My Love With Me (Episode 7)

Neil also turn his head where Teji pointed his finger..They both open their mouths..Bcoz they saw prerana with huge amount of bags..Firstly she get down from Arjun’s car.. prerana went into house but Arjun stand outside only..Both Teji and Neil Jump the wall..and casually reach the main gate and walk towards Arjuns house..
Arjun looks at them..Teji and Neil also look at him..
Teji:Gudmrg Sir..
Arjun:Mrg..Why you people are here?
Neil:I want to meet Chashini..
By saying this Neil move from that place..and Teji also followed Neil..
Arjun:Teji..BS give salary for you.. to do their work..Not for your frnds work..
This time teji also give answer to him..
Teji:I did work for BS only..Today i am on dayoff..That means it is my private time.So,I am hear on my personal work..
Arjun:Personal work?
Teji:Yes..i am here for my Chashini..
By saying this he move forward..Niel control his smile for Teji’s answer..
Arjun observes Neils smile and bags in both Neil and Teji hands.Arjun also follows them..When trio enter into the hall..Prerana ask her to go and freshup..I bring clothes to you..Some according to your choice and some according to my choice..I hope you like these..Neil:Maa..It is too much..Teji and me also bring some clothes to chashini..that too according to her choice..Radhika look at Neil and Teji..
They both goto her and hug her from each side..But they didnt leave her and give some packets to her.. Radhika:Why these many new dresses Neil.My dresses are in old flat where Sam and me..
Teji:Leave all that stuff..We buy new things for you..
Radhika:There i have some of my favourite dresses yaar..
Neil:Leave it..
Neil hold her hand and try to tell something..but he suddenly stop by seeing burning marks in her palm.. Automatically Teji open another plam and saw the burning mark..They both react very seriously and stare angry look towards Arjun..
But Radhika stop them and said it is my mistake only..I only hold mistakenly heat one..Neil look at her doubtfully..Radhika:Dont look like that..pinky promise..Teji:Atleast you can apply oientment for that na..Wait i go and buy medicines for you.. By saying that Teji left from that place..
At same time Sam call to Neil and ask him where are you?
Neil:I am with mom only.
Sam:Ok..Actually i am feeling bore in office.come fast much time you take for comming.Neil:With in 20mins i will be there..Neil:Maa..i have an important work..Can you come with me or you stay with Chashini for some time..Prerana look at Arjun..Arjun ask her to stay for some time..he request her with his eyes only..Prerana:Neil.. i stay here for carry on my boy..I come with Teji.. Neil:Mom..take care..
Neil said it by looking at Arjun..Arjun feel bad for that..Both Prerana and Radhika observe that..Radhika:Neil.. I think its time to move..
Neil observe some sharpness in Radhikas eyes..But he cool the atmosphere by hug her..Arjun control his anger and feelings when Neil hug Radhhika.Prerana observe that and confirm that Arjun has feelings for Radhika.Neil leave from there.. Remaining three enter into hall.. Radhika went into kitchen to prepare breakfast..Prerana ask her to go freshup and come..Prerana:I prepare food for you people..You go and freshup..Radhika went to washroom for freshup..Arjun sit on sofa by reading newspaper in his room.
Prerana:Arjun..You also change your dress..Now only,I call panditji for pooja..There is no time to do all arrangements.. Can you arrange flowers and fruits for pooja..Arrange the stuff,if you are intrested..otherwise..
Arjun:pooja..For what purpose maa.. Sorry Aunty..
Prerana:I am happy..if you call me maa than aunty..This pooja is for to stay and blessed happy life to newly marriage couple..
Arjun:ok..i will arrange things..
Prerana left from that room..Arjun went out to buy things..Radhika come out from washroom by wearing normal top and legging..Prerana ask her to wear saree..and inform her about pooja..
Prerana:Radhika,Marriage is great thing happens in our lives..We can accept all things and people in our life according to our rituals..plz ready for pooja..
Radhika wear saree..Which was given by prerana..But she didnt know the selection was done by Arjun..The color of saree is yellow and appears in both traditional and weatren look..
At same time Teji enter into Radhika room and hold her hand and ask her to sit and apply ointment to her..By applying cream to her hand he try to control his tears..Radhika:Teji..why are you crying yaar..nothing happened to me..Really it is my mistake..It was not by Arjun sir..Teji:Still you support him..I cant belive this..I know you do this marriage to save Sam..But why you bring problems on your head..
Radhika:Teji..Sam is not only my best frnd..she is soul sister for me..and Arjun sir is not bad from heart..Still i belive god and faith..I hope things will set right with in few days..Then i give Sam’s happiness back to her and free Arjun sir from this unnecessary relationship..Teji:Chashini..Remember.. one thing..then you stay with your brother Teji dear brother..Teji:Ok..i go and wash my hands.. By saying this Teji leave the room.. Arjun hide behind the wall when Teji come out from that room.Arjun listen their complete conversation.. He feel happy that Teji treat Radhika as his sister..But he feel sad that Radhika said this marriage and Relation is unnecessary.
He enter into room and saw Radhika in saree..which was selected by him..She get up from his bed and try to move from that place..
Arjun:Radhika..use this phone..This is for you only..Number is your old number only..I am sorry..bcoz yesterday i ask network officer to transfer your msgs to my number from past two days msgs.. Unintensionaly i watch your video msg sent by Sekharwalia..Sorry for that..
I already transfer that msg from my mobile to your one..Dont reject the mobile..You pay for this one also..
Prerana:Radhika and Arjun..come for pooja..Radhika wear your mangalsutr and kumkum in your Maang..
Radhika nod her head and walk towards mirror..She try to put Mangalsutr…but her hands are with ointment on burn marks.She hold the chain with her hands and try to adjust her hair..Arjun saw this and walk towards Radhika..He stand behind her and adjust her hair to one side..Both Arjun and Radhika think and remember the same scene which happenes in Arjun and Sam engagement..How Radhika tell sorry to Arjun help her by giving her clothes and how he tie the threads for her blouse..By recollecting that incident..Radhika feel some shyness and her cheeks convert into crimson red..At present when Arjun adjust her hair to one side she just close her eyes..Arjun took chain from her hand and put it to her..and observe her feelings through mirror..He turn Radhika towards him and put kumkum in her maang which was given by Mala..He adjust her hair and left that place.. Both Teji and Prerana wait for them..
First Arjun come and stant beside prerana..Then Radhika also come and stand beside Teji.. Panditji ask new couple come and sit..Both Radhika and Arjun sit for pooja..Arjun look at her some times in between pooja..But Radhika didnt look at him..Pandit ask them to tie Rakshabandh to each other..First Arjun took it and tie to Radhika tie to Arjun..
Panditji ask them to play ring game as per Rasam..Prerana pour milk in bowl and drop ring in that bowl..Both Radhika and Arjun search for the ring in the bowl..Radhika took it out and show it to panditji..Panditji ask her to put it to Arjuns ring finger..And ask Arjun to show his right hand..
Radhika:Its not for me..It was search and pick by me only na..
Prerana laugh for her childishness.. and ask Radhika to put that ring to Arjun..Prerana give one jewellery box to Arjun and ask him to put those toe finger rings to her toe fingers..He hold her legs and put that rings to her toe fingers..Arjun give some Amount to Panditji..and pandiji bless them and leave from that place..Arjun took blessings from Prerana..Radhika also join with Arjun..they both took blessings from Prerana.. Teji hug Radhika and kiss her on forehead and look at Arjun..
Neil call to prerana..prerana lift the call..Neil:Maa..
Neil:Where are you..I am waiting ffor you come fast..Prerana:Ok..Neil..I am..
Prerana look at Arjun and is time to move..Or else is not possible for me to stop his wired behaviour..
Arjun:I drop you Maa..
Teji is shocked that Arjun also called prerana..By using Maa..
Prerana:Teji and Me go with cab..
Arjun:No..I will drop you both..
Arjun pick his car keys and went out to his car..prerana hug Radhika and move towards car..Teji hug Radhika and ask her to take care ..and leave by saying bye to her..
Arjun sit in driving place..Teji sit in front passenger seat..Prerana sit in back seat..
After 20mins drove he stop car infront of Neils house..Prerana snd Teji get out from car..Arjun look at Teji and ask him..Arjun:Why you get down from car..i drop you in your place..
Teji:No thanks Sir..Presently..i stay with my Maa and my elder brother..
Arjun is surprised for this..Prerana ask Arjun to take care about Radhika..
Arjun drove off and stop infront of house where Radhika and Sam stay togeather previously..He enter into the house by using spare keys..He collect all Radhikas belongings and pack those things..He saw one cover in her wardrobe..He open it and look into it.It is the dress which he bought fir Radhika in lonavala trip in the shop.. At the time of accident it was damaged..He identify that..the damaged part was repaired and it was dry cleaned..He feel happy that Radhika put that dress with her..He pack all things and find dairy in that room..He open it and read it from starting onwards..In that dairy she mention about her dreams..About Sam’s frndship..Bonding wiith Neil and Teji..closeness with Zubin and kartika..what she feel abot Arjun..
Arjun was shocked after reading that..Bcoz,he know she treat him and consider him as a good person..But according to Radhika..Arjun is alive god infront of her eyes..He close that dairy and put it with her belongings and move back to his home..
The scene shift to Neils cabin..
Neil:Are you sure Sammy..Arjun is back for his job..
Sam:S..Just now only mom told to me..
Neil:You are ready to face him..
Neil:You are not angry on Arjun..then why you are angry on Chashini..
Sam:Dont talk about her..
Neil:Sammy..think from her side..
Sam:She broke my love.. my marriage.. also broke my heart.. my love..even though i am with you.. Bcoz,you my best buddy..Frndship is important than love and hate..Dont loose true frnds..
By saying this Neil left his cabin.. While leaving his cabin he saw Samrat standing infront of the door..Neil stood that Samrat listen all..He share an eyelock of 5secs and move from that place..
Samrat enter into the cabin and look at Sam..By looking Samrat there she wipe her tears and give a wide smile to him..
Sam:When did you came Paa?
Samrat:Bachuu..Neil proposed or express his feelings to you before these issues..
Sam nod her head..and replied him..
Sam:But paa..i didnt see Neil like that. He is more than anything in my life. But ge give equal priority snd importance to that Radhika and me..
Samrat smile looking at Sam..You both frnds are same sammy..When you said Neil is wrong means automatically you are also wrong..bcoz you give more importance to Arjun than Neil. One difference is there between you people.. i.e he didnt pointout or questioned you about this..but you questioned him and him about priorities and comparisions between you and Radhika..
Dont loose your frnds for unnecessary things..He just give a side hug to her and kiss her on forehead..

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