Love-Once Again (Episode 6)


Scene 1: The isolated road
A car is shown. The car belongs to Parth. Parth is talking to someone on phone. It’s none other than Rahul.
Parth: “Yes Rahul Bhaiya, I am done with presentation and I have e-mailed it to you too.”
Rahul: “Thanks Parth! I don’t know if you haven’t been there what would have become of me.”
Parth: “Don’t say that Rahul Bhaiya!”
There is a silence between them for some time. After that Parth speaks up.
Parth: “Rahul Bhaiya, actually…”
Rahul: “What happened Parth? Is everything okay?”
Parth: “Rahul Bhaiya, Sanaya is in hospital.”
Rahul: “What? She is in hospital and you are telling it to me now.”
Parth: “Sorry Bhaiya!”
Rahul: “It’s okay, tell me the name of the hospital.”

Parth tells him the name and the room number.
Rahul: “I shall go to meet her tomorrow. Bye Parth!”
Parth: “Bye Rahul Bhaiya!”
Parth says to himself, “Tomorrow you are going to get a surprise Sanaya. Be ready!”
While he is driving his car breaks down. He shouts, “No no no no no… Oh God! Now what am I gonna do?”
He looks here and there and he sees a girl fully drenched in rain.
Parth: “I need to go and check. Maybe she is in trouble.”
Parth gets out of his car. “Argh! I hate rain. I hope I don’t catch flue.”
He goes near Ragini.
Parth: “Excuse me Miss? Hello? Please wake up.”
Ragini doesn’t wake up. Parth wonders whether she is alive or not. He checks her pulse.
Parth: “She is alive! I must take her somewhere safe and find a shelter for myself too.”
He looks here and there and sees a small house. He carries Ragini in his arms. It’s still raining. He takes her to that house.
Scene 2: The house

Parth knock on the door. An old lady open the door. Parth tell her that they need shelter for to night. The old lady gives them the permission to come in. Parth lays Ragini down on the couch. The lady says, “Beta who is she?”
Parth thinks that maybe is he tells the truth she won’t allow her to live here so he says, “Dadi Maa! She is my wife.”
Lady: “Okay!”
Parth looks at Ragini. He checks Ragini and says,”She is having high temperature.”
Lady says, “You should first change her clothes.”
Parth stands shocked. The lady says, “I will change her clothes don’t worry until then you go and eat something. I have put the dinner on the table. You must be hungry.”
Parth nods.
Dadi changes Ragini’s clothes as they were all wet.
Parth comes back after having dinner.
Parth: “Dadi Maa! Your food is so tasty.”

The old lady smiles. Parth looks at Ragini and he is mesmerized seeing her. Dadi had made Ragini wear a yellow dress and she was looking absolutely beautiful. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Parth checks Ragini once again and says, “She is stil, having fever.” He asks the lady to get him a bowl of cold water and a towel. The lady bring him one. After that the lady goes to sleep.
Parth is still sitting beside Ragini. He wonders where did she come from! Suddenly Ragini moves a little but she doesn’t open her eyes. She holds Parth’s hand while sleeping. Parth looks at her and smiles. He then sleep at the same place beside Ragini.
Scene 3: Meshwari Mansion
Annapurna calls Sanskaar.
Annapurna: “Sanskaar, how is Ragini?”
Sanskaar: “Mom, Ragini isn’t at hospital. She….”
Annapurna: “What? She is not at hospital? What do you mean?”
Sanskaar explain her everything.
Sanskaar: “Mom please do pray for her.”
Annapurna had tears in her eyes. She said, “Sure Beta, after all she is like daughter to me.”
Sanskaar: “Bye Mom!”
Annapurna: “Bye Beta!”
Scene 4: Hospital
Rahul enter the hospital. He goes to reception and asks for Sanaya. The receptionist says, “Sorry Sir, Miss: Sanaya has been discharged.”

Rahul: “Okay, Thank you!”
He think to go to her house and meet her there.
Scene 5: Sanaya’s house
Rahul reaches her house and rings the bell. Sanaya opens the door and is surprised to see him.
Sanaya: “Rahul? What are you doing here?”
Rahul: “Parth told me about your illness so…”
Sanaya: “Oh!”
Sanaya (inner voice): “Why didn’t Parth tell me that Rahul was coming to meet me?”
Rahul: “May I come in?”
Sanaya: “Oh, Yeah… sure!”
The enter the house. The house is spick and span and beautifully decorated too.
Sanaya: “You can sit over here” (She says this pointing towards the couch)
Sanaya: “I shall bring something for you to eat.”
Rahul was about to say no but Sanaya had already left for kitchen.
Scene 6: Sanaya’s kitchen
Sanaya talks to herself. “What should I do? I don’t even know what he likes or what he dislikes.” While she is thinking about what to cook for Rahul her phone rings and she picks it up. From the other side a voice comes, “Hey Sanaya! How was the surprise?”
Sanaya: “Parth?”

Parth: “Yup, it’s me!”
Sanaya: “Parth I am not gonna spare you. You didn’t tell me that Rahul is gonna come.”
Parth: “Come on Sanaya! It’s a surprise!”
Sanaya: “No it’s not! Now I cannot decide what to cook for him. I don’t even know what your brother dislikes or likes.”
Parth: “Sanaya…! Only this is the problem?”
Sanaya: “Parth, this isn’t a small problem.”
Parth (giggles): “Yeah, I know, it’s a huge problem for you to impress my brother.”
Sanaya: “Parth, stop teasing me and tell me what to cook.”
Parth: “Well, I think you should make coffee with some cookies. Rahul Bhaiya loves coffee.”
Sanaya: “Oh! Okay, Thank you so much Parth.”
Parth: “Your most welcome Bhabhi and best of luck in impressing Bhaiya. Bye!”
Sanaya: “Parth, I am not your Bhabhi, stop calling me that!” but Parth had disconnected the call already.

Sanaya: “Someday this boy is going to drive me crazy.”

Promo: Sanaya and Rahul sit and talk while having coffee. Rahul asks Sanaya about her parents. She tells him about his parents and asks,”Can I ask something too?”
Rahul says, “Sure!” Sanaya says, “Have you ever fallen in love?” Rahul looks at her surprised.

Credit to: Alisha

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