My Love With Me (Episode 5)


Arjun:Is my kiss ok for you..
Radhika:Nothing like that..I think kids are..
Arjun:Why you didnt have any thing today..No breakfast and No lunch..
Radhika:It is none of your business..
Arjun:Dont dare to talk like that with me..
Radhika try to move from that place..Arjun hold her hand tightly.. Radhika try to free it..but he hold wrist tight..
Radhika:Arjun sir..It hurts me..Plz leave me..
Arjun leave her hand by seeing tears in her eyes and try to move from that place.Radhika went into kitchen..At the same time Rana enter into the house with some other kids..The kids run towards Arjun and hug him..
Kids:Where is Bhabhi?
Arjun:In kitchen..
Kids run towards kitchen and shout Samira Bhabhi..Radhika saw new kids and look at them.They look at Radhika in confusion and look at Arjun and Radhika..
Radhika feel sad and she is so uncomfortable..that the kids called her with Sam’s name.Arjun feel restless by hearing that from kids.. He turn his face..bcoz he didnt want to see Radhika in that state..But Radhika think in different way..That Arjun hate her to spoil his plan..And he is angry on her that she occupy Samiras place..
Kid1:Bhai on your engagement day you introduce some other as our bhabhi na..Then who is she..
Kid2:Ha..that bhabi gave icecreams to us na..
Kid3:Arjun bhai..You told us..and you promise us that you take us movie with bhabhi naa..
Arjun look at Radhika..Radhika bend her head..Nandhini:Ok people go for picture with Your Bhai and Bhabhi..
Kid1:Is she our bhabhi?She is not same..We saw another bhabhi in engagement na..
Nandhini:Why..This bhabhi is not fair and cute like that bhabhi..
Kids walk towards Arjun and ask him to bend..Arjun sit on knees..Kids said to him..Bhai,This bhabhi is vey cute and pretty than that bhabhi..We like this bhabhi..Can we go and hug her..
A small smile appear on Arjun’s face..and give permission to kids to hug her..Nandhini burns in anger that kids also likes Radhika..
Arjun observes that Radhikas happiness when kids tell that this bhabhi is pretty than Sam..Arjun feel relief by seeing Radhikas smile..
Kids run towards Radhika and hug her and kiss her..When kids give kisses to her..automatically Radhika looks at Arjun.. But,Arjun look and stare angry looks to her..bcoz his mind and Nandhini looks warn him dont express original feelings on her..
Kids ask bhabhi put some thing for us.. we feel hungry..The kids who played in garden come into hall and join with them..And all ask her to do any specials for them..
Radhika nod her head and said…
First you drink milk and watch TV.I prepare dinner for you and icecream for you people in dinner..Is that ok for you..Kids said..ok..okkkkkk….
Radhika boil milk and pour it into glasses and give them to kids..She bring another tray with three mugs and put it on table..
Radhika:Rana kaka..give black coeffee to Arjun sir..and remaing two are coeffee for you and Nandhini dhi.. have it.. bhabhi is angry on you..
Arjun look at Radhika..Radhika understood what mistake she done.. Arjun stare angry look at her for not giving coeffee to their hands..Radhika came back and give it to their hands..
Nandhini observe Arjun angry look towards her..
Radhika in kitchen prepare icecream and put it in refrigarator and prepare items for Aloo paratha and curry..Radhika observe that Arjun watch TV with kids..Nandhini and Rana also with them only..
She slowly move into Arjuns room and took his phone and try to talk with her mother..She hear a sound from door and turn her head..she saw Arjun stand there..He walk towards her..She put her hands back..
Arjun:What are you doing here..what are you hiding from me?
Radhika feel tense and bend her head and said nothing sir..
Arjun walk towards her and she step back when he come forward..finally she hit to wall and stand there..still she put her hands back..Anrjun pin her to wall and ask her what are you hiding from me..He is too close to her.. His face is very near to her face..He listen her heartbeat..that it beats too fast.He feel her hot breath..he look into her eyes…

Radhika give his phone to him and said sorry to him..and said i want to talk with my saying this she move from that room by pushing him..He look at her..
After 30mins she put all items on dinning table..and ask them to come for dinner..
Arjun:Come lets go for dinner..
Kids:No bhai we sit here only..By watching cartoon channel..we complete our dinner..
Nandhini:Radhika bring all things here and put it in plates..
Kid:Why so many plates..?
Bhabhi can you feed us with your hands..
Rana:No bachaa..It is already late..We back to orphange before 8:30pm..So no waste of time..
Radhika:Ok kaka..I feed them..
By saying this Radhika give one plate to Rana,one to Nandhini..And another one to Arjun..
Kid:No seperate plate fir bhai..Bhai also with us only..You only feed for bhai..
Radhika:Me…that to…
Kid:Why not you?
Arjun look at Radhika and remember their lonavala trip..and how she feed him in police that police misunderstood them..that they both are wife and husband..
Radhika feed to kids and stop her hand infront of Arjun..He open his mouth and look at her..She feel incomfortable and finally feed him..
All kids enjoying the dishes prepared by Radhika and praised her..Nandhini look at Rana and inform him to leave with kids..Rana understand it and nod his head.
Nandhini:Arjun..i am not feeling well..
I feel go and take rest..
Arjun worried for Nandhini and ask her..can we go to hospital now..
Nandhini:no need of it.I will take rest..
Nandhini move from that place to her bedroom..Arjun followed her..
He ask Nandhini to wear medicine.. Nandhini wear medicine and said..
Nandhini:I feel stress and strain today..Bcoz..i think about you.. I know you have softcorner on Radhika..I think now you are not intrested to take reveange on Samrat and his family by using Radhika..If you ate not able to do that..leave it here..I dont force you..Why can i force you?
I just give educational support to you. I am not your blood relation..
By hearing this Arjun feel sad and said..
Arjun:Stop it Nandhu..You are first person for me..your priority and your wish is important for me..I promise you that i give more pain to Sam..and to Radhika also..
Nandhini wipe her fake tears and said.. no no..Dont hurt Radhika so much..
Arjun:Nandhu first you took medicine and sleep..
Nandhini took medicine and went to bed..After that Arjun close the door and look at Radhika..She is bussy with kids..She feed icecream to kids..and kids enjoyed it..One kid run towards Arjun and drag him..And ask Arjun to taste icecream..
Radhika:No no..Your Arjun bhayya didnt eat sweet..Dont compell him..
Arjun:Come let complete it fast..I drop you people in orphanage..
Kid put puppy face after listening Arjuns statement..Kids ask Radhika..
Kids:Bhabhi..can you spend some time with us..Every saturday or Sunday.. plz..bhabhi..
Radhika nod her head and kids hug her and kiss her..and went with Rana..
Arjun went out with them to drop them in orphanage..
Radhika clean kitchen and dinning table..wash utensils and place them in proper place..
Arjun drop the kids in orphanage.. one kid try to tell something but Rana stop her and said bye to Arjun..
Kids wish him gudnite and Arjun return back to home..
Arjun went into his room and he didnt find Radhika there..He search in hall..Lights off in all rooms..He try to move towards garden then he listen a sound from kitchen..
Actually Radhika is bussy in Washing and Cleaning icecream bowls..Due wetness and Due to her hand burn..Due to lack of sleep and heavy stress she is not able to work..The glass cup fell down from her hand..She bend down to pick the glass pieces..Bciz of darkness she didnt identify properly..Those pieces hurt her fingers..At same time Arjun reach there and saw blood from her fingers..He run towards her snd scold her..
Arjun:You didnt do any work properly..
Radhika look at him and said in an angry tone..
Radhika:By mistake i fell from my hand..If you feel for this glass bowl means..i pay for it..You helped my father na..I decided that to repsy that amount to you.Along with that amount I pay for this also..
Arjun look angry at her..and her words give pain to his heart..He try to pick the glass pieces..Radhika:No need of your help..I can handle my jobs..And morning you also said same thing to your sister na..
Arjun remember that what he said with Nandhu..He painfully look at her and look at her hands..Bcoz of wetness the burn marks swell and they look in dark red color..
Arjun:Why you didnt wear lights?
Radhika:How can i know..Automatically the lights gone..
Arjun went out to check the fuse and adjust it properly..
Radhika clean the kitchen and kitchen compartment neatly and webt into Arjuns room..
Arjun sit in garden and recollect Radhikas painfull words..And remember hatered looks towards him..
He cried a lot and look into sky by wiping his tears..
Arjun(himself):Why you are not seeing love and concern towards you..Why you give this much pain for me.m
Radhika went into wash room and take a bath and change into Arjuns cloths..
She wear a white shirt..and searching for pant in wardrobe..
At that time Arjun enter into his room and see Radhika in his white shirt..and she didnt wear anything..The shirt is upto knee length..She look very hot in that white shirt and with wet hair.. and that too without anything under shirt..
Radhika pick one pant from wardrobe and went into wash room and wear it..
Arjun:Why you wear my clothes?
Radhika:Bcoz..i have no clothes.. Tomarrow i…
Arjun stop her and said you paid for it also na..ok ..accepted..I update the bill..
Radhika realise that her words hurt him..and try to tell sorry..But he left to washroom..
Arjun return back from wash room and look at Radhika..Where she slept on sofa in his bedroom..He slowly walk towards her and look at her..Tears appear in his ears..Bcoz she look so week..and her face reflects the tiredness..and it look so dull.. Eventhough she look beautiful bcoz of her confidence and good nature..
He cares her hair and try to cover her with blanket..But he stop and look at her shirt buttons..She leave two buttons..He saw at that place and put those buttons and simle by looking her cute face..He try to adjust her hands and saw burn marks in her palm..and wound on her fingers..he took her hands into his hands and kiss on those marks..She disturbed for this act and curled in sofa by folding her legs.. Then he saw wounds on her foot..He look at them and feel bad..And think how these wounds happened to her..He rub his fingers on those wounds..
He bring blanket to her to cover her.. He observe another wound on her stomach..then he remember accident in she save him.He cover blanket to her and cares her hair and kiss on her fore head..
Arjun(himself):She give life to me..I give pain to her..I want to clear all this mess and took you from here..and i wish every sec you stay in my arms..
Suddenly he hear his phone ringing..
Arjun:Helloo Maa..
Mala:Arjun..sorry..Just now only Ankush and uncle called you now..
Arjun:No problem maa..tell me..
Mala:How is my choti?My heartbeats for he..
Arjun:Just now only she slept maa..
Mala:Give some time to her Arjun.. I dont know whom to trust..But i want you people happy in your life.. Arjun Radhika is foodie and talkative.. You Bear her naaa..promise me..
Arjun:Maa..belive me..give sometime for me.I set all things and solve all issues..Can you belive me or not?
Mala:Yes…i belive..Arjun..until then i dont want to talk her and see her.. Bcoz every time it is not possible for me to call like this or Lie to dilipji..
Arjun remain silent..Mala bless him and cut the call..
He look towards Radhika and tears flow from his eyes..

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  1. RituM

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      Hey Arjun also didnt like her in that state..then only he can do something na…

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      Next epidode is with Nesam only…

  8. Rg2015

    It’s beautiful….. I loved it to d core…. It’s toooooooo gud…. Rads pain and arjuns pain is beautifully portrayed . How Long is arjun going to believe Nandini blindly? Won’t he start to doubt her? I really feel bad for rads. Will rads soon start to have feelings for arjun sir or no? I badly want arjun to express his feelings soon.

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      Dont worry..teji and neil are there..
      Thanks for ur support

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      With in two or three epidodes they feel about tbeir feelings

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