Love-Once Again (Episode 7)


Scene 1: The house
As the sun rays fall on Ragini, they disturb her sleep. Ragini opens her eyes slowly. She looks here and there and wonders where am I? She sees Parth sleeping near her, on a chair holding her hand. Ragini thinks, “I have seen him some where, but where?”
She keeps on thinking. Her thought is disturbed by Parth, who just woke up.
Parth: “Where am I? Which place is this?”
Ragini: “I think I should be asking you that question.”
Parth looks at Ragini.
Parth: “Oh, now I remember! How are you feeling now?”
Ragini: “I am fine! Why are you asking that and who are you? What are we doing here?”
Parth: “Calm down Miss..?”
Ragini: “Ragini Mes…”
She was about to say Meshwari but stops.
Parth: “What’s your name?”
Ragini: “Ragini”
Parth: “Oh! So Miss. Ragini calm down. I will answer every single question but your will need to wait.”
They were still holding each other’s hands.
Suddenly the lady enters with breakfast.
Lady: “Good Morning my children!”
Parth and Ragini: “Good morning!”
Lady to Ragini: “How are you feeling now?”
Ragini: “Better than before.”
Lady: “Looks like you both love each other a a lot. (She says this pointing towards their hands with her eyes.)
Ragini and Parth look at each other and share an eye lock. They are disturbed by the lady. They leave each other’s hands.
Lady: “Come, have breakfast!”
Ragini: “No need Aunty! I would like to leave now.”
Lady: “I? Why would you leave alone, without your husband.”
Ragini: “Husband?”
She looks at Parth shockingly.
Lady: “Yes, isn’t he your husband.”
Ragini was about to say no when Parth holds her from her shoulder tightly and says, “Of course we are!”
Lady smiles. Ragini looks at Parth. She signs him to leave her shoulder. Parth smiles and leave her. They have breakfast together. After having breakfast Parth and Ragini ask permission from the lady to leave. She blesses them and says, “May you both stay together always.” Ragini looks at Parth. Parth smiles at her.

Scene 2: The isolated road
Parth and Ragini had left that house. Ragini keeps on moving. Parth is following her. When Ragini passes by Parth’s car and just keeps on moving Parth says, “Hey Ragini, Stop!”
Ragini stops. She turns. Parth comes running towards her.
Ragini: “What do you want? I don’t want you to create another drama.”
Parth: “Oh Hello! I saved your life. You should be thanking me.”
Ragini: “Thank you? My foot!”
Ragini tries to leave but Parth holds her hand. Ragini looks at him. Parth looks into Ragini’s eyes and wonders, “Where have I seen these eyes before?”
Ragini: “Hello Mister? Leave my hand.”
Parth: “Excuse me, I have a name.”
Ragini: “Oh really, what’s you name then?”
Parth: “Parth”
Ragini: “So, Mister Parth, please leave my hand.”
Parth leaves her hand.
Parth: “First I need to clear some misunderstandings.”
Ragini: “No need!”
Parth: “You might be thinking why the lady said that we are husband and wife?”
Ragini: “Yes!”
Parth: “It was because I told her that we are husband and wife. Actually I thought that if I told her the truth she would misunderstand us.”
Ragini: “If you are done then I need to leave.”
Parth: “I can drop you home if you like?”
Ragini: “No, Thank you! I can manage on my own.”
Parth: “Are you sure?”
Ragini: “What do you mean?”
Parth: “Well, you know a girl all alone, walking on an isolated road… Anything can happen.”
Ragini: “Anything? Anything like what?”
Parth: “Well, you know that very well.”
Ragini: “I don’t care!”
Parth: “Fine, as you wish.”
Ragini starts walking again where as Parth moves towards his car. Parth sits in his car and adjusts the side mirror and he sees Ragini walking. Parth says to himself, “Just wait for 10 min and she would be back.” He closes his eyes.
Ragini is seen walking. She wasn’t so far from Parth’s car. She kept on walking. After walking a km more got tired. Suddenly she sees a jeep. The jeep comes near her. She sees a group of drunk boys. A boy comes to her and says, “Hey beautiful, where are you going?” He starts moving towards her.
Ragini gets scared. Ragini shouts,”Stay away!”
The goon moves even more closer. Ragini starts stepping back. Then she remembers Parth. She starts running towards the direction where Parth’s car is. She shouts, “Help! Somebody please help me!”
Parth was sitting in his car, with his eyes closed. He hears Ragini shouting. He sees Ragini running and some boys behind her, through the side mirror.
Parth (to himself): “Told you, she is back!”
He gets out of the car. Ragini sees him and stops. The boys stop too. Ragini runs and stands behind Parth.
Boy 1: “Get out of the way!”
Parth: “What if I don’t.”
Boy 2: “O Hero! Get out of the way.”
Path: “So you want to touch her.” (Pointing towards Ragini)
Boys look at each other and nod.
Parth: “Go ahead then.”
Ragini looks at Parth in shock.
Boys laugh and say, “Now even your so called hero refused to save you.”
Ragini gets super scared. Parth is standing at a side near Ragini.
As the boys move towards Ragini, Ragini closes her eyes in fear. Suddenly a hand stops them, it’s none other than Parth. Parth starts beating them dreadfully. Ragini stands still. She is super sacred. After some time, the boys run away.
Parth: “Don’t ever dare to come back!”
He turns to Ragini. Ragini is standing there still. She is not making any movement. Parth goes to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. Ragini was super sacred so she hugs Parth. Parth stand in shock that what just happened but then he hugs her back. After some time Ragini realizes what she has done so she separates.
Ragini: “Sorry!”
Parth: “It’s okay! I knew you would come back. Come sit inside the car.”

Scene 3: Sanaya’s house
Sanaya bring coffee and cookies for Rahul. Rahul is standing near a table, he is holding a photo. Sanaya puts the tray on the table and moves towards Rahul.
She sees that the photo Rahul is holding is of her parents.
Sanaya: “Do you remember them?”
Rahul: “Of course Sanaya. They were like my own mother and father to me.”
There is silence between them for a min.
Rahul: “Sanaya, can I ask you something?”
Sanaya: “Sure!”
Rahul: “I never asked this question before because I thought that it might hurt you. How did Uncle and Aunty die?
Sanaya moves turns back. She closes her eyes and then she starts telling him what happened.
Sanaya: “I was about 18 years old, when they died in a car accident.”
Rahul doesn’t say anything. Sanaya continues.
Sanaya: “After their death I learnt to be independent. It was quite difficult but I finally did it.”
Rahul: “Hmmm…”
Sanaya: “Can I ask you something?,
Rahul: “Sure!”
Sanaya: “Have you ever fallen in love?”
Rahul looks at her in surprise. Rahul remembers his moments with that girl.
Sanaya: “Rahul? Are you fine?”
Rahul: “Yes, I am. You want to know the answer.”
Sanaya (hesitating): “Aaa…Yes!”
Rahul: “I used to love a girl. She was everything to me. My life… Everything.
Sanaya: “Then?”
Rahul: “When I got bankrupt, she was the only support I had but I came to know that she was with me only because I was rich. After I came to know about her reality. I another business and now I am one of the biggest business mans in India.”
Sanaya doesn’t say anything.
Rahul: “I think I should leave now. Bye!”
Saying this Rahul moves out of the house. She closes the door and stand outside. Tears roll down from his eyes. He wipes them and drives towards his house. Inside Sanaya sits on the couch. She remembers Rahul’s words “I used to love a girl.”
Sanaya starts crying. “He loves someone and he has still not been able to forget her.” Sanaya says this while crying.

Promo: Swara decides to stay at Meshwari Mansion. Parth takes Ragini to his house.
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Credit to: Alisha

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