My Love With Me (Episode 8)

The episode starts with Samrat and Sam in Neil’s cabin..
Samrat:Sammy..dont loose Neil..He is true frnd..and my sugestion is once you talk with Radhika also.
Sam:Paa.What can i talk with her paa.. Is there any thing remain in betweeen us..
Samrat:Dont look one side of coin..Try to look otherside of coin also..
One thing Sammy..We know what Bonnie was?we know what saral was? We know that they are not trust worthy..But you trust their words what they say about Radhika..First of all my question is who invited them to our function..I already ask piyali abt it.She said..she didnt invite them..I am not there at that time..I know you didnt invite them..Then why they enter into our function.. similarly you know Neil..You trust him..You know what Radhika was? You trust her..bcoz of that trust only you try to break with Arjun..But you are not able to listen what they want to speak. ok..Leave Radhika..Atleast you try to listen Neil..From joining day onwards Teji is good frnd to you..Why you didnt listen them..Think about all these things..
Sam:Paa..why you are putting so many doubts infront of me..
Samrat:These are not doubts sammy.. These are questions which has no answers..
Samrat pat her on shoulder and left from that place..Sam just look at him..
If Sam think about those things seriously the problem ends there itself..Before Sam think abt those issues..Piyali enters into that cabin to discuss abt Maybline project..
Piyali:where is Neil?
Sam:Just now only he left..
Piyali:Sam..We have another big problem infront of us..
Sam:Another problem?
Piyali:Sam..It is abt our most biggest project.They want and demand that Radhika want to be in the team.
Piyali:Sam..Dont forget that..this project is in our account bcoz of Radhika only..They ask Arjun,Radhika, Neil,Teji,Zubin,Kartika and you as team..
I try to convence them..but they didnt..I dont know what to do?
Sam:Dont worry Maa..As per their wish we togeather work for that project..And you dont worry abt that Radhika..Neither Arjun nor Neil can manage her..I promise you..
Piyali:How can you bear her presence?
Second,I dont think Radhika return back to BS..
Sam:Maa.Dont forget..Still Radhika had contract period.As per law.. she had to work here..
Piyali nod her head..They want to first level of meeting with us..
Sam:I talk to Arjun and Neil..With in two days we start our work and ready with our presentation.
Piyali getup from chair..And hug Sam.. and any cost i dont want to loose this project from our account.
Sam also leave to her cabin..
In Neil house:
Neil(in phone):Thanks Andrew..Thanks for your help.Another small request.. be this matter in between us..
Andrew:I know yaar..I can do anything for you..Bcoz of you only..I lead happy life with my family..You dont worry about this matter.. dont know abt ArjunMehera yaar..
Andrew:Who told you..that i dont know abt him..I know about him..When we are in London,We togeather work in same company..
Andrew:Yes..We both are good enemies..But one thing he is good from heart..
Neil:Ok..Andrew..Sunday come to my place with your family..
Andrew:No..yaar..Any body know abt us is problem for us..
Neil:As your wish..
Andrew:ok..Neil..Bye..take care..
The scene shift to Arjun:
Arjun drive the car by thinking about Radhika..Their first meet in Arjuns place..How he insulted she gave answer to him..About their lonavala trip..about accident..Cute moments in Engagement function.. how Sam slap her infront of all..
He hear his phone rings and it is from Sam..He think why she call me now?
Arjun:Stop it Sam..Why you are calling me like that.
Sam:You are Mr.Mehara only right.. and more over your wife called you with.. Arjun sir..Na..So,I choose Mehra..
You have any problem.
Ok..leave it..Call at this time?
Sam:Can you come office for tomarrow..or still you are in marriage mood.
Arjun:Sam..dont talk abt that marriage.yes,i come to office from tomarrow onwards..Is there anything serious.
Sam:S,Convence your wife also to continue her job.
Sam:S..and explain the situation and demand from Maybeline..
Arjun:Are you sure abt it?Can i talk with that Indian CEO..
Sam:No need of it..Bcoz,Mom told me that he only demand..
Arjun remain calm..
Sam:Dont worry Arjun..First you ask her..otherwise we use her contract papers..According to that contract still there is 4months time..
Arjun got her point..but he didnt give any reply to her..Bcoz,He think abt Radhika..He know what happens to Radhika when she enters into BS..
The scene shift to Neils house:
Prerana:What are you thinking by using ur brain?
Neil:About Chashini?
Teji:What happened to her?
Neil:Till now nothing will happened?
But tomarrow onwards she come to office according to my plan..Then how she can face Sam,Zubin,Kartika etc..
Prerana:Your plan..!
Teji:Tell us clearly yaar..
Neil tell and describe the complete plan to both of them..
Teji:Why you want Radhika back to BS?
Neil:Teji..Why you love her and concern her so much?
Teji:Bcoz..i like my sister..She is god’s gift for me.Most precious thing.. I want to protect her untill my last breath..
Neil observe tears in Tejis eyes.
Neil:I observe love towards Radhika in Arjun’s eyes..and mom why you are with Arjun..We didnt expect you there..
Prerana:Arjun come here and ask me to help in Shopping.that he want to buy new clothes to Radhika..First i didnt answer him..Then again he requested me in a lovely manner..So,i join with him for shopping..
Teji:Maa,you told that you only buy those things for Radhika..
Prerana:No..Arjun ask me to tell like that..and he request me…So i go with him to his home..He buy so many things for her..
Neil:Maa..did he really love thing i notice today is..that Chashini has feelings on him..I dont it wrong or right..But she is not able to take anybody insult him..
Prerana:Ya..i also observe that..
Teji:But he is not correct to our Chashini..She is innocent Neil..I didnt leave her like this..
Prerana:Teji.Marriage can bring so many changes in our lives..wait and watch what changes can bring in Arjun and Radhika..
And Neil..why you want to bring Radhika back to BS..
Neil:Bcoz,i want Chashini infront of our eyes..Still i have some doubts on Arjun..
Prerana:Dont worry,intensionally he didnt hurt Radhika..i am sure abt it.
Teji:Why Arjun sir call you as Maa..? a days you are so possasive yaar.
And Mom..i want Chashini back to BS..bcoz i want to prove her innosense infront of all..I want to clear things.. I want to expose real culprit.
Prerana:One request Neil..Dont expose Arjun as a bad..I know these things happened by him only..But he is not bad from heart..Remember one thing.. His upbringing is from Nandhini.. There are some hidden things which we cant see.
Neil remember Andrew’s words..which stated that Arjun is not bad from heart..This is the same statement given by his mother..So,Arjun Mehara is not that much bad person..He has his attitude and personality..
Sam called Neil and explain abt Maybeline demands..and ask him to bring Radhika to BS. are ready to face Radhika..
Sam:Ask your Chashini to face me..
Neil:What you sounds now..?If she is my Chashini are not my Sammy..
Sam:Neil..In your priority list..After prerana aunty..i want to be the first hook or croock..Remember it..I am not able to see anybody with you..Just remember it..
By saying this Sam cut the call.
ARJUN get down from car and bring Radhika’s belongings and kept those things in his room.His eyes search for Radhika..But,he didnt find her.He feel tense and dailed her number..The phone rings and sound come from his bedroom.He go and find the phone on bed..He just took the phone and generally check the dsiled numbers..He saw only one dailed number..And there is response from that number..He bang the phone on bed and come out and search her in garden..He found Radhika on bench in Lawn..He slowly walk towards her and look at her..She close her eyes and put her head back..and tears flow from her eyes..
Radhika open her eyes and look at him.
Arjun:What are you doing here?

Radhika look at him and answer him nothing..Just sit like that.
Arjun:Then why are you crying?
Radhika:Is there any option remaning for me..expect crying..
Arjun:Then why you enter into this mess Radhika..
Radhika:To save Sam from your bad day def i prove my innosense infront of all..
Arjun:Ok..before that you take your lunch..It is your third day without anything in your stomach..
Radhika:Why you care for me? No need to show the fake concern on me.. All left me alone..No need to act as good person..
Arjun got angry for her statements. Bcoz he know the reason..In her dailed list he saw the number which is landline number of Reshikesh..The call duration time is only 5mins..So,He easily guess what happened..and that too Mala talk to him yesterday night and tell him about Dilip and Ankush angryness..
Arjun:I am not at all in mood to wipe your tears..You only enter into this mess..and why you act by showing your fake tears?
Radhika:My tears are not fake..I cry bcoz i belive you as a good person.. but you show that my opinion is wrong.. Bcoz of your one mistake,I put my life in Mess.I took a big step in my life to expose you and your sister wrong deeds..Atleast now you expose yourself infront of me Arjun Sir..I never expect an angle in you that you are ready to kill one person for your revenge..
Arjun:What are saying?I am not a monster to kill people..I know you are aware of my revenge plan..But dont cook stories by using your little brain..
Radhika: I didnt cook any stories Sir..Your dhi only told me about your you people want to kill Sam..
Arjun:Dont take my dhi name.She just want to give a pain for Sam..You know what Samrat do with my sister..She bear that pain from 13 to 14 years.. Are you think that Samrat is right and there is no punishments for his deeds..
Radhika:Yes. Samrat sir need punishment for his deeds not his daughter..If you have proofs against Samrat sir.You have any proofs against him..
Arjun:proofs against Samrat..Is my dhi tears is enough for me.She bear her pain from 14 years.He betray my sister.
Radhika:You have any proofs..
Arjun:Her pain and words are proof for me.
Radhika:Ahaa..then why you consider my tears are fake..You know all..and you only spoil all proofs..You know that i am not wrong..But still you said my tears are fake..Bcoz you have concern and care on your dhi..and i am stone in your path..i am nothing fot you..So my tears are fake.Haa na..
Arjun:Radhikaaa(in pained voice).
Radhika:Ha bolo…
By asking this she feels drowsy and her eyes were closed slowly she went into unconsious.. bcoz of improper diet and long argument with her Arjun Sir..
Arjun hold her before she fell your eyes..Radhika..
Arjun lift Radhika in his arms and went into his room and place Radhika on bed..He switch on the A/C and sprink some water on her face..She slowly opened her eyes and look at Arjun.Radhika saw new Arjun in that minute..His eyes shows lot of care and tense..She feel happy for that..Arjun cup her face and ask her..
Arjun:Radhika..Are you ok..Can i call doctor?
Radhika:No need of doctor Arjun sir.. I am ok..
Arjun:Atleast eat somthing Radhika. You want to prove that i am not good na..For that you need some energy na.
Radhika:Arjun sir..a small correction in the statement.I am not here to prove that you are bad man..I want to prove that your intension is bad..Still now i didnt think and didnt tell that you are bad..
Arjun leave the room with teary eyes.. Radhika think abt him..
Radhika POV:Why i am happy when i see so much care and tense in his eyes. Is he really care for me..Why my heart beats so fast?What is this new feeling?..
Arjun disturbed her thoughts…
Arjun bring bread toast and milk for her..and ask her to eat it and drink milk..
Radhika:You didnt eat anything from mrng also have it sir..
By saying this she took the plate from his hand and place on table..
Arjun also sit infront of her..They both start eating the toast…
Radhika:Arjun Sir,Really you didnt know and you didnt want to kill Sam..
Arjun look at her..

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