Love-Once Again (Episode 5)


Scene 1: Hospital
Nurse had went inside Ragini’s room to give her medicines. After some time she came out shouting.
Sanskaar: “What happened sister?”
Nurse: “The Patient isn’t inside? Did you see where she went?”
Sanskaar: “How could I see her sister? You asked me to get the medicines so I went to get them.”
The Doctor comes there. He asks the nurse, “Sister, why are you screaming?”
Nurse: “Doctor, the patient isn’t inside?”
Doctor: “What?”
Sanskaar: “Yes Doctor, Ragini isn’t inside.”

Doctor starts blaming the nurse.
Doctor: “Why have we appointed you? You should have looked after her. What if she…” The Doctor stops.
Sanskaar: “What if she… What do want to say Doctor? You told us that Ragini is totally fine.”
Doctor: “Yes, I remember I told you but she would still feel dizzy. She still needs rest.”
Sanskaar: “That means we need to find her as soon as possible. If she needs rest and would feel dizzy then I am sure she would not be able to walk a lot. She must be somewhere outside hospital.”
Doctor and Nurse: “Yes!”
Sanskaar gets Swara’s call. He tells Swara that Ragini isn’t in her room.
Swara gets shocked. She inform everyone at home and asks them to pray. She leaves for hospital.
Scene 3: Hospital

Swara reaches the hospital. Sanskaar explain him the situation and says that he has informed the police. Swara says they should search for her too. Sanskaar nods. They go out in the parking lot and sit their car and leave.
Sanskaar and Swara search for Ragini everywhere but are not able to find her. Swara starts crying. Sanskaar consoles her.
Sanskaar: “Swara please don’t cry. Nothing can happen to Ragini until God is with her.”
Swara hugs him and keeps on crying.
Scene 4: A night club
A night club is shown. Boys and girls are dancing an pe gossiping. Some are drinking wine and some are already drunk.
3 girls are shown. They are talking.

Girl 1: “Hey! Do you see that handsome boy over there?”
Girl 2: “Yes, He is so damn hot.”
Girl 3: “He is Laksh Meshwari. He is rich too.”
Girl 1: “He is rich and handsome, what else we need?”
She gets up and moves towards Laksh.
Laksh is shown drinking wine. He is fully drunk but asks for another drink.
The girl goes near Laksh.
Girl: “Hello handsome!”
Laksh looks at her. He is even not able to open his eyes properly.
Girl: “Ehmm… Would you like to dance?”
Laksh: “No!”
Girl: “Come on let’s dance.”
Laksh: “Okay!”
The girl drags him to the dance floor. The both dance.
The 2 girls start talking again.
Girl 2: “Have you heard he first fell in love with a girl named Swara, then he married her sister Ragini.”

Girl 3: “Not only that, he then divorced Ragini and now he is married to famous actor Kavya.”
Girl 2: “Such a flirt.”
(The purpose of this club scene was to show that even after marrying Kavya, Laksh is not interested in her.)
Scene 5: An isolated road
Ragini is seen walking on an isolated road. She is thinking about her and Laksh moments. (Jag Suna Suna Lage play….)
It starts raining. Ragini is fully drenched in rain but she keeps on walking. Suddenly she feels dizzy. She holds her head and at last she faints.
A car is shown on the same road.

Promo: Sanskaar tells Annapurna that Ragini is missing. Kavya tries to impress her new family.

Credit to: Alisha

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