Love-Once Again (Episode 50)


The morning Ragini gets ready in her room. She wears white shalwar kameez and ties her hair in a fishtail braid. While she was standing in front of the mirror doing her hair, Swara knocks on the door and says, “Ehmm.. Good Morning Sister!” Ragini smiles and turns to face her.
Ragini: “Good Morning.. I was about to come downstairs. Good you came, let’s go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for all.” She was about to leave when Swara blocks her way.
Swara: “Oho Ragini! Come on, you have visited us after like 5 years and you think that your sister would let you make breakfast on the first day?” Ragini nods in yes, then in no. Swara makes a puppy face and says, “Ab mein itni bhi buri naheen hon.” She turns away while Ragini giggles.

Swara: “Hans lo.. Hans lo! Mein ja rahi hon neeche, socha tha ke aaj tumhain Maa Baba se milne le chalti hon, mager tum to ho ke..” She heads towards the door when all of a sudden Ragini comes and stands in front of her, blocking her way. Swara looks at her with a surprised expression.
Ragini: “Kiya kaha tum ne abhi? Maa Baba se milne?”
Swara: “Han.. Mein ne plan kiya tha ke aaj hum pehle sath shopping chalein ge aur phir Maa Baba se milne.”
Ragini (excitedly): “REALLY?” Swara nods while Ragini twirls are around.
Swara: “Are are are.. Aram se..” Ragini stops twirling her.
Ragini: “Hum bata naheen sakte Swara ke hum kitne khush hain.. Mager, pehle shopping kiyun?” Swara giggles and hits Ragini a little.

Swara: “Are.. Akhir mera bhi to kuch haq hai na tumhare bache per ke naheen. Mausi hon us ki, aur mausi us ke liye kuch na le.. Aise thodi na chale ga? (Now, she whispers) Waise bhi, mein ne ghar mein aur na hi Maa Baba ko ab tak bataya hai ke tum pregnant ho.” Ragini gives her a shocking look.
Ragini: “Mujhai laga..”
Swara (interrupts her): “Sshh.. Ye baat mere aur Sanskaar ke ilawa kisi aur ko naheen pata. Pehle bata deti to surprise kharab ho jata na?”
Ragini: “Swara tum bhi na..” Ragini turns away. Swara laughs and nudges Ragini..
Swara: “Akhir behen kis ki hon, han?” Ragini smiles and hugs her tightly. Swara hugs her back.
The scene shifts to Sahil who is sitting on his couch, at his house. He is in a deep thought. He closes his eyes and it goes into a flashback.
A lady is shown talking to a young boy, who might me about 14-15 years old. The lady is the same lady who was shown in a flashback before.
Lady: “Sahil beta.. Actually I had to talk to you about something. Something.. That’s really really important for you to know and I think, you are old enough to know the truth” She hesitates.

A young Sahil, sitting beside the lady holds her hand and says, “What truth Nana? What is it? Why are you hesitating in telling me? You have took care of me since my mother died and you know very well that your Sahil respects you a lot. Just say it.. I am ready for it.” A wide smile appears on the lady’s face. Young Sahil smiles back. He puts his head in the lady’s lap. She starts caressing his hair.
She finally takes a deep breathe and says, “Your mother didn’t die Sahil.” Sahil sits up straight and looks at her in shock. She cups his face and nods.
Lady: “Yes my child.. She didn’t die.”
Sahil: “But.. But.. You said..”
Lady: “I know I told you that your mother was no more when the you were quite young, but I didn’t not have the courage to keep this secret with me any longer. You had to know this some day, so why not today. I thought of telling you before it was too late.”
Sahil: “Maa.. Sh..she is.. ALIVE? Where is she? Why didn’t she come to meet me in all these years? Doesn’t she miss me?” A tear escapes his eyes while the lady wipes it.
Lady: “I am not sure..”
Sahil: “What do you mean Nana you aren’t sure? You just told me that my mother didn’t die and all you told me when I was a kid that was a lie..”
Lady: “My child… Clam down! I shall tell you everything.” She starts narrating him what happened the night the woman handed over him to her. A few flashbacks are shown.. Sahil looks on shocked. The lady ends the story.
Sahil: “You might have seen her na? How did she look and why were those men following her?” The lady doesn’t answer to any of his questions instead she takes out a pendant from her pocket. Sahil looks at the necklace curiously. The lady points towards the necklace and says, “THIS!” Sahil looks at her while she places it in his hands. It was a heart pendant that could open.

Lady: “Open it!” Sahil opens the pendant and finds the pic of a woman inside. Tears emerge in his eyes.
Sahil (murmurs): “M.. Maa?” The lady nods at him with a faint smile.
Lady: “This is your mother beta.. Your real mother..” Sahil hugs the lady and starts crying vigorously while she consoles him. She thinks to herself, “This wasn’t the lady I saw that night.. The lady in the pendant and the lady who handed him over to me were different. I remember very well how she looked. But.. If the pic is in the pendant, then the lady in the pendant might be his real mother.. But what about the other lady?”
The flashback ends..
Back in his house, Sahil raises his hand before his eyes to reveal the pendant.
Sahil: “Maa.. Aap kahan ho? Itne saalon se mein aap ko dhoond raha hon mager aap mujhai ab tak naheen mili.. Aap ka ye beta to ye tak naheen janta ke aap zinda bhi ho ya.. (He stops).” Suddenly, he gets up and wipes his tears.
Sahil: “I should go outside and spend sometime. I need to get over this..” He takes his car keys and heads outside.
The scene shifts back to Swara and Ragini, who are shown shopping in a mall. They are in the kids section looking at some toys and clothes for kids. Swara shows a pink little dress to Ragini and asks her opinion about it.
Swara: “How’s this? Our princess would look super cute in this?”
Ragini: “Princess? How do you know that it’s a girl or a boy?”
Swara: “Areh.. Kuch bhi ho, but I want him/her to be as cute as you..” She pulls her cheek and laughs..

Ragini: “Aur ager larka howa to?”
Swara: “Ummm.. To bhi wo cute hi hoga.. Akhir humare jiju itne cute jo hain.” She nudges Ragini while she blushes. They head towards the toy section and choose some toys for Ragini’s kid. After a while of more shopping they decide to leave for Badi. The exit the mall and reach the spot where their driver parked the car, but to their surprise there is neither the clue of the car not of the driver.
Swara: “Are.. Yaheen to park ki thi hum ne?”
Ragini: “Han.. Mager ye chali kahan gai?”
Swara: “Hmmm.. Mein aisa kerti hon driver ko call ker ke poochti hon.” She dials the number while Ragini looks on. After a few seconds, Swara looks at Ragini, with that tensed look and says, “Phone naheen lag raha.” Ragini thinks for a sec and then exclaims, “Ho sakta hai use koi zaroori kaam a gaya ho. Koi baat naheen hum auto le lete hain…” She looks away and starts calling for an auto.
Ragini (yells): “AUTO!!”
Swara: “Are Ragini..Tum pagal ho gai ho kiya? Mein ne jiju se wada kiya tha, yaad naheen kiya? Un ki biwi aur bache ka ache se dehaan rakhna hai mujhai.. Sorry, Mager hum auto mein naheen jain ge..”
Ragini: “To phir kaise jain ge? Tum hi bata do.. Na to is waqat humare paas gadi hai aur yahan to taxi bhi naheen milne wali.” She makes a puppy face and sits on a bench beside her while Swara looks here and there in a hope of finding a taxi near by.
Ragini: “You know what this could be way much easier if we would have chosen to go home by an auto..” Swara replies immediately, “NO! I told you that I promised Jiju and I have to fulfil that promise. This is no only about my promise but also about you.. So, just keep quite and sit there until I find a taxi. You need to rest.” Those words said by Swara might sound a little offensive but Ragini could feel the care and love hidden in her words for her. Suddenly, Ragini spots someone in the crowd. Someone familiar..

Ragini (murmurs to herself): “Sahil?”
Sahil is shown, who is lost in his own world. He had no idea where he was going and what was coming upto him. He was in the middle of the rod, which is not a safe place to be lost.. Suddenly, Ragini notices a car pacing in a great speed coming straight towards him. The driver honks the horn, yelling at people to get out of the way… Ragini gets up at once and shouts Sahil’s name to get him out of his thoughts. Hearing Ragini yelling, Swara turns back and notices the same thing that Ragini did.
Swara (yells): “Sahil!” Before Swara could say or do anything, she finds Ragini running across the path towards Sahil.

Swara (yells): “Ragini, wait!” She runs after her.. Ragini immediately rushes towards Sahil, gets hold of his arm and pulls him aside before the car could hit him. Swara looks on shockingly.. She takes a sigh of relief as the car passes by and approaches Ragini and Sahil.
The sudden pull had definitely caused Sahil to get out of thinking but the way Ragini was glaring at him, he was not even able to look into her eyes. It was clear that Ragini was upset about what just happened.
Ragini (yells at him): “Do you have any idea what would have happened if I didn’t have.. (She stops)” He looks up at her. Ragini continues, now in a lower tone then before, “I think you were the one who told me to get over my past life and focus on whats going on in the present. You were the one who told me that the past isn’t important, the future and the present is.. Wasn’t it so?” Sahil nods a little while Ragini continues yelling, “Then why are you doing this to yourself? WHY?” Swara puts her a hand on Ragini’s shoulder asking her to clam down.
Swara: “Ragini.. Akhir ab sab theek ho gaya hai to..”
Ragini (interrupts her): “Theek ho gaya hai? Kuch bhi theek naheen hai Swara, kuch bhi.. (She looks back at Sahil) Mein janti hon ke aap ko apni zindagi mein koi kam pareshaniyon ka samna naheen kerna para, mager kiya apne kabhi un logon ke bare mein socha hai jo.. Jo… Aap ke apne hain..”

Sahil (yells): “ACHA HI HOTA AGER MEIN MAR JATA, JANTI HO KIYUN? KIYUN KE MERI ZINDAGI KA AB KOI MAQSAD HI NAHEEN HAI? MAR JANA CHAHIYE MUJHAI.. Mar jana chahiye..” This was the first time he yelled infront of Ragini.
Tears emerge in Ragini’s eyes as well as in Sahil’s. A sudden drop occurs in the volume of Ragini’s voice.
Ragini: “Naheen janti mein ke.. Ke mera aap se kiya rishta hai.. Kiyun zindagi aur meri kismat mujhai bar bar aap ke samne la ker khada ker deti hai.. Naheen janti..” She stops to wipe her tears and to catch breathe..
Ragini: “Mager ek baat zaroor janti hon.. Aap ka aur mera koi na koi tauluq zaroor hai. (Points a finger at him) Aur mein us tauluq ko dhoond ker hi rahon gi. Chahe aap mera sath dein, ya na dein..” She lowers her finger and leaves the place dragging Swara along with her. Sahil thinks for a while but then runs after Ragini calling her name.
Sahil: “Ragini.. Ruko.. Meri baat to suno..” Ragini finally stops but she doesn’t turn back to look at him.

Ragini: “Swara.. In se keh do ke humain in se baat naheen kerni.”
Sahil: “Ragini bas ek baar.. Ek baar meri baat sun lo..”
Ragini: “Swara.. Tum ne suna naheen.. Bata do inhain humare paas in ke liye waqat naheen aur aise logon ke liye to bilkul naheen jinhain dosron ki kiya, apni jaan ki bhi parwah naheen.” Ragini takes a step forward when Sahil exclaims, “Theek hai.. Na suno, mager kam se mujhai ye haq to de do ke mein tum logon ko drop ker don.”
Swara: “Ragini dekho.. Sahil theek to keh raha hai aur waise bhi mein is halat mein tumhain auto mein to bilkul naheen jane dene wali..”

Ragini (without turning, takes a deep breath and says): “Theek hai.. Likin sirf Swara ke liye.. Ye mat samjhiye ga ke hum ne aap ko maaf ker diya” Swara gives Sahil a faint smile as they head towards the car..
As they approach the car, Sahil hurries and opens the front door for Ragini but Ragini turns her face away, opens the back door and sits in the back seat. Swara gives Sahil an assuring look that everything would be fine soon. Sahil nods with a sad face..
Ragini: “Swara, are you coming or not?”
Swara: “Yeah.. I am..” Swara also sits with Ragini in the back seat while Sahil sits in the front seat and starts the car.
On the other hand, Parth is in his car. He is driving. He stops on the red light and waits for it to turn green..

Parth: “Oho.. Ye light green kab ho gi.” He acts impatient. While he is waiting for the light to turn green, Sahil’s car passes by his. He notices Sahil sitting in the front seat and Ragini in the back seat. His eyes and mouth go wide open.. The light turn green and the car behind him starts honking the horn but he couldn’t get over what he just witnessed.
Parth (he asks himself): “Sahil aur Ragini?.. Phir se..?” The driver behind him honks the horn continuously and starts yelling at him, “Are Bhai.. Chalna hai ke naheen?”
Parth: “Chalna kiya.. (He puts the car on the 4th gear) Bhagna hai..” He presses the accelerator and there he goes following Sahil’s car.

Parth: “Sahil beta.. Tujh se dosti kiya ker li mein ne.. Tu to over smart banane laga, han? Mager is baar.. (He sets the car on 5th gear) bikul naheen..” His phone rings. He sees Rahul’s name flashing on the screen.
Parth: “Yaar abhi naheen.. Please!” He disconnects the call whereas on the other hand Rahul wonders why on earth did he disconnect his call, cuz he never did that before unless there was a solid reason behind it.
After a while, Sahil’s car stops outside Badi. Swara had guided him the route all the way down there. Ragini hadn’t uttered a single word since she sat in the car. The sisters get down from the car. Ragini tries to go inside when she hears Swara talking to Sahil.
Swara: “Thank you Sahil.. Meri behen ka to mujhai naheen pata (She looks at Ragini).. Mager meri taraf se “Thank You!” Sahil smiles, looks at Ragini and says, “My pleasure..”

Parth was noticing them talking to eachother, standing at a distance.
Parth: “Ye log apis mein kiya baatein ker rahe hain.. Aur ye ghar.. Ye ghar kis ka hai?Wish I could hear them.”
Swara: “Ab yahan tak a hi gae ho to ander bhi a jao..” Swara says with a little hesitation cuz she knows that at the moment Ragini won’t like Sahil going inside the house along with them. Sahil understands the situation and says, “Naheen Swara.. Mein chalta hon.. Mujhai naheen lagta kuch logon ko mera unki har ek baat mein interfere kerna acha lage ga. Tum donon jao..”
Swara (whispers to him): “Mein janti hon tum us ki baat ker rahe ho (pointing towards Ragini, who looks at them whispering to eachother). Us ki taraf se mein maafi mangti. Kabhi kabhi Ragini na.. Bhool jaati hai ke wo kiya ker rahi hai. Is liye.. Us ki taraf se (she holds one of ears) sorry han?” Sahil holds her hands and lowers them, saying..
Sahil: “I understand..” He turns leave..
On the other hand, Parth who was hiding behind the car sees Sahil heading towards his car and cheers up in happiness and joy.
Parth: “Ye baat.. Chal Sahil beta bada frank ho raha tha na.. Ab tu jae ga ghar aur mein..” Before he could say anything further, he notices Sahil turning back on Ragini’s voice.
Ragini (aloud): “Tehriye!”

Parth (to himself): “Abey yaar!” Sahil turns around to face her and stands with his arms crossed against his chest.
Ragini: “Kiya kaha apne.. Kuch logon ko aap ka un ke har matter mein interfere kerna pasand naheen?” Sahil nods his head.
Ragini: “Aisa hi hai to aaj mein aap ko ghalat prove ker ke dekhaon gi. Chaliye mere sath..” She holds his hand tightly and drags him along with her.. Sahil doesn’t say anything. Parth looks on shocked. “Ab ye kiya ho raha hai?”, he asks himself in confusion.
Swara: “Ragini suno to..” She starts following her. The scene is shown is slow motion as Ragini approaches the door of her house and steps inside along with Sahil. The camera focuses on their feet as they enter the house together. After they have.. Ragini jerks off Sahil’s hand and says, “Ab boliye.. Kis ke mamale mein interfere naheen kerna chahte the aap?” Sumi and Dadi come out of their respective rooms hearing Ragini’s voice.
Dadi: “LADO?”
Sumi: “Ragini..” Tears emerge in their eyes. A wide smile appears on Swara’s face as she sees them tearing up on seeing Ragini.

Ragini (with tears in her eyes): “Aap mere har decision aur har mamale mein interfere kerne ka haq rakhte hain.. Aur.. Ya.. Yahi wajah hai ke aaj aap is waqat.. Is ghar mein hain. MERE GHAR MEIN..” They get distracted as they hear Shekher’s voice as he emerges from his room.
Shekher: “Kon hai bhai, jo humare ghar mein itna shor macha raha hai. Ab kiya mein kuch dair so bhi naheen sakta.” He stops as he finds Ragini standing before his eyes.
Ragini: “BABA!”
Shekher: “Ragini…. Meri bachi..” Ragini runs and hugs him at once. Shekher hugs her back, tightly. They both share a lovely father and daughter moment while Sahil looks on smilingly.

Promo: Shekher asks Ragini about Sahil. Sahil introduces himself as Ragini’s friend and moves forward to take Shekher’s blessings. He blesses him and says that even though he hasn’t met him before but he feels like they know eachother. Ragini eyes Sahil.

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