ask you to come to office..

But you dont come yaar..Bcoz,I dont know how they treat you?How your Arjun sir treat you infront of all..So, Plz dont accept it..ok.
Radhika:Ok..I think abt it?
Arjun look at her..Radhika also stare a look towards him.. want to ask any favour from my side..Bcoz of that reason only you move very close with me.
Arjun hurt for that statement and he hit the wall with hand and leave the room in anger..Radhika look at the direction where he goes..
Radhika POV:Still Arjun sir impress Sam.Tomarrow onwards he want to go for office.That means Arjun sir and San in same place.How can i prove myself and bring my frndship and trust back..Wat can i do now?Can i go to office or not..By thinking abt those issues..Radhika went to sleep on sofa in sitting position only..
Arjun POV:How can you think like that Radhika?You didnt see any feelings in my eyes..Its my mistske only..I use Bonnie for my revenge..and i use love and effection concept on Sam..You aware with those things..You saw those things with your eyes.Similarly,i feel jealous when Saral is with you..I feel angry when he try to marry you..I brust when he try to molest you..You never condider my feelings on you..I change a lot Radhika..Bcoz of you only..and for you only..I want to express it..But Nandhu suffer from so many years..I want to see happiness in Nandhu eyes..Then i took you far from these people.Just give sometime for me.I promise you Radhika..I never leave you.By thinking about Radhika he sit down in the garden..After sometime he enter into the house and saw that Radhika slept on Sofa in sitting pose only..He saw that her body is sweat in A/C room.He lift her in his arms and place her on bed.While he turn back Radhika hold his hand and ask him dont leave alone.. He feel happy and turn towards her..
In sleep Radhika:Plz dont leave me alone.Who will be there for me..Maa listen to me..I do this marriage to save Sam from Arjun sir.I return back to you when this mess is finished..The worst thing in the life is..even dadhaji is also on me..Who can support me?Plz be with me Maa?
Arjun sit beside her and cares her hair.By looking at her he slowly went into sleep beside her..In sleep they both adjust according to their convinence..Just Radhika put her head on his chest and place her hand around his neck by holding his T-shirt.

Arjun round his one hand around her shoulder and another hand is on Radhikas hand where he hold his shirt..Frist Arjun wake from his sleep and feel happy that aradhika is so close to him..He just cares her hair and look into her face..She sleep happily by hugging him without any tension or fear in her face.He didnt know how much time he will be in the same pose by looking at her..But now he close his eyes and act that he is still in sleep mode..bcoz Radhika slowly moved and try to open her eyes..But she put her leg on him and tight the grip where she hold his shirt..abd place her head burried in his neck crave..her lips lightly touched to his neck and her breath reaches very hot to him..It is highly impossible to him to control his feelings..Inside his manhood encourage him..but his mind warn him dont go far..If you do anything you can loose her..Arjun take his mindwords and control himself by holding her tight..After sometime she open her eyes and look at him and her position..She slowly move far to him and get down from bed..He turn to right and act that he is in deep sleep..Radhika look at watch and the time is just 5:30AM..She slowly went into washroom and took a bath.In this mean time Arjun really went into sleep.Radhika came out by wearing Red color Kurti and white legging..She directly went into kitchen and prepare breskfast and lunch and arrange the breakfast on table and set lunch box for him..After that she sit beside bonzo(dog) and pour milk in vessel and chit chat with him..She put boiled egg for bonzo.Arjun is shock..bcoz bonzo didnt accept anyone.He walk towards them and stand infront of them.. Again he is in shock..bcoz bonzo didnt come near to Arnun..Bonzo look at Radhika and lit her hand.Radhika pamper Bonzo and pour some milk in vessel.Arjun laugh a little for both of them.Radhika went into kitchen and bring black coeffee for him..he farword his hand but she put it on table..He observe that still her hands have Burn marks..and that too visible in thick red color..He ask her to apply ointment on burn marks. She look at him and went into kitchen and start cleaning vessels..He complete his black coeffee and went into kitchen to put the cup in sink..and observe that Radhika clean the utensils..He look at her and ask..
Arjun:Why you do all these things?
Radhika:Then who can do? there na..
Radhika:I didnt saw any maid from two days onwards..
Arjun call watchmen and ask about maid..Watchmen answer him that Nandhini madam clear her amt and ask her not to come for work.
Arjun:What..? set another msid for us..
Watchmen nod his head and leave from that place..
Arjun think that..why Nandhu sent the maid..? dont cook anything..I just order breakfast from outside..
Radhika:No need of it.
I already prepare Breakfast and lunch also..
Arjun looked at her and try to ask about rejoining in office..But Radhika phone rings..She lift the phone and answe him..
Radhika:Haa Neil..Dont worry and dont contact that CEO..I prepared to come to my job..I want to face it Neil..
How many days i escape from all..
Arjun listen this conversation and feel happy that she decided to come to office and feel tense abt Sam and her receiving..Bcoz,He knows that he is not able to take Radhikas side in office..
Radhika:Who can pick me?You are Teji..
OK..Then bye..I wait for you..
Arjun listen this..and his POV..why he ask about picking and dropping. I am also going to same office na..He think abt it and went into his room for shower..Radhika clean all the things and made things properly and put diya infront of god..
She change her attire into peach color Anarkali dress and sit infront of mirror by recollecting her old moments with Sam.She look at mangalsutr and look at kumkum in her hand..She didnt realise Arjun stand behind her.He took the Kumkum and fill her maang with that..She didnt stop it he put it and clean her nose and cheecks with his hanky..She jyst look at him..
Radhika come out from trance and said..
Radhika:Arjun sir..Breakfast is on table only..have it..Lunchbix is ready.. If you wish to carry you carry it..
Arjun:Radhika..You decide to go to office..
Radhika:Why i lost my professional life and my dreams about my carriear..Already i lost my personsl life…
Arjun look at her..She is too pretty in that dress..He sit infront of table and she serve breakfast for him..
Mean time she hear bike horn..She look out and said..
Radhika:I am leaving..

Arjun want to stop her but he know how to behave infront of Sam..So,He didnt stop her.But he feel insecurity abt her..
Radhika sit on Niel’s bike.Neil start his bike..
Radhika:Why you are on bike today.. Wat abt ur car?
Neil:Teji took my,i choose bike. He went to drop mom in her office. Now a days he behave very possasive chashini.He feel that mom is only for him..Mom also always support Teji..
Niel drive very slow by observing Arjun’s car..Arjun burn with jealousy by their closeness and Radhika happily talking with Neil..Neil increase his bike speed..Radhika hold his shoulders tight..Neil drive very fast by turning and bending his bike..Arjun followed them..Neil enjoy Arjun’s tension and his jealous..But Radhika didnt know Arjun observe them.Neil stop his bike infront of Bs..Already Teji waiting for them..Arjun also stop his car and get down..At same time two cars stop beside his left and right..Sam getdown from one car and Andrew get down from another car. Arjun and Andrew look at each other..At same time Zubin and kartika also reach there..All togeather stand infront of footsteps of BS…All look at each other by control their feelings and emotions..Neil,Teji and Andrew enjoy the situation..bcoz they planned it na..

Sorry guys..little bit busy with my daughter formative know about the compitation na..Today is last exam..plz do comment for this episode and excuse me for late and typo and gramatical mistakes….

Precap:Neil plans worked..Closeness between Andrew and Radhika..Softcorner on Radhika from piyali and Samrat..

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