Love-Once Again (Episode 8)


Scene 1: Meshwari Mansion
All the ladies are in the kitchen. Kavya comes there.
Kavya: “Mom! I am sorry.”
Annapurna: “Sorry? Sorry for what?”
Kavya: “Sorry for hurting you. I did it for Laksh. After all I love him and he is my husband.”
Annapurna: “I knew you aren’t that bad as we were thinking. We forgive you.”
Kavya smiles.
Sujata: “But Jiji! How can you forgive her?”
Annapurna: “A girl can do anything in her husband’s love.”
Kavya: “Mom, can teach me how to cook?”
Annapurna: “Sure!”
All the ladies spend some time together.

Scene 2: Parth’s car
Parth is driving the car whereas Ragini is sitting quietly.
Parth: “So, Miss: Ragini where do you want to go?”
Ragini thinks what to say as she cannot go back home.
Ragini: “Stop the car!”
Parth: “Why?”
Ragini: “Stop the car right now!”
Parth stops the car and Ragini gets out of the car. Parth follows her.
Parth: “Ragini, I just asked you where do you want to go, why did you ask me to stop the car.”
Ragini: “Actually…”
Parth: “Actually what?”
Ragini: “Actually I don’t have a home. I escaped.”
Parth: “What? What does that mean? Wait! You are confusing me.”
Ragini doesn’t say anything.
Parth: “Ragini, look if something is bothering you than you can share it with me.”
Ragini: “Mmm….”
Parth: “If it’s something personal then it’s okay. I won’t ask.”
Ragini thinks that should I tell him or not. Then she remembers how he helped her, so atlast she decides to tell him what happened with her. She tells him everything about Laksh marrying Kavya, she fainting and falling down from the stairs, Sanskaar and Swara taking her to hospital, she planning to escape… Everything
Parth: “Oh, so you don’t have a home?”
Ragini: “No, I cannot go back.”
Parth: “Then you can stay in my house.”
Ragini: “What? Your house? I…I can’t!”
Parth: “Ragini, look you don’t have any place to live and I am offering you a house to live. If you are thinking that I am boy and you are a girl and we would be all alone in a house.”
Ragini: “Excuse me, I am not afraid of you.”
Parth: “Oh really?,
He moves towards him. Ragini steps back.
Ragini: “Parth! What are you doing?”
Parth: “You said you are not afraid of me. Right?”
Ragini: “Yes, I said so!”
Parth: “So, why are you stepping back?”
He pins her to the tree. They are too close to each other. Ragini has her eyes closed. Parth is constantly looking at her. “Even when she is scared she looks so beautiful.” He said to himself. He moves away.
Parth: “So it is proved that you are scared of me.”
Ragini doesn’t respond.
Parth: “Come, sit inside the car, we are going home.”
Ragini sits inside the car and Parth starts to drive.

Scene 3: Swara’s house
Sumi and Swara are in Swara’s room.
Swara: “Maa, I am missing Ragini a lot.”
Sumi: “Me too Shona! I wonder where is she and is she fine?”
They both cry.
Swara: “Can I go home Maa?”
Sumi: “Sure Shona!”
Swara was missing Sanskaar dreadfully. She got up at once and started packing her bag. Shekher saw her packing her stuff.
Shekher: “Swara?”
Swara: “Yes, Baba!”
Shekher: “What are you doing?”
Swara: “Baba, actually I am going to Meshwari Mansion.”
Shekher: “You are going to that house where Ragini got insulted? Are you in your senses? Today Ragini isn’t with us because of them.”
Swara: “But Baba..”
Shekher: “No if or buts.. Go to your room!”
Sumi comes their and asks Shekher to let Swara go.
Shekher: “If she will leave today then she will never step in this house again.”
Swara looks at Shekher with teary eyes.
Swara: “Okay! I accept it!”
Sumi: “Swara..?”
Swara: “Mom you always said that once a girl is married her house is not her maika but her susral.”
Sumi nods. Swara takes her bag and leaves the house.
(Yeah I know this was what happened in the serial, but this is important to reunite Swasan.)

Scene 4: Rahul’s house
Rahul house is shown. Rahul is seen sitting in his room all alone. He is holding a glass in once hand and in his other hand he has a photo. It’s the photo of the girl that betrayed him. The glass is half full with wine. He is looking at the photo angrily. Rahul gets up and drinks the half full wine glass in one sip. He put the glass on the table and takes a lighter. He burns that photo and then thrown it on the floor.
Rahul: “You are no longer the part of my life. I shall get rid of everything that related to you.”

Scene 5: Parth’s house
Ragini and Parth enter the house. It’s a huge house. Ragini examine the house from top too bottom and then her eyes stop at Parth, who is looking at her lovingly.
Parth: “So, Miss Ragini, how is the house?”
Ragini: “It’s wonderful.”
Parth: “I am glad you liked it.”
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: “You live all alone in such a big house?”
Parth: “Yup! I do!”
Ragini: “Don’t you have any relatives.” (She says this looking at a picture on the table of Parth and Rahul.)
Parth: “My parents died when I was young. I was raised in an orphanage. I don’t have any relatives but I have Rahul Bhaiya and Sanaya.”
Ragini looks at him. She can see the pain in his eyes. They are disturbed by a voice.
“Parth Beta! You are back!” They look in that direction. It’s Bansi Kaka. (He works at Parth’s house. Parth respects him a lot and he always treats him like a family member.)
Parth: “Yes Kaka! I am back!”
Ragini smiles at the way Parth behaved with Bansi.
Kaka: “Who is she Beta?”
Parth: “Kaka, she is Ragini. She would be staying here from now onwards.”
Kaka: “Oh, okay!”
Ragini greets him.
Parth: “Kaka, kindly show her the room she would be staying in.”
Kaka: “Okay Beta! You go and take rest.”
Parth leaves to his room. Kaka takes Ragini to her room.

Promo: Ragini’s hand gets burnt. Sanaya comes to visit Parth. She meets Ragini too. She tells him about Rahul’s past.

Credit to: Alisha

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