My Love With Me (Episode 6)

Radhika slept on sofa and put off his phone aside and think abt Mala’s words.
Arjun(himself):Maa told to me that you are foodie..But you didnt anything from Mrng onwards..It is all bcoz of me..

He took first aidbox frm his cupboard and walk towards her and apply on her burn marks and wounds..He kiss on her forehead and went on bed.By seeing her face he also went into sleep.
Arjun wake up in the morning and look at Radhika..By seeing Radhika a small smile appear on his face..Bcoz..Radhika is not on sofa..She is on floor..By putting one leg on sofa and another one on floor..By placing one hand on her stomah and another one on her forehead..Just like a small kid.A small smile appear on his face.
Arjun getdown from his bed and went to Radhika and sit on knees infront of her..Actually in that pose Radhika look so cute and hot in that white shirt..
He click that pose in his mobile more than 10clicks..Then he place mobile on table and went into the wash room.
After that Radhika wakeup and look for Arjun..She didnt find him.. but she hear water sound from washroom. She stand infront of window and look outside..She found butterflies fly in garden and enjoy by watching butterflies..
Radhika saw Arjun phone on table..a smile appear on her face..She took the phone into her hands and dail to Neils number..

Neil and Samira slept in same room. Neil sleep on floor and Sam sleep on bed..
Niel phone rings..and it is near to Samira..Neil and Sam drink on last night..Now it is not possible for them to open their eyes..
Atlast Sam take the phone and throw towards Neil..and ask him to answer the call..
Neil lift his phone and say helloo..
Radhika:Its me ..
Radhika:Radhika Mishraa..
Neil:Radhika Mishraaaa?
Radhika:It your Chashini.. morning..
Your love us not with you..?

Radhika:Neil…plz..First listen to me..
By hearing Chashini from Neils mouth..Sam open her eyes
and look at Neil..Still he is in halfsleep..She took phone from Neil..
Radhika:Neil…listen to me..I just do this marriage to save Sam from Hurddles..I lost all my proofs..ok..first listen to me..Plz adjust some amount for me..I want to buy clothes for me..
From yesterday onwards i am in same dress..Plz..
Sam Try to answer her..But Neil took his phone from her and said whst are you doing with my phone?
Sam:Someone called you..And i am trying yo answer that call..
Neil look at display snd rcognise that this call is from Chashini..
Neil:Tell me Chashini..
Radhika try to answer him Arjun came and took his phone..He just listen the conversation from ..Radhika ask Neil to adjust amount for buying new clothes..Radhika turn towards him and said…
Radhika:Sorry..without your permission..But next time onwards i dont do it..Once give your phone..I make one call and give it back..Plz sir..
I want to talk with my Maa..
Arjun melted for her request..but he remember Malas words..what she spome to him yesterday..
Arjun:First,I need mrg coeffee..
Radhika:Arjun sir..once i want to talk with her plz..

Arjun turn his face and ask her to bring black Coeffee..
Radhika left that room and went into kitchen..She prepare black coeffe for him and bring to his room..He was in sky blue shirt with navy blue jean pant..He turn towards window side and bussy in phone..
Arjun:Yes..i want the same number.. and one small request..if they are any msgs for that number from past two days just transfer those msgs to my number..plz..
Other side:Def sir..With in 15 to 20 mins..i can do it for you..
Arjun:Thanks Rahul..
In Neils house:
Sam:Why chashini called you?
Neil:How can i know..she didnt answer to me..
Sam:She tell that..she do this marriage to save me from problems..
You can belive her words..
Neil:May be..we think from that side and from her side..
Sam:Neil..She is a lair..How can she talk like that..she only told to us that she loves Arjun..and Arjun loves her.. they both are in relationship..Then whats this new drama? calm..We can discuss it later..Mum is waiting for us..We fresh up and go for know na..
She didnt eat without us..Sam nod her head and went into other room for freshup..Neil also go to wash room..
In Arjuns house:
Radhika:your black coeffee..sir..
Arjun took it from her hand and look at her..She looks so pretty..He lost his control and he want to hug her..he hold her hand and pull her towards him..At same time he receives a call from Nandhini..Arjun leave her hand and answer the call..
Nandhini:Arjun..i am on the way to
Karjat. I talk with Piyali and clear the way for you to continue your job in BirdSong.I have an urgent work in karjat..I return back in two days.I hope you can manage there in Mumbai.
Radhika left from that room..bcoz she guess that he is uncomfortable to talk infront of her..
Arjun:Why you are going to Karjat.. That too suddenly..
Nandhini:I give details when i return back.Dont worry about me..Rana is with me only..
Arjun:Ok..Nandhu..But take care… more thing..
Arjun:Tell me Nandhu..
Nandhini:I remember once again to you..Dont show concern on Radhika..
Arjun:Ok Nandhu..

Arjun cut the call…and receives some msgs in his mobile..
He look at them and identify those msg are related to Radhika..He look at them and deleated one by one..bcoz all those msgs are customer care msgs or some unusal msgs..But he stop with one msg..That is viedo msg..He think to open it or not..He look at Radhika..She sit infront of dining table and wipe her tears..He want to console her..but he remember Nandhinis words and control his feelings..

Finally he open that msg..
The viedo msg is from Sekhar walia.. and the content is..
Hey Radhu…I Love You yaar..You know today i am so happy..Bcoz,God blessed me with girl baby..I double happy..bcoz of girl baby and second one is she born on special day..i.e on my special, Cute,dearest and my best frnd bday.. Happy bday my dear Radhu..You are my lucky charm..Again anither charm enter into my life on same day..I try so many times for your number..But it is unreachable..I have two Radhikas in my life.Bcoz me and usha(my wife and ur best frnd) decide that to put your name to our kid..Ok..lets see my junior Radhika..The video shows a little one day girl…in her mother arms..
In video only Usha also convay bday wishes to Radhika..
After watching the video..Arjun verify the date that video recorded.. He is in shock..The bday date of that baby and Radhika is same..that too on their wedding day..Arjun didnt know how to react for this..He slowly walk towards Radhika.She is in kitchen..she is infront of window and looking outside..By holding water glass…
Arjun stand beside her and hug her from back side..Radhika feared for his sudden action..she try to free herself from his hug..He didnt loose her but turn her towards him.He look into her eyes and it shows immense goodness and but level of confidence decreases..Radhika also melted by seeing tears in his ears..They both share an eye lock..Arjun cares her hair and ask her to go and freshup..I prepare toast for you..
From yesterday onwards you didnt ate anything.. Radhia:I am not feelig hungry.. Arjun sir..
Arjun:Dont be foolish..Why you are not before yesterday onwards you didnt take any thing.. Maa told me that you are foodie..
Radhika:I am not foodie..and i am not hungry..

Arjun:Dont worry..You paid me for food also..
Radhika releave from his hands and look at him..Without any answer she try to move from that place..Again he hold her hand and said..
Arjun:Dont play jomes with me..
If you didnt eat anything now..then you see the bad angle in me..
Radhika:What bad you can do for me.. Is there anything left for me.. Nothing is there with me..Nobody care for me..Still you feel that some thing good with me to snatch..
Arjun(With pained voice):Radhikaa..
Radhika:Yes Arjun sir..First you kill my trust on you..I consider you are good from heart..and you are god..
Second my family is not with me..
Third my frnds didnt belive me.. I only loose hope on faith..What else remaining in my heart sir?But one thing sir..Still i find same goodness in your eyes..she hold his hand and put it on heart..And said it beats Arjun sir is good.. So,i think about it sir..
Arjun look at Radhika and ask why you are so good Radhika?Why you bear all this pain Radhika..This pain is not for you..Why you enter into this..why you do this marriage?
Radhika immediately answer him..Bcoz to protect Sam from problems..
Arjun:Only for Sam..Nothing else is there between us..
Radhika:only for Sam..nothing else..
Nothing is there between us sir..
Arjun hold her shoulders and ask her to look into his eyes..and told that nothing is there between us..
Radhika look into his eyes and give same reply to him..Arjun hug her for a sec and move from that place..Again he turn back and said..Delated happy birthday Radhika..By saying this he move from that place..
Both Radhika and Arjun didnt realise that..This complete scene was observed by Neil and Teji..When Arjun turn back to move from that room..they both hide beside the wall.. Arjun left the house with his car.. Radhika didnt know how to react for this hug and for his wishes..She think how he know about her birthday..she rubbed her forehead whete he kiss..
She run into bedroom and fell on bed and starts crying vigoursly..
Teji move forward towards her to console her..But Neil hold his hand and said give some time to Chashini to open up..
Teji:Why Neil?
Neil:Now,I understand onething Teji..
Arjun loves Radhika..He has unconditional love on her..But he didnt show it infront of us..Similarly Radhika belives and trust Arjun more than 50%..She cares for Sam..
Teji:What can we do now?
Neil:We wait and watch untill Arjun return back…Untill than we hide in this house only..
They both left from there and went into garden..They both sit in Lawn..
Neil thinks what happens in his house:
Neil:Sam come fast yaar..I am hungry..
Sam:Idiot..wait 5mins..
After 5mins Sam come out from that room..talking in phone.. can i face them..
I love Arjun..But,He married Radhika..

If again he is in BS means…
Piyali:Sam..Now only Nandhini convence me..She ask give some time to her..She said Arjun didnt love Radhika..He want to give divorce to her..So,If Arjun give divorce to her.. then there is no problem na..
Sam:Maa..I am in confusion..give sometime for me..If you allows Arjun to BS..It is your wish..It took sometime for me to think about and to face them..
Piyali:Ok beta..You take your time..But once come to house..
Sam:After breakfast Neil and Me reach there..Bye..
Prerana:Sam betaa..Its your favourite tiffin pasta..Have it..
Neil:Wat abt me?
Prerana:For you bread and Jam..
Neil:Bread and Jam…?
Teji:For me…?
Prerana:Sandwichs..that too with cheese..
Sam:Teji..what are you doing here?
Teji:I stay here only..I am prerana Aunty’s younger son..
Teji look at Neil and talk with him by his eyes only..Sam observe that and ask what are you trying to communicate Teji..
Neil:Can i drop you in your home..
Sam:Why you have any Urgent work..
Neil:S..But confidential..
Sam:I know what your work is..?You both people want to meet your Chashini..Right..
Teji look at Neil..Neil look at Prerana.. Prerana look at Sam..
Sam:Who is important for you.. Chashini or me..
Teji:What type of question is this?
We all are frnds na..
Sam:No not at all..Chashini is no my frnd.She betrayed me..She is a wolf..
Teji:Sam…stop it yaar..once think from her side also..
Neil:Stop it Teji..And Sam..what is this? Which side or her side..
In any situation i will be our side.. but one thing Sammy..I want to ask one question to you..You still love Arjun..
Sam:Now..i didnt tell any answer to your question..I didnt leave anything which is mine..And from now onwards i didnt giveup anything which is related to me..
Neil:Ok..First we move to your house. Piyali mam wait for us..

Sam hug prerana and said..Aunty you are mine..Niel is for me..I am only his best buddy..I dont want to loose my frnd and my Aunty..and it is for you also Teji..
Teji put his hand on Neils shoulder and shook him..Neil look at Teji..Teji pointing his finger to another direction..Neil also look that side.They both hung their mouths.

Precap:Arjun shiw concern on Radhika..Both Radhika and Arjun enter in Bs..Neil arises doubts in Arjun brain..

Note:Kajrat us hill station near is 129km from mumbai..

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  1. Jessie

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    1. Shubhadha

      Yes..Worng call in wrong time..That devil didnt come for three days..Arjun try to impress Radhika..Niel araise doubt in Arjun’s mind about Nandhini

      1. S.v

        Now this is making me go mad. Update soon yaar and save me . Love u

  8. hey di it was really gud
    when will u update journey of love

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    First of all sorry frnds..Just niw only i read my ff..Oh god lot of spell mistskes..Actually Arjun call to customer care to arrange the same old mobile number to Radhika..So,He called to that particular network customer care and give details to that person.Rahul is the person who is close to Arjun.According to my view he took some help from Arjun in past..Now he help to Arjun to arrange same number..and collect msgs from database and redirect those msgs to to Arjun..So,Arjun saw sekharwalia msg..sekharwalia and his wife usha is Radhikas schoolmates and they setteled in US..Radhika is their best frnd..Sekharwalia loves Radhika more than his life…the readon reavels in further episodes..
    Second clarification is..Neil and Teji sit in lawn..Neil think about Sam ..then teji look at something and disturb Neil..
    They both look at that direction and shocked..
    But sorry for not proper episode and spell mistakes…
    Really sorry frnds

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    Hi it’s superb , by d way. Wat happened to rads cell? I missed tat part! Will rads start feeling for arjun?

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